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10 Reasons Suburban Women Shouldn’t Vote for trump

Dear White Suburban Women: Please Don’t Fuck This Up Again

After the last four years of fuckery, it’s hard to believe lists like these are even necessary. It is mind-boggling that anyone, especially women, could be undecided about who to vote for in the 2020 presidential election. Our democracy is clearly not functioning because once again white suburban women are in the position to potentially ruin the country for the rest of us. Will they rise above? Will they check their privilege? Until then white ladies, here are a few things to consider before you mark your ballot for Donald Trump.

10 Reasons why white suburban women really shouldn’t vote for trump

He Thinks You’re Ugly

Horseface. Lowlife. Unattractive. These are all words Donald has used to describe his female peers over the years. Peers, by the way, is a term that I use loosely because the women that he insults by far are more established, driven, and intelligent than the bloated orange that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Trump is superficial; he isn’t even smart enough to verbally attack someone based on something other than their appearance.

You Aren’t a 10 in Trump’s Mind

As if his insults weren’t enough, it should really bother you that he rates women’s worth on a scale from 1-10 based on their looks. And, unless you are a super model (or his daughter), you are likely to only rate around a 3 or 4 in his book. That alone should be enough to make blood come out of your “wherever”.

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He Wants To Fuck His Daughter

I know that a lot of folks in Trump’s base like to think he’s just a shoot the hip type who is “speaking his mind.” A lot of supporters like to take him for his word, but it is fascinating to see how they go silent on quotes that haven’t aged so well. I won’t pollute your screen with the creepy photos of a teenage Ivanka sitting on her father’s lap, but you cannot skate over the fact he admitted on television that he would be dating his daughter if she wasn’t daughter. Call me liberal, but that’s…abnormal. 

Trump is Sweet on Your Teen Daughters

Maybe we don’t have to worry about Ivanka’s safety anymore. But you don’t want him around your teen daughters. That’s right Suburban moms. It turns out he has a thing for underage girls and has no problem bragging about it as we discovered when fifteen year-old girls participating in his Miss Teen USA pageants complained about him walking in on them while they were naked and changing. Neither Trump nor his campaign has bothered arguing otherwise. Maybe suburban dads should have a problem with him too…

He Hates Dogs

One of the most glaring red flags for the man who conned his way into the presidency has to be that he hates dogs. The last dog-less president was William McKinley who was elected in THE EIGHTEEN HUNDREDS. Dogs are as American as apple pie, and not as nearly as overrated. Trump talks about dogs frequently, usually in poor attempts to insult people. It’s so strange to hear him say things like “he was fired like a dog.” Personally, I’ve never known an employed dog. If there is a place out there that does employ dogs, please let me know because my dog needs to pull himself up by his bootstraps and get a job.

He Actually Hates the Troops

One of Don’s greatest cons has been convincing folks (including suburban women) that he actually cares about the American military. He was wealthy enough to dodge his way out of being drafted in the Vietnam War, and anyone who believes the whole bone spurs thing is an idiot. Recently he called members of our troops “suckers and losers.” This is not all that surprising from someone who has never had to sacrifice anything in their entire lives. It is also worth noting that two days ago, John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival sent Trump a cease and desist letter for using their song ‘Fortunate Son’ at his rallies. If anything, the fact that irony is constantly lost on the entire Trump family says a lot. 

He Is a Rapist

Dozens of women have come forward over the past years saying that Trump assaulted them. We have all seen the tape, he openly spoke about this when he bragged on camera about grabbing women by the pussy. It may be easy for some ladies to write this off as “man talk” but what if that was your 15 year old daughter in that pageant dressing room? When pressed about the rape allegations Don’s best defense is ‘she’s not my type.” As someone who has never had to be accountable or show remorse for anything in his life, this can’t be all that surprising. What is surprising is that anyone could think a person like that should be running an entire country.

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He Is Not Pro-Life, He is Pro-Birth

Trump has flip-flopped over the years on his abortion stance. He has become more extreme since he conned his way into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The GOP loves to promote being pro-life, and since Trump has taken the presidency several states have tried to push through some horrifying fetal heartbeat bills. If that isn’t concerning enough for you, maybe you should check out how our newest Supreme Court Justice feels about precedent and Roe vs. Wade. You may be past the point of having a court decision like that affect your life directly, but what about somebody else?

He Doesn’t Care About Your LGBTQ Kids (or Friends and Neighbors)

Trump and his administration are stripping away LGBTQ rights and protections at the speed of light, and that’s bound to get worse if he gets elected. If suburban women want your queer kids, neighbors and loved ones to have access to health care and feel safe on the street and in the workplace, you definitely want to vote for Biden.

Trump Hates Women and Their Kids

Maybe you think I’m getting carried away here, but the following are just some of the ways Trump has endangered women and children:

  • He tried to stop the advancement of equal pay
  • He eliminated childcare for military families
  • He stalled paid family and medical leave
  • Trump made paying off student loans harder
  • He had tried repeatedly to eliminate funding for after school programs

A quick Google search would give you millions of reasons to not vote for Trump. Getting to this point of having a fascist as our president does not happen overnight. Part of the reason we got here is because of the way suburban women voted in 2016. Trump may have made some pitiful pleas this week to get y’all to like him, but there are a lot of women out there that do not have your privilege. They do not have the advantage of not being directly affected by court decisions and executive orders. Being a woman is fucking hard enough. Let’s not make it any harder than it needs to be.

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