humiliation kink

Humiliation Kink 101: A Sexologist’s Comprehensive Guide

Can humiliation be therapeutic? This kink just might surprise you.
Cock and ball torture

How to Do Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

A Complete Guide (Including Tools) to Cock & Ball Torture Curious about kink?Don't know where to start?Sign up for...
chastity cage

10 Best Chastity Cages 2023

Best chastity cages at all stages of your male chastity adventure.

50 Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of & Could Be Into

From banging armpits to rolling in balloons, you might be surprised to find out you have a fetish.
Locktober calendar

Your LOCKtober Male Chastity 2023 Calendar!

If you are as excited about Locktober as folks in the vanilla world are about the arrival of pumpkin spice and the holidays, then...
Male Chastity Kink

Male Chastity Kink 101: Cocks in a Cage

Male Chastity 101: What's This Kink All About?
choking during sex

How To Keep Choking During Sex Safe & Exciting

Responsible for 250-1000 deaths per year Erotic asphyxia is more common than you think.
Do girls like threesomes, do women like threesomes

Do Women Like Threesomes? 2023 Stats, Data & Advice From Women

Do women like threesomes? Your question answered.
spank therapy

Spank Therapy 101: Could It Help You?

Could Spank Therapy Treat Your Anxiety, Depression, or ADHD Symptoms? Some People Think So You've had your ass slapped during sex a time or two....
kink on a budget dollar store finds

Real Talk with Ruby: Kink on a Budget

You'll never look at your kitchen the same!

Got Kink? 11 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Your Sex Life Won't Get Old with These Kinky Activities
a woman's hands in hand cuffs about to get kinky and explore kinks

Not Your Virgin Mary: What the F*ck are my Kinks?

BDSM Kink Tests & More I have a Tinder date tonight. Well, it's a second date, so a second tinder date. And let's be honest,...
sex bucket list

Your 2022 Sex Bucket List

Your complete guide to a sexy 2022.
oral sex techniques, going down on her, she explores life

18 Orgasmic Oral Sex Techniques: How to Go Down on a Woman

From basic to "blow her minds".
Anal Sex

Ask the Goddess: Addressing Anal Sex

The Goddess assists a questioner concerned with men's interest in anal sex, and a new partner who's already asking about anal play.
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