Kink On A Budget Finds All Under $2

It seems lately everyone is on a budget between the rise in fuel prices and the sticker shock we get each week buying groceries. Let’s just get real for a moment, when buying a dozen eggs makes you feel like you are buying a Tiffany watch, how the hell are you supposed to drop cash on sex toys to spice things up with your partner? 

Starve or get spanked, that is a real dilemma. 

Don’t you worry, stop scrunching that brow before you’re forced to decide between food or Botox, Ruby is here to save not only the day but add a jar of sexy spiciness to your life (on a dime) to get things going in the bedroom. If there is anything we have grown to learn over the past few years, it is to think outside the box and erase the fear of coloring outside the lines. We have had to get creative to adjust to our world’s shutting down due to a global pandemic. Now, I am going to give you my hot tips on how you can go to the dollar store, and with a little imagination, walk out with some fun items for some kinky playtime. Think, kink on a budget!

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Kinky Dollar Tree Finds

On my visit to my local Dollar Tree for my dollar store finds, I found items for the beginner, novice, and kink master. Before I begin to share my treasures, I need to get on my little wooden box of “this bitch feels some sort of way.” 

Although in big green signage above the door it reads, “Dollar Tree”, waiting in line behind the number of elderly women with their laundry soap, PTA moms with a plethora of crafting supplies, and teachers with their classroom supplies, you find that it is not the “dollar tree” but the “Dollar Twenty-Five Tree.” This to me is false advertising and someone needs to say something, but that is for another day, today we talk kink on a budget and dollar store finds. Until then, please note that some of the items below are over $1, but we kept them all under $2…follow the links to find them online (Some are still dollar store finds and some we pulled from other sites).

7 Kink on a Budget Finds

Strolling down the brightly lit aisles of the store, you are just as surprised as a kid seeing a shiny new bike under the Christmas tree at what you can find. I started my journey in the party supplies, don’t let me lose you here, indeed you can find items for some sexy play in the party supply section at the dollar store. 

I then ventured down the next aisle containing pet supplies and fix-it stuff, followed by the beauty items, then wandered into the household supplies and kitchen wares. Here is what I found:

Cat Toy or Sensory Play?

For less than a Diet Coke, you can get yourself a fun little tickler. This slick, hollow plastic wand has a few different ribbons, a strip of faux fur, and a cute little bell. I would definitely put this in my “Kinky Babe’s” gift set for those just beginning their spicy journey. This can be used to drag up and down your lover’s body in a slow sensual way. This is light and soft enough that you even could get a little adventurous and gently swat at someone’s perked nipples or hard shaft. 

Find it for $150 here.

Party Wand or Light Swatter?

Now, this is one of the most economical finds I had at the dollar store as it was not just one, but four heart wand party favors. There is a foam heart at the top of a thin straw-like wand with a few lovely ribbons. Like the cat toy, this can be used for some sensory play by running it over your partner’s body. Due to the wand’s lack of sturdiness, you can’t give the swat of a slugger, but you certainly could give some gentle love taps. I would include this in my “Kinky Babe’s gift “ as well.

In-store only.

Scarf or Light Bondage?

dollar store finds

We all have those days, you wake up bloated and puffy-faced realizing you have a coffee meetup, lunch, or some other meeting, and you look to a scarf to jazz up your jeans and t-shirt. Guess what? You guessed it! The dollar tree sells fashion scarves. Another great item for that “Kinky Babe’s” gift basket as it has different uses for the lighter side of kink. Of course, this can be used to bind your lover’s hands or feet. It also can be tied around their head to cover their eyes to blindfold them. There is nothing that gets your blood flowing, like being blindfolded and experiencing different sensations. 

Find it here for $1.25

Sleeping Soundly or Staying Up?

dollar store finds

Now, this was one of my most shocking finds, not because of a sexy wow factor but because of the quality. I picked up a fun little leopard print sleep mask and when I took it out of the packaging, I was shocked at the fact this was the same level of manufacturing of other sleep masks I have bought in the past. As mentioned before, having a blindfold can heighten your senses and arousal. Not having your sight during intimacy intensifies the feeling of anticipation of where or how your lover is going to touch you next. If you have never thought of bringing a blindfold into your sex play, I highly recommend it. Another great addition to our “Kinky Babe’s” gift basket. 

Find it here for $1.25

Hanging Sheets or Gripping Sheets?

Now we start to get into the novice area of sex play. Clothes pins have been a household item I discovered in my early sex years as a thing to bring sweet ecstasy through a little pain. Now I went for the old-school wood clothes pins, but you can also get the plastic variety at the dollar store. These offer a fun way to play around with pain threshold and pleasure. 

Get it here for $1.25

kink on a budget, dollar store finds

Basting or Spanking?

Next up, we have a silicone basting brush. First, let me just say the feel of silicone in my hands itself is a turn-on. I believe it has a softness that is hard to describe, it is a softness you don’t expect from a solid object, and the silicone bristles are delightful. This is an outstanding sensory toy that is safe to even brush along your vulva and clit as it is food safe. You know this is going in the gift basket!

Get it here for $1.25

Fix It or Restrict It?

Next up is duct tape. And not your grandpa’s duct tape either, the dollar store has a variety of shiny, colorful choices. Duct tape makes a good binder, as well as an alternative to a gag. Note: make sure to use some sort of barrier oil on your skin and lips to protect from damage due to the adhesive. 

Find it here for $125.

meeting online

Straight Edge or Full Kink?

Saving the best for last, well at least in my kink book, we have a metal, straight-edge ruler. Now, this is most certainly not for the beginning kinkster as it can give not only a big sting but also some great marks. Consider using duct tape for the edges or keep it in its plastic sleeve, otherwise, you may find a little bloodshed with those welts. You might be wondering why something that comes with a safety warning would be what I consider the best find, well that story is for another day.

Find it here.

So as you see, a simple stroll through the dollar store can add a lot to the spice level of the boudoir. So, get down to that dollar store and surprise your lover with some new house goodies and get cooking in every room.

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