How to Pick the Right Male Chastity Cage

People are intrigued, but what exactly is male chastity, and why does it captivate the interest of so many? Allow me to shed some light on the matter. Male chastity involves a kink where the man, or the penis owner, wears a device known as a male chastity cage. This contraption is secured and managed by the keyholder or Dominant/Mistress. The keyholder holds authority over when the wearer is permitted to experience orgasm, engage in sexual activity, or indulge in masturbation, and outlines the criteria they must meet to earn such privileges. (For a deeper dive into male chastity, click here.) Among the most challenging aspects of this kink is the quest for the perfect male chastity cage.

Here’s a comprehensive chastity cage guide.

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Male Chastity Cage Guide for Beginners

Types of Chastity Cages

Male chastity cages are available in various materials, and selecting the right type of chastity cage is crucial for your comfort and satisfaction. Here are the types of materials commonly used in male chastity cages:


Leather is a popular type of male chastity cage. Chastity cages made out of leather are softer and more flexible than other types of male chastity cages. They provide users with more comfort which can be good for a beginner just starting to experiment with male chastity. While leather chastity cages can be worn for long periods they need to be removed when you shower. Another drawback of the leather male chastity cage is that while the design typically allows for plenty of airflow some places directly under the leather can become sweaty.

Note: Most leather male chastity cage models include metal rings to form some sort of cage construction. Also, leather male chastity devices allow for some level of masturbation.


Plastic or Polycarbonate male chastity cages are light in weight, discreet under clothes, and can be worn for months at a time with a good routine of cleaning and hygiene. Plastic chastity devices are good because they restrict you more than leather ones. A drawback is that this type of male chastity cage restricts full airflow which may lead to the penis feeling uncomfortably enclosed in the tube or a cage. Plastic chastity devices are successful at restricting masturbation. Especially the ones that are tube-shaped.


Numerous male chastity devices come in a range of metals, with stainless steel emerging as the top choice. Specifically, 316 Stainless Steel, identical to the grade utilized in the medical field, boasts hygiene and body-friendly properties. Metal devices provide a heightened sensation of restraint and security, albeit they are weightier compared to their plastic counterparts. Yet, for some penis owners, this weight serves as a constant reminder of their keyholder. Metal cock cages offer enhanced security, making them considerably more challenging to tamper with. While this heightened security can amplify excitement, it also necessitates additional precautions to ensure safety.


Silicone offers the advantage of swiftly adapting to your body temperature and boasting superior flexibility compared to other materials. Various designs feature separate back rings, while others integrate the ring into a single-piece construction with the tube. Additionally, all silicone male chastity devices are lighter than even those crafted from plastic.

Taking Measurements for Your Male Chastity Device

Your male chastity device shouldn’t be as comfortable as your favorite pair of pajamas, but it’s essential for it to fit properly to avoid discomfort such as blistering or cutting off circulation to the penis. A well-fitted chastity cage should prevent erections.

A male chastity cage typically consists of a ring that encircles both the testicles and the penis. Therefore, accurate measurements are crucial. The cage is designed to encase the penis from base to tip, leaving a small amount of space around the shaft for airflow. With the correct sizing, you should be able to urinate and carry on with your daily activities comfortably, while preventing erections. Finding the right size involves measuring both the length and girth of your penis to ensure a perfect fit.

Measuring for Ring Size

Here’s how to measure for a male chastity cage the fits properly:

  • First, make sure you are limp.
  • Next, bring the string behind your balls next to your body and up and over the top of where the shaft of your cock meets your body and tie a knot. Make sure the knot isn’t too tight. You should be able to slip your pinky finger under the string with little resistance.
  • Once you’re sure the string is comfortable, make a mark on one side of the knot with a marker.
  • Carefully cut the string at the line you drew.
  • Finally, lay the string flat on the ruler, with the knot at the end.

This is the circumference. To get your male chastity cage ring size, divide that number by 3.14 (pi) and you will have the measurement you need.

Measuring for the Cage

Follow these steps closely to measure for the correct cage:

  1. Begin by measuring its length. It’s crucial to ensure there’s no extra room for an erection. Make sure your penis is completely flaccid.
  2. Place a ruler beneath your penis, just above your testicles, and press it against your pubic bone. Measure the length of your penis, then add ¼ to 1/2” to that measurement. This gives you the desired length.
  3. Next, measure the girth of your penis. With your penis limp, locate the thickest part of your shaft, which may be around the middle or closer to the glands.
  4. Use a piece of string to encircle the thickest part of your penis. Tie a loose knot, ensuring you can slip your forefinger underneath the string comfortably.
  5. Mark the string on one side of the knot, then remove it from your penis and cut the string.
  6. Lay the string on the ruler, with the knot at the top, and divide that number by pi (3.14). This will provide the diameter needed for a secure fit of the chastity cage.

Styles of Male Chastity Cages

There are a variety of styles of male chastity devices for you to choose from. Below I’ve listed just a few to get you started.

Sissy chastity cage: these are typically small and humiliating for the wearer on purpose.

Vibrating chastity cage: These cages come with the ability to add vibration

Harness chastity cage with straps: The chastity harness brings the male chastity device closer to the wearer’s body.

With or without key locks: While many chastity cages come with a lock for the keyholder to keep, others do not.

Training chastity kits and sets: You can train to wear a smaller chastity cage over time. Male chastity kits come in different sizes that allow you to size down over time.

Nub chastity cage: This is an extremely small chastity cage that compresses your penis in a very confined space.

Cute chastity cage: This typically refers to pink or purple chastity cages of smaller sizes.

Discrete chastity cage: These cages are meant for long-term, public wearing. These cages don’t make noise nor do they show the lump under clothing.

BDSM cages: These include cages with spikes and rivets, cock cages with dilators and urethral catheters, and some even have the ability to give electric shocks.

Cages with butt plugs: Some cock cages have an integrated butt plug.

Fully enclosed cock cage: Fully enclosed cock cages are tube-like though many have a hold for the purpose of urination and to prevent moisture buildup.

Male Chastity Device Picks!

DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage 3.5 Inch

Chastity is the name, cock cages are our game. Starring more spirals than a slinky, you can sandwich his sausage in solid steel, sealing him in an unsatiated state.

$59.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

cock cage

ManCage 20 4.5 Inch Silicone Cock Cage In Black

From Shots kink-ready collection, the ManCage 20 hands you and them a simple design that’s easy to get into, but not so easy to get out of (without permission, that is). In soft, sexy, temperature-sensitive black silicone, the 18 traps the entire shaft and tip in a smooth tamper-proof tube with only the smallest, teasingly inaccessible vents.

$59.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

cock cage male chastity

Mystim Pubic Enemy #1 Cock Cage

Get yourself together, boy! Your days of sexual liberty are over. The Pubic Enemy No 1 will make sure, it’ll be noticeably restricted. Insubordinate rascals can be caught and locked away in this neat cock cage with e-stim function. It can only become hard when one takes pity on opening the restricting protective armor.

$167.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

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CB-6000S Short Male Pink Chastity Cage Kit

Imprison your pecker in pink polycarbonate for prohibition pleasure aplenty. P-hew! Purpose-built for erection and orgasm denial, this comfy cage is perfect for all-day wear thanks to its breathable, lockable design. How will you earn your release?

$159.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

cock cage

DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage 4.5 Inch

A bigger, better cock cage for your bigger, bolder cock. Trap your tool in a solid metal cage that seals you in an unsatiable state, releasing yourself only when your master deems it appropriate. A restrictive, solid design with a length of 4.5 inches, this cage is best suited to experienced wearers who want to experiment with long-term restrictions.

An open end allows for delicious teasing of your sensitive head and easy cleaning, while a hole permits urination during your sessions. Pop the padlock in place and pass the two keys to whoever has the right to release you.

$69.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

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