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Daily Horoscope: Sex & Love Jan. 15-30

Erotic Astrology with Bubbles: Your Daily Horoscope & Guidance For a Better Sex & Love Life

Start howling y’all! Let’s start off this week with the full Wolf moon. Mercury’s retrograde started on January 13t. You will feel her effects until the 3rd of February. Intuition is elevated and coincidences can be extraordinary. You could feel frazzled and frustrated during this time. Get out your toys and take your frustrations out on them, or better yet a partner! The following is your Erotic Astrology reading for your daily horoscope for January 15-30.

Daily horoscope, Aries

Aries: March 21- April 20

As the sun’s energy soars into the 11th house, your nether regions will feel the fiery urge to unite with your crush, partner, hook-up, hell maybe even your spouse! This energy will also bode well for projects and or having some fun with friends. Enjoy!

Daily horoscope, Taurus, erotic astrology

Taurus: April 20 – May 21

This week this mighty sun will ignite your solar 10th house of achievements. Taurus, this means that in the month ahead you will have an exceptional amount of energy to focus on that new position you’ve been wanting to try or maybe put that energy into trying BDSM like you’ve been wanting to. Whatever floats your boat! Just get on the boat and be a star performer!

Taurus, Erotic Astrology

Daily Horoscope for the Gemini Woman: May 21 – June 21

Lean into the sun moving into your 9th house this week baby!! This will encourage you now and in the coming weeks to really dig down and focus on your sexuality. Really focus on the growth aspect. Maybe you will be pursuing some mentorships. Have some fun on this adventure, it could lead you down a beautiful path.

Daily Horoscope for the Cancer Woman: June 21  – July 23

Oh, honey bunny! When the sun dances into your 8th house of intimacy this week, honey you will feel the urge to purge! It’s time to truly assess your relationships and if they are balanced for you or not? Go with it, it will be a bit scary but, it will be great in the end.

Daily horoscope, leo

Daily Horoscope for the Leo Woman: – July 23-Aug 23

Oh Leo, you are feeling the need for union this week. The sun will shift across the sky for you, igniting the role or roles that your partner plays in your life. This could be a simple change or a rather big one. Hang on tight, maybe break out that sex swing and really give it the old college try!  Get to work and have fun.

Daily horoscope virgo

Daily Horoscope for the Virgo Woman: Aug 23 – Sept 23

As the sun blazes into your solar 6th house this week, Virgo you are able to breathe a bit and put some fireworks back into your normal bedroom routine. Spice it up OK!!! Your partner is more willing than you are giving them credit for! Now, go seek out that naughty kink you’ve been wanting to try. Go for it!

erotic astrology, libra

Daily Horoscope for the Libra Woman: Sept 23 – Oct 23

YEE-HAW giddy-up buttercup. Get ready for passion to be your soul purpose. The simmering sun will move into your 5th house this week, get ready for some frisky and maybe some whiskey!!! Kick up your boots there’s so much opportunity for love, pleasure, & fun.


Daily Horoscope for the Scorpio Woman – Oct 23 – Nov 22

Listen up Scorpio, I’m strongly encouraging you to start the conversation with your significant other about the future of your relationship. Open up, see where that takes you. However, be careful not to make this move while Mercury is retrograde, she can be a fickle bitch.

Sagittarius, daily horoscope

Daily Horoscope for the Sagittarius Woman – Nov 22 – Dec 22

The moon has got your back this week, as it seems you are more open to others’ thoughts, ideas, and desires. You could be making an emotional romantic connection with someone or sharing a sexy physical experience. Be super open with this partner and take those clothes off and really explore each other’s bodies. If you’re single get back on those apps because your (in) box is about to be full!


Daily Horoscope for the Capricorn Woman – Dec 22 – Jan 20

Tear down those walls! It’s time to open up, maybe even show off a bit. People (including a potential Paramore or three) want to get to know you. Be unapologetically yourself. These people will be hanging on your every word. They want to eat you up and you want to let them. Bon appetite.

Aquarius, Erotic Astrology

Daily Horoscope for the Aquarius Woman: Jan 20 – Feb 19

Your love life has been a bit dry lately but your thirst is about to get quenched honey, as the planet of communication makes it easier than ever to connect with others. Whether it’s a new flame or making a deeper connection with your significant other, you’re having stronger conversations & making your relationship stronger.

Your Daily Horoscope, Pisces

Daily Horoscope for the Pisces Woman: Feb 19 – March 21

Someone is crushing on you hard! If you’re down like a clown who likes to get down and you know someone sexy who you’ve been crushing on…now is the time to pounce. The only catch is you need to make sure the other party knows your intentions. This is not a relationship, be clear and avoid unnecessary drama.

How Your Erotic Daily Horoscope Column Was Born

She Explores Life, Editor in Chief Annette Benedetti and I were hanging out and I had given her a tarot card reading. This lead to a conversation about erotic astrology & sex ( we always talk about sex ) and I thought why not combine a bi-weekly horoscope geared to erotica. BAM, now here we are honey!

Enjoy my erotic astrology! Bye babes.

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