Body positive gifts

Body-Positive Holiday Gifts We Can Give Ourselves

These gifts should be on your list to Santa.
grief, holidays

10 Things Grief Taught Me For The Holidays

Navigating grief through the holiday season can be tough. Here are 9 things I learned from my experience with grief.

Friday Feminist Mediocre White Man Mantra

It is self-doubt and not mediocrity that holds me back.

5 Mindfulness Tips for When You Feel Unsafe

Strange times call for a new approach to everything...even meditation.
Panic disorder

Panic Disorder & My Dance with the Devil

Panic disorder is a beast to break free from. Some doctors say it is impossible. Find out how one woman is fighting her battle with anxiety.
OCD, Over thinking

Overthinking Everything: How I Realized I Had OCD

Is Overthinking a sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?
seasonal depression, winter

Overthinking Everything: Seasonal depression may come but it’s okay

Winter doesn't have to mean months of seasonal depression.

Caterpillar Soup: How the Pandemic Transforms Us

The Messy Art of Change And Growth When I was twenty years old I walked, terrified, into a tattoo shop in a Navy base town....
anxiety, ocd

Overthinking Everything: I Diagnosed Myself with OCD – Does that Make It Any Less...

A self-diagnosis can be the first step towards understanding and acceptance Anxiety and I knew each other well by the time I turned twenty-four. Our...

Overthinking Everything: Sorry, I Can’t Come. I’m Busy Being Alone.

Unexpected trials and triumphs of being an introvert
overthinking everything, writing

Overthinking Everything: How Writing has Helped Me Become a More Open Version of Myself

Reflecting on writing with honesty and vulnerability When I started writing my column Overthinking Everything a few months back, those who know me may have...
overthiking everything

ERP Therapy & Learning to Embrace Uncertainty

How ERP therapy is helping me confront the uncomfortable “Place your hand on the doorknob.” “Okay, now the soap dispenser.” I do as she says. Though I’m...
ocd, anxiety, COVID

What Re-Entry Anxiety is Like for Someone with OCD

As someone with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), my re-entry anxiety not only concerns how to immerse myself back into the world. It also includes questioning how re-entry will impact my OCD.

Overthinking Everything: Why Watercolor Painting is How I’m Quieting My Mind Right Now

Easing my mind from overthinking isn’t about silencing my thoughts. It’s about focusing my attention and accepting the duality of emotion.
sexually assaulted

How to Support A Victim of Sexual Assault

The following are 8 ways you can show your love and support for a woman in your life who has experienced rape and/or sexual assaul
ways to reduce sex

Strange & Sexy Ways to Reduce Stress

Feeling anxious or stressed out? We put together a list of sexy, strange and fun research-backed ways to reduce stress.

Overthinking Everything: I Was Already a Germaphobe – Then COVID Happened

Coronavirus Took My Anxiety to New Extremes. But Getting Help Wasn’t Easy.
Coping with stress

Healthier Strategies for Coping with Stress

Cope with stress better, for a happier life.

Friday Feminist Mantra for Fear

Friday has arrived and we've got the perfect mantra to help you crush the weekend. Here is your FriYay! Mantra for Fear.
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