I’ve had my eye on the LELO Enigma dual-action vibrator for some time now. With its sonic clit-sucking technology and its curvy internal arm just teasing the ability to hit all the good spots inside, how could it possibly be anything but amazing? My imagination ran amuck with fantasies of how I could use this alone and with my partner (or partners) of choice. It seemed clear to me that this dual-motor vibrator would easily bring me into a blended orgasm. So, when I got the chance to try her out, you bet I didn’t waste time putting the LELO Enigma to work.

Meet The LELO Enigma Cruise

The LELO Enigma is a dual-action vibrator, meaning it is a vibrating sex toy with two motors, one that stimulates your external clitoris and vulva and one that stimulates your internal erotic spots like the G-Spot, P-Spot, O-Spot, and A-spot. Some dual motor vibrators can do this separately and others, like the LELO Enigma Cruise, do this simultaneously allowing the users to have a blended orgasm (an orgasm brought on by both internal and external stimulation at the same time…kinda a two-in-one orgasm).

The LELO Enigma boasts featuring SenSonic™ technology that allows this sex toy to stimulate the external clitoris with sucking (blowing) sensations while resonating deep within your body to simultaneously stimulate your internal clit along with the other orgasmic spots.

That’s right, the Enigma is supposed to be capable of stimulating the entire clitoris, both internal and external parts.

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What’s in the Box?

LELO Enigma in the box

The LELO Enigma comes in LELO’s signature boujee black box and is gorgeously displayed behind a clear window. Once opened you’ll find the following items:

  • The ENIGMA™ Gorgeously displayed
  • USB-charging cord
  • Satin storage pouch
  • Warranty registration card
  • Detailed instruction manual

The Enigma itself is something to behold. It looks like some sort of stunning otherworldly device. The ergonomic handle sits atop the clit-sucking section of this sex toy. It is the only part of this dual-action sex toy that isn’t made out of satiny silicone. At first, the ergonomic design is easy to overlook as simply being large and clunky. In fact, I will admit that this toy was much larger in person than I had expected!

The rest of the Enigma curves into the insertable, internal vibrating arm. What I found most shocking about this part of the LELO Enigma was how flexible yet firm it was. You can bend this sex toy in all kinds of directions and not break it. This is a big plus in my book as vagina owners come in all shapes and sizes and it’s nice to know that LELO has created a toy that easily accommodates a wide range of bodies.

LELO Enigma’s Specs

LELO Enigma out of the box with parts

LELO Enigma’s specs are as follows:

  • Materials: It’s made of body-safe, silky silicone, and abs plastic
  • Colors: It comes in deep rose and black
  • Size: 100 x 50 x 185 mm / 3.9 x 1.9 x 7.3 in
  • Insertable length: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 43lbs
  • Charge: 2 hours charging time 2 hours playtime
  • Interface: 3-button interface
  • Waterproof: Splish splash baby

As you can see from the specs, this is not a small toy!

My Experience with the LELO Enigma

Once charged, I was ready to play. I’m a smaller woman, so I needed to get warmed up prior to inserting the 5.5 inches of the Enigma’s internal arm. This is where the flexible shape comes in handy. I was able to stretch the clit sucking toy out and use the clit stimulating portion of the Enigma to get me wet and ready for the rest.

Note: You’re gonna want to lube up prior to full insertion.

The Enigma is easy to use. It has the standard three-button interface. The center button turns it on and controls patterns that you can toggle through, and you use the + and – to decrease and increase the intensity of the stimulation.

Along with being a good length, the insertable portion of the Enigma gets quite fat at the tip. When it was fully inserted I felt quite full and this sex toy hit more than just my G-Spot. I’m not an expert on the internal portion of the clitoris, but I imagine the vibrations and sonic waves were titillating it along with my A-spot and P-spot deeper inside of me.

As for the external portion of the LELO Enigma, it took me a bit to get the suction section of the toy in the right place…but here’s where things got interesting. I was laying on my back holding onto the ergonomic handle of the sex toy when it struck me how useful the shape of the Enigma is.

Investing in the LELO Enigma is like investing in a luxury vehicle. It provides everything you need for a smooth, sexy ride to a breathtaking destination, and gives you just enough control to keep things exciting every time you use it.

I learned to drive in a manual car, so if you’ve never driven a stick shift vehicle, this metaphor may not resonate with you, but the Enigma’s design makes using this sex toy feel a whole lot like driving a luxury sports car with manual transmission.

The LELO Enigma’s ergonomic design and overall flexibility allow the users to manipulate the position of the clitoral stimulation while playing. At first, you might want it directly over your clitoris, but why not shift it into second gear and see how that feels? Then third and fourth? That suction sensation feels amazing all over the vulva and you can easily move it around without disturbing the internal vibes.

The end result was that I got my blended orgasm.

How to Play with the LELO Enigma

Solo play with the LELO Enigma is hot! It definitely gives me big orgasms. I did use the LELO with my partner. They enjoyed watching me and helping. We even tried a little bit of DVP, but this toy was too big for both of us. The Enigma could be used during anal sex for a DP experience, though the size does make maneuvering it a bit tricky. Using it with a partner is definitely more of an advanced sex toy user adventure.

LELO Enigma Pros

The following are the Enigma Pros:

  • The ergonomic design is incredible
  • The material and look. It’s fucking sexy
  • The sonic waves provide exactly what they claim, and deliver deep internal rumblings
  • The clit sucking tech. This baby sucks your clit and vulva like a pro. You will not be disappointed
  • Easy user interface
  • Charge time. Play for hours

LELO Enigma Cons

The following are the Enigma Cons:

  • The size makes it a little bulky limiting its versatility
  • It would be great if you could operate the motors separately
  • This is a spendier toy.

My Final Thoughts on the LELO Enigma

Investing in the LELO Enigma is like investing in a luxury vehicle. It provides everything you need for a smooth, sexy ride to a breathtaking destination, and gives you just enough control to keep things exciting every time you use it. I’ll likely use this sex toy solo primarily. But you never know, I can certainly see myself tied up to the bedposts with my partner in the driver’s seat. You just never know. You can find out more about the LELO Enigma here.

LELO Enigma


Experience LELO’s sonic technology and the blended orgasms it provides now!

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