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LELO SILA™ Cruise Review: Sonic Clitoral Stimulator

My Experience with the LELO SILA™ Cruise Sonic Clitoral Stimulator

I’m a sucker for clit stimulating toys, so I was thrilled when I received LELO’s SILA™ Cruise Sonic Clitorial Stimulator. Its unique shape, largemouth, and small size drew my attention quite a while ago. These combined features seemed like they would be conducive to bringing on an orgasm hard and fast. But how did the LELO SILA™ Cruise Clitoral Stimulator perform in reality? Let me tell you…

What’s in the Box

The SILA™ Cruise Clitoral Stimulator comes in elegant packaging making it perfect for gift giving. This is a toy that arrives ready to impress. You may be wondering why the packaging is important enough that I deem it worthy of mentioning. I personally believe that quality starts with the box a toy comes in. In other words, the box says a lot.

Low-quality sex toys tend to come in flimsy cardboard boxes with 80s-style lettering and images of porn stars on the front. The toys they hold are as flimsy and poorly made as the packaging.

High-end sex toys come in high-end packaging that reflects the brand’s priorities. The packaging points to a dedication to women and vulva owners’ sexual wellness. And beyond the box itself, what it holds says even more.


Experience Cruise Control Technology that reacts to your pleasure automatically!


The SILA™ Cruise vibrator comes with the following:

  • The SILA™ Cruise which comes in pink, lilac, and aqua
  • USB-charging cord
  • Satin storage pouch
  • Warranty registration card
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • a sachet of LELO’s personal moisturizer

SILA™ Cruise Presentation & Specs

This sex toy’s shape is the first thing that stands out about it. The SILA Cruise is basically shaped like a snail, while also being perfectly flat and smooth on both sides. What I love about it’s shape is that it’s quite thin and fits between my thighs perfectly without poking into them. The suction mouth is quite large and oval/egg shaped, which is a big bonus as it perfectly envelopes the clit and the sensitive arearas that surround the exposed nub.

The control buttons are located on the top of the toy about an inch away from the suction mouth. They consist of a +,- , and circular power button.


This toy is perfectly palm-sized. The dimensions are as follows: 3.1 x 2.9 x 1.4 in. And it’s quite light (perfect for travel), only weighing in at 0.23 lb.

The SILA Cruise is made out of luxuriously soft body-safe silicone and ABS. It’s compatible with water-based lubricants like LELO personal moisturiser and it’s waterproof! Which is great, because this is a perfect toy to use in the bath or the shower.

How to Use the SILA Cruise

Charge time: It takes about 2 hours to charge the SILA Cruise. The lights on the buttons will flash when charging and turn solid when charging is complete.
User time: 2 hours of fun!

Now you know how long you have to play…let’s get started. The SILA Cruise clit massager is super easy to use and great for people who are new to the sex toy world. It comes locked. To unlock it, you press the (+) and (-) buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. 

SILA’s Patterns & Cruise Control Technology

To get started with the SILA, spread water-based lube over your clit and labia, then place the mouth of the SILA Cruise over your clitoral area so that the clitorus and surrounding areas are enveloped. Press the (+) button to start the toy and then use the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust the intensity of the sucking and massaging sensations. Use the () button in the center to toggle through the different pulsing patterns.

SILA Cruise

The SILA Cruise has 8 pleasure patterns and intensities. I rather enjoyed the patterns myself. But what I found really interesting about this vibrator is its Cruise Control Technology. This awesome technology allows the vibrator to sense how hard you’re pressing it to your body and automatically adjusts its intensity to match. So the harder you press it to you, the more intensely it sucks. (Have you partner take note!). And this perk isn’t a setting, it’s automatic!

My Take on the Sila Cruise

I think the Sila Cruise is a fantastic clit sucking and massaging toy for anyone looking to add that special sensation to their sex life. I love that I can place the SILA Cruise between my thighs with the mouth over my clit and then hold it in place by squeezing my thighs together for a hands-free masturbation experience.

This allows me to sext with my partner, watch my favorite sex video, or stimulate my nipples while enjoying SILA’s erotic sensations.

This is also very useful during partnered sex. I was able to keep it in place while taking care of my partner in a variety of fun ways, and then continued to use it while being penetrated. The size also allows for easy maneuvering while with a partner. I dig it!

The SILA will give you orgasms…period.

Nipple Play: If you enjoy suction on your nipples…holy hell! The SILA sucks right on. A little advice: start on the lightest suction setting and work your way up!

SILA Cruise Highlights

Here’s what I love about the SILA Cruise:

  • The size and shape
  • The sensation are incredible!
  • 2 hour play time!
  • It’s a water toy!

SILA Cruise Cons

The SILA Cruise is a little bit on the loud side. This is its biggest drawback. Outside of that, I have zero complaints.

Final Thoughts on The LELO SILA Cruise Clitoral Stimulator

I’m a fan of the SILA Cruise. It’s beautiful, effective and perfect for gift-givin or travel. This toy is going to become one of your favorites during masturbation and sex.

For more information checkout:


Experience Cruise Control Technology that reacts to your pleasure automatically!

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