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Overthinking Everything: Zodiac Signs and Horoscopes – What Does It All Mean?

Can our destiny really be written in the stars?

I was born on January 27 at approximately 2:50 a.m. According to astrology, this makes my zodiac sign Aquarius. Had you asked me what this means a few months ago, I would have shrugged – something to do with water? (This is wrong by the way). But recently, a friend of mine introduced me to the Co.Star app. And for better or for worse, it piqued my interest.

If you’re on top of internet tech trends, you may have heard of Co-Star when it got popular back in 2019 or when it later received backlash for “trolling” users. But if you’re like me, you’ve been living in a pandemic and all, completely unaware that this astrology app exists. So anyway, despite whatever controversy there may or may not be around Co-Star, I decided to give it a try. And honestly, I like it. I enjoy receiving the daily updates and for the most part, I’ve been surprised by how insightful (though not always) my horoscope on the app is.

While astrology, the zodiac, and my horoscope have never appealed to me much before, Co-Star inspired me, if you will, to do some research into my zodiac sign’s meaning. And while I may still be a little skeptical of it all, I have to say that my findings so far have been pretty damn accurate.

What Does it Mean to Be an Aquarius?

With the help of Google, I discovered that Aquarius (despite what the name suggests) is an air sign, which means our primary qualities are ones of the mind. Independent, intellectually curious, contemplative, and eccentric are some of the characteristics most frequently named – all of which resonate with me quite strongly.  

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Astrologists, such as Aliza Kelly, also describe Aquarians as innovative, progressive, and humanitarian. We’re the “rebels of the zodiac world,” some say, guided by Uranus, the planet of change and revolution. I like the sound of this, but honestly, these traits feel a bit aspirational to me. I mean, me – a rebel?  I do not exactly have a reputation for breaking the rules. But then again, upon further thought, these traits do in fact reflect how I feel about my passions and career aspirations. 

For starters, I admittedly have little interest in maintaining systems and narratives that fail to serve a larger purpose. The thought of building something new excites me, especially if it involves creative problem-solving to make an impact. I have a special admiration for things that go against the grain, whether it be art or technology. In some ways, this kind of intellectual rebellion is at the heart of my own creative work. I much prefer to ask the hard questions, to pull back the layers and address the ugly parts underneath, even if that means leaving myself exposed, vulnerable. To put it another way, I find what lies only on the surface to be a bit boring.

Could this be because I’m an Aquarius? Maybe.

It’s Not All Glimmer and Star Dust

Recognizing these traits in myself, I have to say, gave me a bit of a confidence boost. But of course, we Aquarians also have our weaknesses.

While our intellectual nature makes us strong visionaries, astrologer Corina Crysler tells WELL + GOOD that Aquarians tend to get stuck in our head. “Aquarians are always in their mind, which can be a double-edged sword,” she says. “Grounding is a big challenge since they’re always over-thinking and over-processing.”

Ha, yes, I know this well.

Of the other less-complementary traits, it’s said that Aquarians tend to be stubborn, overly direct, easily bored, and sometimes perceived as emotionally detached, which all ties back to our independent nature. The first few here didn’t surprise me. However, that last one took me a little off guard. But not because it isn’t true.

I like to say that my independence is both my greatest strength and greatest weakness. I’m also well aware that I have a tendency to hoard my emotions, but I never thought this could be attributed to my zodiac sign. For the most part, I see my independence as a positive but where it’s sometimes caused complications is in my romantic relationships. As Kelly puts it, “freedom is of the utmost importance for Aquarians.” And for me, this is very true.

I don’t know exactly where my desire for freedom comes from but the tension between autonomy and companionship has interfered in a good percentage of my past relationships. If only I knew my zodiac sign could be to blame! This definitely wouldn’t have saved any of my relationships but knowing it now at least alleviates some of the burden I’ve carried for not feeling what others expected me to feel. To my exes, if you’re reading this, well, now you know.  

Ok, So What Do Zodiac Signs & Horoscopes Really Mean?

As I’m writing this, I’m just days away from my birthday and I’m reminded that I was unexpectedly born an entire month early. That’s right, I was supposed to be a February baby – a Pisces.

If you believe in destiny, then maybe you’d say that I was meant to be an Aquarius. Forcing myself into the world prematurely and on my own free will does sound a bit on brand. While I still believe that ultimately we dictate our own destiny, there is comfort in recognizing myself in a shared identity and in feeling that perhaps I am becoming who I am meant to be. If nothing else, I feel my usual sense of self-awareness shifting slightly. My self-perceptions, now a bit more real, validated by a force larger than myself.  

So even though there are days where I feel a little too seen by my Co-Star horoscope, for example, when it says:

“Today you feel torn between optimism and reality… make sure you’re not doing that thing where you shut down emotionally, and then convince yourself that sadness is weakness.”


“Today you feel torn between your need to feel free and desire for intense intimacy… make sure you’re not doing that thing where you flee at the first sign of boredom and then start to believe that love doesn’t exist.”

I’ll continue to keep reading my daily horoscope updates for now, even with the redundant clichés and all. Some days it’s a chance to roll my eyes and laugh. Other days it’s a reminder to resist my negative thoughts and bad habits. Sometimes it’s five minutes to reflect. A moment to acknowledge who I am, who I’ve been and who I’m yet to become.

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