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protests for reproductive rights and abortion rights after Roe v. Wade overturned

Roe v. Wade: 6 Ways to Fight for Reproductive Rights Now!

From protests to boycotts to where to send donations.
ted cruz,

Twitter Roasting Ted Cruz is My New Guilty Pleasure

Lift your spirits with one of the funniest hashtags on twitter #TedCruzIstheTypeofGuyWho
last presidential debate

We Are Pissed: The Last Presidential Debate

My take on the last presidential debate. I'm pissed. From the mute button to the bullying behavior, trump's high bar is too low.
suburban women, donald trump

10 Reasons Suburban Women Shouldn’t Vote for trump

Dear suburban women, here are just a couple of reasons you should not vote for trump.
biden town hall, joe biden

Our Biden Town Hall Rundown

Biden town hall, Joe biden
Governor Whitmer

Governor Whitmer Shows Alt-Right Militia What US Leadership Looks Like

Governor Gretchen Whitmer showed the Alt-Right what true US leadership looks like. Now we need to talk about trump's complicity.
vice presidential debates, kamala harris

Top Takeaways From the Vice Presidential Debates

What You Need to Know About the Vice Presidential Debates Whoah! How is everyone doing out there? Well, we made it through the 2020 Vice...
presidential debate, trump, dhavani

Biggest Takeaways From the First Presidential Debate

In Case You Missed it: Presidential Debate Top Takeaways Maybe you just couldn't bear to lose even one more minute listening to trumps childish, ignorant,...
Kavanaugh hearings, Christine Blasey Ford

The Anniversary of the Brett Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Hearings

On the anniversary of the Christine Blasey Ford vs. Brett Kavanaugh hearings, a sexual assault survivor shares thoughts on why we must not forget.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead,

RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Why We Mourn

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead at 87. Read about this feminist icon's many accomplishments, why we mourn her, and and find courage and inspiration in her quotes.
democratic debate, warren

An Angry Woman’s Take on the 2020 South Carolina Democratic Debate

From boys brawling on stage to a white man complaining to a black woman about fair treatment. Here's an angry woman's take on the South Carolina Democratic Debates.
the high road, patriarchy

Why the Patriarchy needs Women to Take the High Road

Is taking the high road the best tactic? Or is a tool of oppression that props up the patriarchy. From Nancy Pelosi to Maxine Waters, we're talking about navigating the bumps in the high road.
Nancy Pelosi, Dontal Trump Speach

Nancy Pelosi & The Women Who Crushed it This Week

Nancy Pelosi joined our list of the week's top feminists with a rip heard round the world when she tore up trumps State of the Union speech.

Women Making History: 8 Of Our Favorite Moments

Last week, the 116th United States Congress was sworn into office. It was a day to celebrate diversity and change. Here are some of our favorite moments.

#TrumpBlackout! Because We’d Rather Focus On Sheroes

There's a #trumpblackout all day today, so we decided that instead of posting pics of cute animals, we'd post pics of our favorite Sheroes.
The Houston 19

The Houston 19: 19 Black Women Win Judiciary Seats

19 black women won judiciary seats in one Texas county last Tuesday. Find out who the history-making Houston 19 are.
2018 midterms

Women of the 2018 Midterm Elections

Women made history in the 2018 Midterm Elections with a night full of firsts. Here's the quick and dirty rundown on the victors.

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