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15 Orgasmic Gifts For Women Who Love Sex

Stuff These in Her Stocking This Christmas

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Christmas 2021 is on it’s way , and if you haven’t already bought your lover a gift, now is the time to do just that. Not sure what to get? I’ve got you covered. Women work hard taking care of business and families and barely have time to relax and enjoy themselves. So I’ve put together a list of gifts for women who deserve more Os (and by that, I mean orgasms.) That’s right, I have created a gift guide for women who love sex (and their partners!) and it includes some of the best sex toys out there.

Look, not all women are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice. Some of us are made of wine and whips, and leather and lace. Therefore, I’ve put together an ultimate Christmas 2021 gift guide for women who are flirty and kinky and sexy. Yep, you heard it right. This is a compilation of gifts for women who love sex. And these gifts aren’t just good for her…you’ll get to enjoy them too!

Gifts that Just Might Get You Laid

Gift Box Slow Sex

Perfect for under the tree, your woman will love this gift box sex! This selection of  SLOW SEX  products will make you both shake with pleasure. Carefully curated by the directors of Santa Mandanga, Noemí Casquet and Roberto Garcés, this is the erotic triad: an oral sex balm, a clitoral balm and a nipple play gel, lovingly wrapped in a bold illustration by Marta Piedra.

Buy it here: Giftboxslowset



Can’t be together on this holiday season? This is my top pick for a Valentine’s Gift for couples that are long distance. Take your virtual or phone sex to the next level with this the Onyx 2 (male masturbator) and Pearl 2 (vibrator). Kiiroo long distance sex toys are connected to an appby Bluetooth (FeelConnect) and can interact with each other in order to mimic intercourse in real time. One of the coolest things about this set is that it is touch responsive. When the Pearl 2 is inserted, the touch sensors signal the movements to the Onyx 2, emulating sex in real time by stroking faster and tighter. On the other hand, with a swipe on the touchpad of the Onyx 2, the man can also control her vibrations.

Online: kiiroo

Horoscope Pleasure Ritual
gifts for women, sex toys


We are all about women claiming their pleasure. Help her reconnect with her sexual energy and what turns her on with this gorgeous sex toy that is truly a girls best friend! Horoscope is a pleasure ritual kit designed to reconnect women with their feminine energy through pleasure. 3 easy, pleasurable, steps in a stunning triangular box:

  • A necklace encasing her zodiac gemstone. A beautiful gift that will remind her of mind blowing orgasms every time she sees her necklace.
  • An orgasmic warming-effect clitoral balm that sets the tone, increases pleasure and enhances orgasm. It smells good too because each aroma is inspired by the elements. 
  • A playful finger vibrator. Smooth, powerful and discreet. It fits perfectly in her (or your) hand and, thanks to the semi-elastic band, she can hold it with just one finger. User-friendly, she can control all three intensities and seven vibration settings at the touch of a button.

Online: Horoscope Pleasure Ritual

21 Vibrating Diamond
gifts for women, vibrator, vagina toy


She will fall in love with this vibrating diamond the minute she lays eyes on it. Twenty One vibrating diamond is a unique, discreet, easy to use, silent and pleasure packed clit vibrator.  Did you know that 8 out of every 10 clit-havers need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm? Twenty One is an external vibrator that offers the ultimate pleasure. With the perfect size and shape, it is designed to provide precise stimulation, through its 7 patterns and 3 vibration intensities. She’ll happily surrender to the never-ending pleasure of Twenty One. An easy choice for our top picks for gifts for women who love sex.

Online: 21vibratingdiamond

Maze H Harness
gifts for women, bdsm, harness


This is a perfect gift for women who enjoy a little BDSM in the bedroom. Enjoy the corset feeling in this bondage-inspired harness. The perfect addition for her outfits or lingerie sets, plus it adds intensity to the bedroom games as it slides gorgeously over your bare skin.

Online: Maze H Harness

Maze Thin Handcuffs
sex gifts, hand cuffs. BDSM


If she likes jewelry, she’ll love these bracelets. Adorn her wrists with these double bracelets. She can wear them with any outfit and no one will know better…except for you. They transform into what will become her favorite handcuffs for bondage fun in private.

online: Mazethinhandcuffs

Maze Tassel Flogger


If your woman likes a little punishment with her pleasure, this flogger will quickly become her favorite choice for play in the bedroom. It’s both beautiful and delivers a variety of breath taking sensations when in the right hands. This flogger makes it right to the top of our picks for best BDSM gifts for women.

Online: Maze tassel flogger

Slow Sex Experience Box 


Show her you really care about her pleasure with the ultimate sexual pleasure set. Slow Sex is, by definition, powerful ritual acts of body, speech, and mind. This experience box  holds all the “tools” she will need to connect with her body, her partner and with her pleasure. This combination of oils, lubes, flavors and textures are perfect for exploring sexual connection. This cosmetic line redefines the meaning of the word “foreplay”. True intimacy and connection! Foreplay is not just a means to an end; it is all about pleasure… her pleasure! 

Slow Sex Experience Box  includes all 11 full-size Slow Sex products with a free Slow Sex manifesto tote bag and storage pouch to keep your favorites at hand. 

What you will find inside:

  • Hair and Skin Shimmer Dry Oil. 
  • Anal Play Gel
  • Finger Play Gel 
  • Oral Sex Balm 
  • Nipple Play Gel
  • Clitoral Balm
  • Full Body Massage
  • Warming Massage Oil
  • Intimate Solid Perfume
  • Mouthwatering Spray for Oral Sex
  • Oral Sex Strips
  • Cotton Canvas Totebag
  • Travel Pouch  

Online: Slowsexeperience

Magnifique · Waist Chain Jewelry


Let her show off one of her best Assets with this sensual piece of jewelry. All eyes will be on her…just like they should be when she dons this sensual gift. Then get her in bed and let her drive you wild. This gift is really just a give for both of you.

Online: waistchainjewelry

Eros Love Toy
sex toy

Holy hot sex Batman! This clit licking and sucking toy will blow her mind. We swear by it. If you want the dirty details, you’ll have to check out what happened when we tried this toy for ourselves. Read more here.

Passion Lube
women who love sex, sex lube, gifts for gals


Passion Natural Water Based Lube is my go-to lubricant. With a slick and slippery feel, it effectively reduces friction and discomfort to create a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Free of parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, and other harmful ingredients, those with sensitive skin can put their mind at rest. It washes off easily and is a total game changer for those hours long sex sesh. 


Hyaluronic Water-Based Lubricant


Don’t forget the lube! And this isn’t just any lube. It is a medical-grade water-based lubricant with hyaluronic acid and a high molecular weight that works in the most superFcial layers of your skin and tissue, creating a barrier of natural hydration. 

Revitalize her intimate area with the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid. A formula that keeps her tissue well-lubricated and moist, improving hydration and elasticity.

Online: waterbasedlube

Njoy Pure Plug Medium Stainless Steel Butt Plug
butt plug, sexy toys


Listen, I get it! Not everyone is into butt play, and that’s ok! However if you or your lady are interested in exploring and playing around in anus town, this butt plug is fantastic for beginner and intermediate couples alike. I love the sleek design and that it’s angled for smooth and pleasurable penetration. This gift makes for a great pick for gifts for gals who like to experiment.


Babs – Silicone G Spot Rabbit Vibrator


The other side of this cute is full of temptation and she won’t likely be able to resist it. The smooth and rounded head massages her sensitive areas at an ergonomic angle. When she slides the plugin so that the bunny’s ears right rest on the clitoris she can turn on both motors and enjoy the double stimulation from the inside out with 9 vibration modes. The bendable plug body with twist wrinkle allows her to start her play in any position as long as comfortable, and smooth silicone fabric full coverage makes it waterproof.

Online: Honey Playbox

Adore Me Subscription

$30 and up

Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than hot lingerie and we love Adore Me. They are body positive and inclusive and their apparel is as comfortable as it is sensual. We give it five stars! And any woman who receives this gift is sure to to tap in to her GGG spirit.

This Valentine’s Day, skip the sparkly jewelry and fuzzy slippers. Get your special lady the perfect gift for every night. One quick spin through these gifts for women who love to have sex, is sure to put you on her very, very nice (or naughty-in-the-best-way) list.


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