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International Female Orgasm Day! 21 Ways to Celebrate

Are You Coming To The Celebration?

I thought Masturbation May was pretty fucking cool, but did you know that August 8 is International Female Orgasm Day?! (Falling right after National Orgasm Day on July 31st!) How in the puritanical hell that America has become did we end up blessed with such an awesome holiday? Brazil. That’s how.

That’s right. International Female Orgasm Day started in Brazil in an effort to encourage men to satisfy their wives. Wrap your mind around that! In 2006, the Councillor of Brazil, José Arimateia Dantas Lacerda, created a law to promote the significance of women’s sexual pleasure, study it and address it as a matter of public health.

The story goes that Dantas realized that women (his wife) were not satisfied with their sexual experiences and had a hard time having an orgasm. So he did what any sane man would do and issued a survey to investigate the matter further to make sure it wasn’t just he who sucked in bed. He was relieved as fuck when the survey concluded that all the men sucked at sex and became a hero to all the women when he declared that the situation had to change because it was “a matter of public health”, because you know…there are tons of health benefits from having mind-blowing orgasms. To no one’s surprise, the initiative went viral and August 8 was adopted worldwide as International Female Orgasm Day.

International Female Orgasm Day is now celebrated around the world in an effort to bring awareness to women’s pleasure.

In case you aren’t already aware, the following are just some of the reasons why orgasms are worth celebrating on International Female Orgasm Day.

Health Benefits of Orgasms

  1. Orgasms reduce stress
  2. They improve sleep
  3. Strengthen your pelvic floor
  4. Reduce pain (can help with headaches and body aches)
  5. Can help with cramps
  6. Can improve self-esteem and increase confidence
  7. Orgasms with body image
  8. It releases endorphins which promote a sense of well-being.
  9. Increases energy levels
  10. Improve your skin
  11. Orgasms improve your cognitive function as you age
  12. Orgasms help with weight loss
  13. May help flatten your stomach
  14. They boost immunity
  15. Orgasms increase lifespan
  16. They improve heart health
  17. Orgasms reduce depression
  18. Strengthen the pelvic floor
  19. Orgasms lead to healthier hair

Celebrate International Female Orgasm Day With A New Type of Orgasm

8 Types of Orgasms

It might surprise you to find out that there are many different types of female orgasms. In Fact, there are over 17 types! Unfortunately, National Female Orgasm Day is Just one day, so I’m going to focus on the 8 most common and achievable types of orgasms, Some that you may be most familiar with are the G-spot orgasms and the clitoral orgasm. But there are more than that! Other kinds of orgasms you may experience, especially with the help of sex toys, include anal orgasms, cervical orgasms, breast orgasms, coregasms, multiple orgasms, and squirting orgasms.

Surprised? So was I. Especially when I started having some of them.

This International Female Orgasm Day, take the next step towards having at least one type of orgasm you’ve never experienced before with the help of a sex toy.

The following sex toys are designed to help you have the type of orgasm you’ve always wanted to experience but couldn’t quite achieve.

fun factory

Celebrate International Female Orgasm Day with These Orgasmic Toys!

Toys for Blended Orgasms

I’m just going to start with one of my favorite kinds of orgasms! The blended orgasm! This orgasm is caused by internal and external stimulation that often occurs at the same time.

International female orgasm day

We-Vibe Sync 2

This toy is a go-to for individuals seeking a blended orgasm! We-Vibe Sync fits snugly inside the vagina for hands-free clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It’s perfect for International Female Orgasm Day! The vibrations can be controlled by a remote or an app, which allows partners to please the wearer of these devices from any distance. One of the things I love about this device’s app is that the free We-Connect app allows you to set the vibes to music with Beat mode or use Touch mode for real-time control at your fingertips, letting both partners experience intense vibrations. 

We-Vibe Nova 2 sex toy for spring

We-Vibe Nova 2

This app-enabled rabbit-style vibrator is Designed for constant clitoral contact and deep internal g-spot stimulation. The Nova 2 flexes to deliver powerful vibrations to the G-Spot and clitoris simultaneously. Hello, blended orgasm on International Female Orgasm Day! I love this vibe because of its unique design as well as the dual stimulation. The added app-control function is a bonus as well. Who doesn’t like to be played with from across the room?



People with vaginas will reach beautiful peaks with this baby. Targeting both the clitoris and G-spot, InsideOut provides the blended orgasm. The Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology pulsates the clitoris with rushes of air pressure and suction, while deep, rumbly vibrations focus on the G-spot within.

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valentine's day gifts for her, lady bi vibrator

Lady Bi By Fun Factory

Penetrative masturbation helps keep vaginal walls strong and as you age, it keeps women from experiencing vaginal atrophy. This dual-motor vibrator provides deep, strong rumbling through the shaft and the clit stimulator is soft enough to keep your bean from getting too sensitive while providing sweet vibrations. The combination of the two means sweet, sweet blended orgasms! PLUS, you get a steep discount when you use my code. Read my full review here.

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Manta By Fun Factory

Yes, this toy is used on people with penises. So you might be wondering how the hell it delivers blended orgasms for vulva owners. Well, it turns a cock into a vibrating dildo! Stroke your penis of choice with it until it’s nice and hard, then put it around the base and the cock turns into a vibrator while the manta delivers vibes to the clitoris and vulva. It’s a win for everyone involved! You can read my full review here.

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international female orgasm day

Juke Vibrating Cock Ring

This is an incredible and affordablecock ring! It can be worn on a penis or added to a dildo for private fun. It’s got vibes that will blow your mind. Use your partner’s cock for internal g-spot stimulation and the ring for clitoral pleasure. BOOM blended (possibly simultaneous) orgasms for International Female Orgasm Day.


Toys for Clitoral Orgasms

Most women can achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. But did you know there are different kinds of clitoral stimulation that sex toys offer? From clit sucking toys and pumps to vibrators, here are some of my favorite clit stimulating toys.

Womanizer Premium 2

You’ve likely heard about this the luxurious clit suction stimulator. Womanizer PREMIUM 2 uses the original Pleasure Air technology to offer women explosive orgasms. I’m going to be honest with you, clit suction toys are my go-to for masturbation when trying to achieve a clitoral orgasm. This baby is tried and true. With more intensity levels than ever before and an improved Autopilot function to take you on new, unpredictable adventures, PREMIUM 2 is a must for International Female Orgasm Day.


Womanizer Premium Eco

PREMIUM eco is completely unique: it’s the first-ever Pleasure Air sex toy made from sustainable, renewable materials. If you love the PREMIUM but want to save the earth, this baby is for you! Everything that made the famous flagship product, the Womanizer PREMIUM, beloved to every vulva owner is still there, but the plastic has been drastically reduced. This toy still has the same 12 intensity levels, it’s USB-rechargeable, and it’s splashproof. Good for the planet, incredible for your body. It’s the perfect sex toy on National Orgasm Day for the environmentally-minded.


The Arouser

I’m going to be honest with you. When I first saw this vibrator, I thought it looked boring, but boy was I wrong. Built like a supernatural butterfly, the arouser fits beautifully between the folds of your vulva and delivers vibrations that run directly from the vaginal opening up to the clit. The “wings” carry the sensations to the outer labia for all-encompassing pleasure. I use this baby all of the time. This should be in every vulva owner’s toy box. The arouser has 10 unique vibration settings for a variety of experiences. Treat yourself to this one on International Female Orgasm Day!


Aer by Dame

Aer is a powerful clit sucking toy that gets the job done for you on International Female Orgasm Day and every day after. Aer creates thrilling pulses of air and a soft seal around your clitoris, so you can go all the way, right away. The Aer uses pressure wave technology to create rhythmic pulses of air that’ll give users a next-level pleasurable experience. Bonus: Its slim design allows it to fit perfectly between two bodies without stealing the show.


Best Sex toys

The Rose Clit Sucker

This favorite got famous on TikTok. The Rose Clit Sucker is small, cute as f*ck, and delivers a truly unique sensation for those who have never experienced this technology before. This adorable rose-shaped clit sucker delivers amazing sensations via little air puffs that envelop your clitoris and then essentially sucks and blows on it. You deserve to have this beauty on your bedside stand for International Female Orgasm Month!

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Fun Factory Memorial Day Sales

Fun Factory’s VIM Wand 20% Off

This wand puts the Magic Wand to shame. I’ve given it a thorough review you can watch here. You can get it for 20% Off with my code SELS20

G-Spot Orgasm

The G-Spot is located inside the vagina and can bring about explosive orgasms. Sometimes it takes a while to find, but when you find it, it’s worth it!

365 days challenge


This sex toy is definitely meant to give users amazing G-Spot orgasms on National Orgasm Day, but it also offers the possibility of the blended orgasm! The KURVE was created by a super cool inclusive company called Hot Octopuss. This vibe is not your average vibe. The Kurve features patented dual-motor Treble and Bass technology™, allowing you to play with deep rumbling vibes and toe-curling treble sensations. But here’s what makes this toy work for me. It has a soft gel tip that provides intense but gentle pressure on my P-spot and G-spot. It hits all the right internal hot spots. Here’s the gold: it has a slight curve to the shaft of the vibe that fits into the natural contours of your vulva while inserted, delivering delicious vibes that run from your G-spot along the opening of your vagina and all of the way up to your clit.


tiger g-spot vibrator, better than men sex toy

Tiger by Fun Factory

The Tiger is meant to bring about deep satisfying G-Spot orgasms. The powerful, penetrating, rumbling vibration this g-spot stimulator delivers will satisfy you in ways you never imagined. The TIGER delivers, with a design that offers deep, bass-tone vibration from the base to the tip. Curious about the TIGER’s ridges? They create a rippling sensation every time you move this better-then-men toy in or out. So, you experience incredible sensations with every thrust, and without any extra effort.

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The hot and cold sex toy, better then men sex toy, National Orgasm Day

The Hot and Cold by Deia

Enjoy temperature play while exploring your internal hot spots! This toy is all about temperature play whether you like it hot or icy cold. This temperature-changing and vibrating massager creates unique sensations for both external and internal stimulation. You can mix and match hot and cold temperatures with 10 vibration settings to experience 32 different sensations. This beauty is perfect for celebrating International Orgasm Day!


The Couple g-spot stimulator by Deia

The Couple by Deia

This beauty is a two-for-one. What you see in the photo is the g-spot stimulator. This luxury sex toy is designed to hit the right spot every time, delivering 10 different vibration intensities and patterns. But the magic is in the design. Just twist and pull and the cover comes off revealing a bullet vibe for a new kind of play. That’s why this toy is on my International Orgasm Day Must List!


Mr. Boss by Fun Factory

I get it! You’re a brat and you need someone to tame your wild ways and get you off. I introduce you to Mr. BOSS. He’ll give you a bang for your buck and my discount code will make him cheaper than the dive bar date you’d have to deal with before you humped the human version of this awesome toy. Good news, you’ll feel no regrets with this bad boy. The G-spot-pleasing shape, the appealing realism, the stimulating ridge, and its seriously strong vibration promise to deliver exactly what you need to hit that big O all while fighting the patriarchy like the badass babe you are on International Female Orgasm Day!

Note: Use my discount code SELS20 for a 20% discount at checkout!

fun factory

Breast Orgasms

Any of the vibes above can help you reach a breast orgasm. But The ones below are my go-tos

Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps

If you like nipple stimulation and are seeking the breast orgasm experience, you will absolutely love these Vibrating Nipple Clamps. The Vibrating Nipple Clamps are fully adjustable to fit, and tease your nipples. These clamps are rubber-coated, wireless, and vibrate more powerfully than other nipple clamps. I love these clamps because they’re cute, they’re powerful, and the rubber is seamless and comfortable.

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Her Fantasy Nipple Vibrators

Get ready for some delicious nipple sucking and vibrating! These Vibrating Nipple Suckers are gentle nipple vibrators. The soft silicone cups encapsulate your nipples and create a suction that helps them stay on. But the sensation these suckers provide goes far beyond simple suction: a gentle bullet vibrator is tucked into the back of each one, and those vibrations are delivered to you through a patch of pleasure nubs on the inside of the toys. Hello Breast Orgasm!

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The Best Vibrating Nipple Clamps

I love these Remote Control Vibrating Nipple Clamps for International Female Orgasm Day because they’re made of silky smooth silicone and powerful. With 12 independently controlled functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, you can choose just how far you want to push the intensity. And, the nipple clamps can be used with or without the remote control, making them great for when you want to be in control or to turn your orgasmic destiny over to your partner. 

30% Off $79.99

Her Fantasy Ultimate Clit and G-Spot Vibrato

Ignore the name! Use this baby on your nipples and you’ll be coming in no time at all! it can suck your nipples while you use vibration on your clitoris or g-spot! The Her Fantasy Ultimate Climaxer is 5.5 inches long and 1.6 inches wide at its widest point. It comes with three interchangeable clitoral (Nipple) pump attachments which are 1.6, 2.1, and 19 inches long. It’s made of body-safe silicone and is waterproof and rechargeable.


Coregasms, Multiple Orgasms, Squirting Orgasms, and Cervical Orgasms

For multiple orgasms, a combination of any of the toys above will help. In my experience achieving multiple orgasms comes from practice and learning to sustain sex play after your initial climax has occurred. Cervical orgasms can be achieved with the same toys that I suggested for G-spot stimulation, however, you are going to want to use the longer ones to reach your cervix for optimal stimulation.

Coregasms are achieved through exercise! Particularly deep core work. And squirting orgasms are achieved easily by some and not so easily by others, but vigorous G-spot stimulations with the toys listed above are key!

Happy International Female Orgasm Day!

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