Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show the special woman in your life how much you admire, appreciate, and love them. Finding Valentine’s Day gifts for her that are unique, express how much you desire her, and enhance her feelings of beauty, strength and sexual empowerment is hard! The good news is that I’ve put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for her that does all of the above.

This gift guide starts with body products that make perfect self-care Valentine’s Day Gifts for her and proceeds with categories of gift ideas that attend to every aspect of her body, mind, and soul. Each of these products have been hand-picked by me, and I’m confident that they will result in Valentine’s Day that neither of you will soon forget.

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Body Products She Will Love

That special woman in your life deserves to be spoiled with products that make her feel amazing in her own skin. Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her are body products that will make her feel as beautiful as she is inside and out.

sea witch botancials

Sea Witch Botanicals Zodiac Gift Set

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that witchy woman in your life! This small but mighty company is committed to being earth-friendly, affordable for all, and giving back by supporting charities that are in line with their mission (think Earthjustice and the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They create products that are free of toxins and synthetic fragrances and in this gift set you’ll find incense, perfume, a candle, a scented veil, and a semiprecious stone all created and curated with her birth sign in mind. There is a gift set for each star sign, and the products smell and feel magical!


the packaging for Louloudi Algea Mask for Valentine's Day Gifts for her

AHAA – AHA Algae Treatment: Algae and Honey Detox Mask by LouLoudi

If you want to give her a real treat for Valentine’s Day, then wrap this gentle exfoliating mask up for her to enjoy Valentine’s Day Morning. This gentle face treatment boasts a combination of 5 AHA fruit acids, chlorella and algae extract, squalene, hemp seed, aloe vera, and Dead Sea mud and clay all of which come together to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while brightening dull skin. I’m here to say…I tried it and it delivers on the company’s word! LouLoudi sources, grow,s and formulates the purest forms of superfoods to develop clean, comprehensive skincare that is formulated with a unique blend of herbology, chemistry and Reiki. This mask will do wonders for her body, mind, and soul.


Liberation Nails

Cruelty-free, sustainable, inclusive…what more could you ask for from a nail polish company. Oh, I know! This long-wearing collection is nourishing, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

With 22 colors to choose from, there’s bound to be a color that makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. She’ll love the rich, opaque colors intentionally formulated with natural oils for the ultimate nail nourishment. Bonus: All-natural essences provide a subtle after-polish aroma with hints of lemon, coconut milk, and vanilla. Yum!


August + Monroe Wake Up Call Eye Brightening Serum

This serum is magical! If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for her that truly pampers, then this is it! Just one small drop of the golden serum goes a long way with lines and bags under eyes instantly disappearing. You can read my full review here.


The Body Paddle by Pear

This body paddle is about to become her favorite new wellness tool. When paired with her favorite body oil, the long edge provides a rejuvenating massage that stimulates lymphatic drainage and promotes better.


Face, lip and body butter, JOJOBA LOVE by RedPantz

This little beauty is a three-for-one deal. I’ve never used a single lotion on every part of my body before. In fact, I wouldn’t have believed you if you had told me it was possible. But this badass woman-owned company has done it. JOJOBA LOVE somehow feels like a lip balm on your lips, a hydrating lotion on your face, and a luxurious butter on your body. Let’s just call it a sweet miracle in a little jar, and the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for her when she’s on the go!


Yoni Magick 555

Give her a Valentine’s Day gift that is sultry and indulgent. This naturally jasmine-scented oil is for the entire body and it will make her feel like the goddess she is. She won’t want to wear anything else…at all.


Yoni Washes

Goddess Detox Crystal Infused Yoni Washes

Pamper her pussy on Valentin’es Day! Sex Gode$$ Carnelian Crystal, Pu$$y Power Rose Quartz Crystal, and Wealthy Woman Citrine Crystal Infused Yoni & Vaginal Wash are all-natural feminine washes that sexually empowered women will adore. They come with real crystals in the bottle and they will leave your sex-loving woman’s clit tingling long after she steps out of the shower.


Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum

Give her a Valentine’s Day gift that pampers her lovely locks! She’s going to love this biotin hair-strengthening serum and the dense and lustrous hair she grows after using it. It’s luxurious, and best of all…it’s not tested on animals.



This sex gift for women helps them stay healthy with its organic ingredients and spa-like scents. Say goodbye to yeast infections and hello to soft, supple skin. Momotaro Apotheca’s signature Salve is a soothing and cooling balm that melts into the skin to instantly address vulvovaginal dryness, itching, and irritation. Momotaro’s Hydrosol’s all-natural formula is steam distilled and made from a gentle combination of aromatic botanicals to help address discomfort associated with yeast and bacterial infections, pH imbalance, and more. This water-soluble toning spray is perfect for a quick and cooling spritz post-period, shower, sweat, or sex. But don’t stop there, you can use it all over your body.


sex gifts for women


Say goodbye to yeast infections, organically. Momotaro Apotheca’s signature Salve is a soothing and cooling balm that melts into skin to instantly address vulvovaginal dryness, itching, and irritation. With a coconut and jojoba oil base, this salve helps protect her skin’s natural moisture barrier and protects her from everyday stressors and general irritation from sex, clothing, or exercise. When used regularly, this natural vitamin and antioxidant-rich topical safely works with her body to help balance pH. Soon it will part of her regular skincare routine.

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sex gifts for women


This vitamin-rich oil, nourishes her skin and makes her feel rejuvenated. It is designed to naturally hydrate skin for full-body moisture. She will love the earthy scent with notes of black pepper & sandalwood. It is certified organic and can be applied to damp skin or used as a bath oil. It’s a spa in your bathroom.

Use Special Code SELS20 for 20% Off


The Slow Sex Experience Box

If you really want to show the special woman in your life how much you love her, this box set will deliver the message loud and clear. This magical box contains what Bijoux Indescrets calls their cosmetic line for foreplay. Think warming massage oils and clit balms and shimmer oils and oral mints and everything you need to slow sex down and enjoy devouring one another. There are products in this line that will make your mouth water and her clit warm until you are both shuddering with orgasms…and that’s just foreplay. I highly recommend this set for Valentine’s Day.

Handbags, Purses & More

Look, the badass women in your life, shoulder a lot. Help them out and get them a bag, purse, or whatever you can to help them carry it!

hydro handbag for valentine's day gifts for her

Black HydroHobo Bag by Wanderfull

THIS bag is the on-the-go woman’s dream come true. And I’m speaking from personal experience. The HydroHobo is basically two bags in one. It comes with multiple straps so you can style it day- casual with crossbody strap or you can dress it up for a night out with short strap and gunmetal adornment chain. It not only looks badass, but it can also hold everything she needs to have with her when she’s out and about or on the road. there is an interior neoprene pocket with drawstring for your water bottle or stainless steel coffee cup to prevent spills, not to mention other smart interior pockets for essentials.


Snake Zip Wallet By Cleobella

Strong, sexy, un-fuckable with! This Snake Zip Wallet really sends a message that won’t be forgotten. It’s handmade and communicates the perfect combination of practical and stylish. The leather is buttery soft and the design is dangerously stunning. This Valentine’s Day gift will definitely make an impression.


WanderFull’s HydroBag

Help her carry her wine with her wherever she goes! She Deserves it! WanderFull makes stylish water bottle bags…or are they Wine bottle bags? It’s really up to her, isn’t it? Whether she’s looking to run to the gym, or carry her evening drink with her, she is going to love this hydro bag. The features she’s going to love include an interchangeable and adjustable strap, and large, double-zipper pockets for storing all the essentials…like a bottle opener.


Island to East Side Customizable Clutch

This is a next-level Valentine’s Day gift for women who appreciate style. It landed on our gift guide not only because this clutch is gorgeous, but it allows the owner to make a statement. Choose the style, color, design, and lettering. You can even pick a strap to be added! You bet I have one of my own. And I promise she will LOVE it!

Starting at $188

Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Look, your woman is gonna want some sexy time on Valentine’s Day…so get her a sex toy. Here are my favorites!

Bootie Fem

Fun Factory just dropped this new toy which will offer you and your girl a butt-load of fun on Valentine’s Day. What makes the Bootie Fem perfect for women and vulva owners? It has an asymmetrical base making it ideal vaginal penetration; the shape gently preps the butt for more anal play; it’s made in a comfortable size for anal toy novices, experienced users, and everyone in between; the groove between tulip petals holds lube and its slim shape makes for easy insertion.

It’s 20% off now!



This baby may be worn by him or a person with a cock or dildo, but she’s going to love the way it feels when you are having sex. This baby promises the possibility of simultaneous orgasms and makes penetrative sex incredible with a strong vibration that stimulates her clit and your penis so you can both build up to that beautiful orgasm at the same time. This is the kind of Valentine’s Day gift that truly keeps on giving.


Currently 20% ($79)


This candle not only sets the mood for the evening it allows you to give one of the most sensual massages she will ever receive. The wax turns into luscious massage oil that acts more like body butter that doesn’t absorb too quickly. It will leave her skin feeling supple and soft and the rest of her in the mood for love.


The Laska

For the woman who wants and deserves it all!

Is she the kind of woman who wants it all? Then this twist on the infamous rabbit and classic bullet is for her. It packs all the punch of a larger toy and is perfectly shaped to massage your clit, or hit your g-spot. This blended toy with its sculpted ears will bring pleasure to spots you didn’t know needed it.

Flower Power Feminist Mug

To Start Her Day Off Feeling Sexually Empowered

Feeling sexy starts a sun up. This Valentine’s Day gift for her reminds the sensual woman in your life that she is a sexually empowered goddess starting first thing in the morning.


Lady Bi

For Deep Delicious Satisfaction

The special woman in your life deserves to feel like a queen and the Lady Bi will make sure that she does. This dual motor vibrator provides deep, strong rumbling through the shaft and the clit stimulator is soft enough to keep your bean from getting too sensitive while providing sweet vibrations. She’ll want to take this baby with her everywhere.


sex toy with clit suction and vibe in a woman's hand

OG Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

If you want to give her a Valentine’s Day Gift that she will never forget, then the OG Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is it. This sex toy delivers internal and external sensations that give her a chorus of sensations that will make her shout with pleasure. She will enjoy blended orgasms, multiple orgasms, and more. Oh…and that cute little controller means you can control how and when she comes on Valentine’s Day!


LELO Enigma black friday sales

LELO Enigma

Lelo ENIGMA™ is a luxurious dual-action sonic massager designed to titillate both the entire clitoris – its visible and invisible parts – and G-spot, for an orgasm so intense whoever gets this gift will think they’ve left this planet. It’s not only gorgeous to hold in your hand, driving this baby will be her favorite Valentine’s Day Activitie. Read my full review here.

Get it at 20% Off.



I could go on and on about how much I love the LELO IDA Wave, but you can read my full review here. Trust me, your sex-loving woman will thank you for this gift. Let her experience LELO’s patented WaveMotion™ technology and the blended orgasms it provides. If she’s a g-spot girl…she’s gonna get off again and again and again.


Spoil her

coffee maker valentine's day gifts for her

Bruvi Coffee Maker

Is your Boo a coffee lover? If so, spoil her with this miraculous, sustainably-minded coffee maker. Bruvi® makes delicious coffee that comes from eco-friendly B-Pods®. She can enjoy seven different types of drinks including espresso, Americanos, and the first cold brew in a single-serve system. As if this weren’t enough, this coffee maker has smart technology that brews to the Golden Cup Standard of the Specialty Coffee Association AND Wi-Fi connectivity, and a mobile app for remote operations and convenient pod reordering. What? She can make coffee from her phone? Now that’s a Valentine’s Day gift that will truly spoil her.


The Nutri System for a Valentine's Day gift for her

Nutr Machine

Does your dairy-free love struggle to find the perfect milk for every meal? Spoil her with the Nutr Machine. It makes everything from almond milk, oat milk, and cashew milk to hemp, soy, and coconut milk with the push of a button. Nutr’s 350mL machine is perfect for two, so you and your boo can have a healthier and more sustainable start to your day

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The Nutri System for a Valentine's Day gift for her

Nutr Machine

Does your dairy-free love struggle to find the perfect milk for every meal? Spoil her with the Nutr Machine. It makes everything from almond milk, oat milk, and cashew milk to hemp, soy, and coconut milk with the push of a button. Nutr’s 350mL machine is perfect for two, so you and your boo can have a healthier and more sustainable start to your day

Get it at 20% Off.


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