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Write for Us: Contributor Guidelines

Women’s stories are the heart of feminism. We believe every woman has an important story to tell. We also believe that the very telling of those stories has the ability to change our world for the better

She Explores Life is a home for stories written by women, for women. It’s a home for the wisdom and advice that brave female adventurers have accumulated while on solo expeditions, family escapes or while exploring their own internal landscape through art, music, meditation— or any number of unique avenues.

Your story is important to us, and we think you can make a difference by sharing it. We would love to have you share your personal experiences with our readership.

Feminism, women's health, contribute, write for us

Who We Are

We are badass feminists bent on filling the Internet with stories written by women for women.

Our primary focus is giving women a place to share stories about the adventures they have had exploring their lives in a variety of ways. Our site features articles about travel, sexual exploration and relationship adventures, spiritual quests, parenting and more. Our main submission requirement: from tone to tale, submissions must be authentic.

People tend to imagine explorers as being male. But we know the world is full of badass feminist adventuresses!

She Explores Life is a feminist site that encourages women to explore and gives women permission to tell their stories in their own voice.

There are plenty of publications that tell women how to mold their narrative and direct their tone. That’s not our mission.

We dare you to embrace authenticity and share your experiences and discoveries the way you want to. It’s time for the world to hear what women have to say, the way they want to say it!

Our voice is the voice of every woman who writes for us.

We believe women have been edited and directed for too long? We want raw, honest authentic stories. We won’t edit out personality (we do edit for grammar and style). She Explores Life is a home for real stories told by women in their own voices.

Write For Us

She Explores Life is a passion project dedicated to promoting feminism and empowering women. At this time we are unable to pay writers, however, we are optimistic that will change in the near future. If you are as excited about this project as we are and would like to contribute, send your story or pitch via e-mail. If you have a story you really want to tell but think, “I’m not a writer.” Well, you are in luck, we’ve got skills in that area and can help you create the narrative you want.

Just e-mail your idea or rough draft to and we will work with you!

The following are some story topics we are particularly interested in right now:

  • Travels or outdoor experiences that initiated a shift in your perspective or way of life.
  • LGBTQ stories. These could be stories of sexual revelations, queer travel, and others.
  • New approaches to health and wellness.Relationships! Are you in a new relationship?
  • Navigating a change in your current one? Or are you single and dating? Do you have a unique relationship? Tell us about your adventures.
  • We want to hear about your exploration into the spiritual world.

Story Categories

While we are always eager to receive unique and personal pitches, the following are a list of topics/story categories that we are always open to receiving pitches and stories for as well.

Destination Guides: These are thorough pieces that focus on a specific destination. They should include information on where you think women should stay, eat and play. Highlighted restaurants, shops and activities should include several woman-owned or woman-focused options. Word count is approximately 800 and up.

Dine & Sip: This category is home to a variety of articles focused on food and beverage. We are looking for an array of restaurant reviews and roundups. We are open to a variety of takes on the subject but the content should always be clear about why this is of interest to women. Please prioritize women-owned or women working in the food and beverage industry.

This section is also home to recipe and meal ideas as well as advice for women who are eating on the road. Word count starts at 600.

Adventure: We are looking for stories about cool adventures that our readers need to know about. Stories can focus on one excursion or be written as roundups. Topic examples include zip line adventures and all-women climbs. We are especially fond of all-women options. Word count determined upon pitch acceptance.

Travel: We are looking for a variety of pieces that cover travel tips and advice. We welcome gear reviews and recommendations as well.  Word count determined on pitch acceptance.

She Guides: She Guides is a regular column that shines a spotlight on female trailblazers in the travel, adventure and exploration space. It is an opportunity to share their life stories, work and goals as well as the priceless advice they have for the sisterhood of adventurous women. Do you know a woman you think should be highlighted in this column? Pitch us!

Health & Wellness: This category includes articles about self-exploration through topics related to health & wellness, approaches to staying healthy on while traveling and more. Have a unique health & wellness story idea? Send it our way.

Have a story idea that doesn’t seem to fit into any of these categories? Pitch us. We are interested in what you have to say.

Send all pitches to with “Pitch” in the subject line. We try to respond to every e-mail within one week.