New beginnings, overthinking everything, OCD

Overthinking Everything: Anticipating a New Year & New Beginnings

Do you find yourself filled with doubts? You're not alone

What Is Modern Day Feminism?

Girlboss aesthetics and flowery tropes of empowerment don't prevent sexual violence or keep women from dying.
Emjoy app for female pleasure, pleasure gap, orgasm gap

Female Pleasure – There’s an App for That

Swipe, swipe to start having more orgasm and better health.
Roe V. Wade sign held by protester

Overthinking Everything: 30 Days of Thinking about Roe V. Wade

It’s been one month and I’m still processing the overturn of Roe V. Wade I’d been preparing myself for the overturn of Roe V. Wade...
woman lying in dark room with sexual anxiety

Overthinking Everything: Sexual Anxiety

“Do you think it’d be weird if I asked someone to wash their hands before hooking up?”
Overactive mind, OCD

Overthinking Everything: What Does it Mean to Have an Overactive Mind?

At times it feels like my brain is speeding down a highway, shifting gears every few seconds.

Overthinking Everything: Men, Stop Telling Women Our Looks Will Find Us Love

Because when they said, “you’re pretty, you’ll find someone,” they really meant, so long as you’re pretty, a man will find you.
OCD, Over thinking

Overthinking Everything: How I Realized I Had OCD

Is Overthinking a sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?
seasonal depression, winter

Overthinking Everything: Seasonal depression may come but it’s okay

Winter doesn't have to mean months of seasonal depression.
Overthinking, OCD, Retail therapy, She Explores

Overthinking Everything: Is This Retail Therapy or Have I Become Impulsive?

I Bought Leggings, Then Spent 24 Hours Questioning My Identity
teen girl, social media

Overthinking Everything: FB Reveals The Casualties of Comparison Culture & Social Media

According to Facebook’s research, Instagram makes body issues worse for 1 in 3 teen girls.
anxiety, ocd

Overthinking Everything: I Diagnosed Myself with OCD – Does that Make It Any Less...

A self-diagnosis can be the first step towards understanding and acceptance Anxiety and I knew each other well by the time I turned twenty-four. Our...

Overthinking Everything: Age Gap Dating

Is age really just a number?

Overthinking Everything: Sorry, I Can’t Come. I’m Busy Being Alone.

Unexpected trials and triumphs of being an introvert
overthinking everything, writing

Overthinking Everything: How Writing has Helped Me Become a More Open Version of Myself

Reflecting on writing with honesty and vulnerability When I started writing my column Overthinking Everything a few months back, those who know me may have...

Overthinking Everything: How We Talk about Girlhood Matters

‘Fetch’ is out. A new era of female friendship is in. In middle school, my friends and I were obsessed with reading Lisi Harrison’s The...
women's health

Overthinking Everything: Why Don’t I Know More About My Body?

Navigating women’s health through self-exploration and education “You can only get pregnant during ovulation,” my friend stated defiantly. At this point in the debate, however, my...
overthiking everything

ERP Therapy & Learning to Embrace Uncertainty

How ERP therapy is helping me confront the uncomfortable “Place your hand on the doorknob.” “Okay, now the soap dispenser.” I do as she says. Though I’m...
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