I Tried Fun Factory’s Penis Vibrator (The Manta): Here’s How It Helped My Sex Life

I was thrilled when Fun Factory sent me the Manta Vibrating Stroker for a number of reasons one of which is that sometimes I want to be a really good lay…but lazy at the same time. Look I like to suck a dick, but not for hours, I like to stroke a cock, but also…not for hours. I want to save my hands and mouth for a variety of other fun things so a penis vibrator seemed like an obvious solution.

The Manta isn’t the first penis vibrator I’ve played with. However, several of the penis vibrators (including vibrating penis sleeves) that I’ve tried before were awkward, clunky, and took the place of penetrative sex, not the Manta! The Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker was a pleasant surprise.

If you want to skip straight to the good stuff, check out my video review of The Manta Vibrating Stroker below. I leave the boring, nitty-gritty details like specs for this article (scroll down) and jump right into using it in bed.

For the details of my experience plus specs and presentation, scroll down for an in-depth review.

The Manta Penis Vibrator’s Presentation & Specs

The Manta’s brilliance is in its shape. I would argue that it is NOT primarily designed for masturbation. Rather, it is designed as a tool that can be used for masturbation but excels at enhancing sex with people with penises.

The Manta’s Measurements
fun factory manta vibrating penis stroker, penis vibrator

The Manta comes in black, deep sea blue, or moss green. Its long and slender shape (7 inches from base to top and 1.8 inches thick) is exactly like that of a traditional vibrator designed for vaginal penetration, but it splits into two wings at the end that wrap firmly (but not uncomfortably) around the penis and delivers deep rumbling vibes. The wings are incredibly flexible and can fit a variety of sizes of penises from those with a thinner diameter to those that are ridiculously big.

Fun Factory Manta penis vibrator

Fun Factory’s Manta Vibrating Stroker

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Manta Penis Vibrator’s Charging & Play Directions

This penis vibrator is fully rechargeable. Like most Fun Factory Toys, The Manta comes with a magnetic charger that connects at the bottom of the handle. It takes about 6 hours for the Manta to be fully charged, and after that, you get to enjoy up to 120 minutes of playtime.

This penis vibrator delivers the most delicious vibes. You get to enjoy a variety of 6 speeds and 6 patterns, so you can mix it up.

Fun Factory’s Manta Vibrating Stroker arrives travel locked. It comes with three buttons stacked on one another. The FUN Button at the base and then the + button under a – button. To unlock it simply press the + button and the red FUN button simultaneously.

Use the + and — buttons to cycle through the vibration speeds and patterns. To turn it off, press the red FUN button again. If you want to travel lock it again, press and hold the — button and red FUN button simultaneously.

The Manta Penis Vibrator features

Here’s my rundown on the top features you will enjoy when using the Manta Vibrating stroker:

penis vibrator by fun factory on a yellow blanket
  • Rechargeable with up to 120 minutes of playtime
  • It’s made of Body-safe materials. ABS plastic is used for the handle and buttery soft silicone creates the shaft and wings.
  • It’s Waterproof & submersible! Get ready to get wet!
  • Whisper quiet & discreet
  • It’s super easy to use with three buttons comfortably and intuitively located on the handle making use during play simple.
  • Travel lock function. It won’t go off in your bag.
  • Charge indicator light so it doesn’t die mid-play session.
  • 6-8 hour initial charge time
  • 18cm/7.1” total length
  • Internal diameter: 3cm/1.8”
fun factory

What’s in the Box?

The Manta Penis Vibrator comes in Fun Factory’s fun high gloss packaging. Inside the you’ll find the Manta vibrator, a red USB charging cable, an “Unlock & Start” quick guide, an ideas guide on how to incorporate the Manta into your playtime, and a manual on technical info.

My Experience with the Manta Vibrating Stroker

Leveling Up Oral Sex

I’ve used the manta to next-level oral sex many times. Meaning when I’m giving a blow job, my lips and jaw muscles get a break and my partner enjoys delightfully strong vibes. My partner loves it and I love it! He gets to enjoy continuous sensation on his penis and I can use my mouth to kiss lick and bite other parts of his body…or I can simply talk dirty to him.

Helping With The Age-Old Hand Job

manta vibrating stroker

When I’m done using my mouth, the Manta’s vibrating wings have gorgeous ridges that hold lots of lube and make it last for a long, slow hand job that’s…well, better than the traditional hand job. The penis owner gets vibe and the benefits of a stroking motion and your wrist does half the work it would otherwise.

In my experience, the biggest risk that comes with using the Manta as a vibrating stroker is getting your partner off too quickly. Here’s why.

The Manta For People with Vaginas!

The Manta isn’t just a penis vibrator, it benefits folks with vulvas too. This baby turns a dick into a giant vibrating dildo!

The manta’s vibes are so strong that if you wrap it around a cock, turn it on, and hop on, you can feel the vibes through the penis all the way up into your vagina. Best of all, in certain positions, Fun Factory’s Manta hits your clit too! Get ready for mutual orgasms!

The Manta Vibrating Penis Stroker and Vanilla Sex

The Manta is a penis vibrator that makes a perfect addition to hot vanilla sex. Use it when you are going down on your partner, or to stroke them off until they are hard. And then use it in a variety of positions to provide both of you with pleasure.

Note: The Manta is a vibrator for penises, but it can be used on vulvas and clits as well. The tips of the wings come together and fit nicely on either side of a clit or a lip or any part fo the vulva. I’ve had many an orgasm using it this way during sex and when banging myself (aka masturbating)

The Manta Vibrating Stroker and Kinky Sex

The Manta is super fun to use during kinky sex. Tie your partner up and then enjoy some orgasm control play, or slap on some nipple clamps for the pleasure/pain BDSM dynamic. It’s a great sex toy for delivering pain and pleasure simultaneously. It’s what the Vim Magic Wand is to vulvas except designed for a cock.

Note: The manta isn’t only for people with cocks. Use it with a strap-on!

Fun Factory Manta penis vibrator

Fun Factory’s Manta Vibrating Stroker

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Final Thoughts on The Manta Vibrating Penis Stroker

If you are looking for a toy that is versatile and can be used for everything from enhancing blow jobs and hand jobs, to delivering mutual orgasms during sex and torturing your lover in the most delicious way during a BDSM scene, this is your toy.

Manta Vibrating Penis Stroker Pros

  • The vibrations are perfect!
  • Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to use for all abilities
  • extended playtime
  • discrete
  • versatile and inclusive!

The Manta is a luxury sex toy that benefits every body. It’s created to be inclusive and usable by people of all genders, sexualities, body types, and sexual interests. This penis vibrator belongs in everyone’s toybox (if you are playing with people with penises.

I give the Manta Vibrating Stroker 5 out of 5 stars! (And I’ve been using it for quite a while now!)

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