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Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her: Enhance Your Love Life

Valentines Day Gifts that Will Leave Her OOOOO So Satified

You’ve got that special woman in your life that you want to make feel seen, heard, and understood this Valentine’s Day. Finding Valentine’s Day gifts for her that are unique, express how much you desire her, AND that actually enhance your sex and love life is no small job. The good news is that we’ve put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for her that does all of the above…and…guarantees her a big O (psst! We’re talking about orgasms because that’s what she really wants). We’ve listed each item along with what it offers her and your relationship.

This gift guide starts with our top picks for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her. Each of these products has been thoroughly tested by our editor, and she’s confident that they will result in Valentine’s Day that neither of you will soon forget.

My Top 3 Picks for Gifts For Her

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slow sex, valentine's day gifts for her

The Slow Sex Experience Box

For a night of romance

If you really want to show the special woman in your life how much you love her, this box set will deliver the message loud and clear. This magical box contains what Bijoux Indescrets calls their cosmetic line for foreplay. Think warming massage oils and clit balms and shimmer oils and oral mints and everything you need to slow sex down and enjoy devouring one another. There are products in this line that will make your mouth water and her clit warm until you are both shuddering with orgasms…and that’s just foreplay. I highly recommend this set for Valentine’s Day.

cock ring, gifts for her


For a Simultaneous Orgasm Experience

This baby may be worn by him or a person with a cock or dildo, but she’s going to love the way it feels when you are having sex. This baby promises the possibility of simultaneous orgasms and makes penetrative sex incredible with a strong vibration that stimulates her clit and your penis so you can both build up to that beautiful orgasm at the same time. This is the kind of Valentine’s Day gift that truly keeps on giving.


For a Night of Deep Connection & Intimacy

This candle not only sets the mood for the evening it allows you to give one of the most sensual massages she will ever receive. The wax turns into luscious massage oil that acts more like body butter that doesn’t absorb too quickly. It will leave her skin feeling supple and soft and the rest of her in the mood for love.

Warming effect

Valentines Day Gifts That She’ll Actually Love (And You Will Too)

These gifts will help you and your special woman feel deeply connected from sun up to well into the night.

The Laska

For the woman who wants and deserves it all!

Is she the kind of woman who wants it all? Then this twist on the infamous rabbit and classic bullet is for her. It packs all the punch of a larger toy and is perfectly shaped to massage your clit, or hit your g-spot. This blended toy with its sculpted ears will bring pleasure to spots you didn’t know needed it.

coffee mug, valentine's day gifts for her

Flower Power Feminist Mug

To Start Her Day Off Feeling Sexually Empowered

Feeling sexy starts a sun up. This Valentine’s Day gift for her reminds the sensual woman in your life that she is a sexually empowered goddess starting first thing in the morning.

sex game, sex toy

Romance Roulette Game

To Add Fun & Adventure to Your Sex Life

What better gift is there to give for Valentine’s Day than one that will help you spice up your sex life? This game promises a night or two (or many) of super sexy fun. Romance Roulette is a game for 2 lovers or more!  You have 3 rounds to bet on.  Each chip has a hot and sensual action for you both to play out.  It comes with a Roulette wheel, Roulette board, 35 playful chips, 35 sensual chips, and 30 sexual chips.  Place your bets, spin the wheel, and get lucky!

valentine's day gifts for her, koi wand

The KOI Wand

For Orgasms That Save the Planet

This is the perfect gift for the sexy, eco-conscious woman in your life. If solid vibrations bring her to that delicious orgasm she deserves, then this wand is exactly what she deserves for Valentine’s Day. The Koi is the newest addition to the Love Not War eco-friendly sex toy collection. This wand is petite enough to be easily maneuvered during sex with a partner, but it’s a powerful sex toy that delivers explosive orgasms even when she’s alone, AND it’s one of the most sustainable wands on the market.

The Koi is small, sleek, and beautiful making it a gorgeous gift. It provides deep rumbling vibrations with four intensity levels, and seven vibration patterns. She’ll be reminded of how much she adores you every time she uses it.

Watch Our Video Review of the Koi Wand Vibrator Here

valentine's day gifts for her, lingerie

Roma Sweetheart Garter Set

Remind Her That She Is Sexy Both In & Out of Bed

If you have a woman in your life who loves the art of sensuality and feeling sexy even if what makes her feel sexy is hidden for most of the day, then this garter set is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. This is a three-piece set that includes a sexy sweetheart bra, matching thong, and garter belt. The sweetheart shape of the bra is formed from sweetheart-designed lace applique and will make her feel as gorgeous as she is. The satin material against her skin will keep her imagining what’s to come at the end of the day.

valentine's day gifts for her, lady bi vibrator

Lady Bi

For Deep Delicious Satisfaction

The special woman in your life deserves to feel like a queen and the Lady Bi will make sure that she does. This dual motor vibrator provides deep, strong rumbling through the shaft and the clit stimulator is soft enough to keep your bean from getting too sensitive while providing sweet vibrations. She’ll want to take this baby with her everywhere.

Apple of my Eye Jewelry Bath Bomb

For Relaxation & Romance

This isn’t just any bath bomb, it contains a piece of jewelry hidden inside that is worth anywhere from $20 to $7,500. So, you both will be surprised when she is done using it. She will enjoy relaxing and unwinding from her day to this shimmering orchard oasis. Crisp red apple meld with juicy tart fruit notes and sheer musk, creating a bath that will leave her ready for a romantic night.

sex toys for her

The Gra

For the woman who loves deep satisfaction

This toy is perfect for women who yearn for the kind of satisfaction that come from deep inside? With a textured surface, powerful vibrations and a uniquely contoured head, Grá will fill you with pleasure and leave you wanting to explore more. Perfect for lazy snow days in bed.

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