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Have Sex & Relationship Questions You Need Answered?

Record and send your messages for the Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast Host, Annette Benedetti to answer. Don’t hold back! Everything goes in the Women’s Locker Room!

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Sexual Exploration

Your LOCKtober Male Chastity 2023 Calendar!

If you are as excited about Locktober as folks in the vanilla world are about the arrival of pumpkin spice and the holidays, then...

A Guide to Buying a Male Chastity Device

Cock measurements that tell all!

Male Chastity Kink 101: Cocks in a Cage

Male Chastity 101: What's This Kink All About?

What is Humiliation Kink?

Can humiliation be therapeutic? This kink just might surprise you.

How To Keep Choking During Sex Safe & Exciting

Responsible for 250-1000 deaths per year Erotic asphyxia is more common than you think.

Locker Room Talk

These steps will get you back to pain-free intimacy.
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