Contributor Guidelines

Write for Us:

She Explores Life is a women’s sexual empowerment publication covering entertainment, LGBTQ+ topics, lifestyle, & culture from a feminist perspective. Our mission is to fight the patriarchy by sharing all kinds of women’s adventures one story at a time. We are looking for women writers with an authentic story to tell about either their personal journey of self-discovery or sexual empowerment or their take on issues related to women’s sexual empowerment.

We accept first-time writers as well as experienced writers.

What we are looking for

Our primary focus is giving women a place to share stories about the adventures they have had that have allowed them to explore their lives in “untraditional ways” that have led to self-empowerment. Our site features articles that cover LGBTQ+ topics, sexual exploration and relationship adventures, pop culture, and a variety of lifestyle topics.

The Details.

She Explores Life is a passion project dedicated to promoting intersectional feminism and empowering women. At this time we are unable to pay writers, however, we are optimistic that will change in the near future. If you would like to contribute, send your story or pitch via e-mail to [email protected] and we will work with you!

The following are some story topics we are particularly interested in right now:

  • Sexual Empowerment Stories: We are interested in all kinds of sexual empowerment stories. Not sure if yours fits? Pitch us!
  • Travel: Spots for a romantic or sexy adventure. Where to go with your partner. Where to go to find a partner.
  • LGBTQ stories: She Explores Life is queer-owned and queer-run. We want to hear from our LGBTQ+ sisters. These could be stories of sexual revelations, queer travel, and others.
  • Culture: a fresh, feminist take on pop-culture issues.
  • Sex & Kink: Think sex guides for girls who wanna try something new in (or outside of) the bedroom. This section covers a wide variety of topics from sex toys to fun positions to trying your first threesome. Got an idea? We are interested!
  • Dine and sip: We love sexy recipes for new drinks or bites. And if you’ve been to a restaurant that was perfect for that first date or hookup, we want to know about it.

While these are the main topics we are focused on right now, feel free to check out the various sections on our site and pitch us stories you might fit.

Send all stories as a Word attachment to [email protected] with “Story Submission” in the subject line. If you are pitching an idea for a story, please put “Pitch” in the subject line and send us a few links to your past work. We try to respond to every e-mail within two weeks.