LGBTQ Holiday Gifts That Show Your Support & Pride

Pride is something that is celebrated year-round. If you are looking to buy something meaningful for that special LGBTQ+ friend, partner, or family member in your life, then the holiday season is a perfect time to show them your enduring PRIDE with a gift that has some LGBTQ flair. I love showing my Bi Pride, so I took some time to put together an LGBTQ Gift Guide for the holidays that is full of the best pride gifts I could find. From things to wear to jewelry and accessories, the following are items that will show your queer loved ones you support them.

Best Pride Gifts

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I’m the B Bitch Coffee Mug

Gift the gift of a strong cup of Bi Pride! This cup reminds everyone that the B in LGBTQ stands for Bisexual!


Omni Pride Frog iPhone Wallet

Who doesn’t love a queer frog?! This sweet gift will bring a smile to the giftee’s face every day. If you are looking for an option for your Samsung, here’s an option that’s just as cute for $20!


lgbtq handbag for pride gift

Island to East Side Customizable Clutch

This beauty lands itself on my best pride gifts for the holiday list not only because this clutch is gorgeous, but it allows for personalization. Choose the style, color, design, and lettering. You can even pick a strap to be added! You bet I have one of my own!

Starting at $188

pride gifts, lgbtq gifts

You Light Up Every Room Message Candle

Every candle has a secret message waiting to be revealed. Let that special woman in your life know how much you adore her with this message candle. Candles come with a variety of messages. Choose yours right and light up her holiday with this special gift.


Multi-colored Natural Sapphire Vertical Bar Pendant (18 in)

This gorgeous LGBTQ rainbow pendant has eight round multicolored natural sapphires consisting of one green, one yellow, one orange, two pink, one ice blue, one Kentucky blue, and one traditional blue natural sapphire at approximately .32 carat total weight. If you are looking to make an impression…this beauty will do it.


Queer Cocktails Book – Recipes Celebrating Gay Icons and Queer Culture

Give the gift LGBTQ-themed cocktails! This collection of cocktail recipes celebrates queer culture and pays tribute to the great gay icons of our time. Try your hand at mixing a Bloody Mariah (Carey), (Stephen) Fry Martini, or Rocket Man. There’s plenty to get you through until Pride month…and well beyond.


Pride Flag LGBTQ+ Pride T-Shirt

This basic black Pride shirt will quickly become a favorite. It’s made with high-quality materials and screams PRIDE!


lgbtq gifts

Sounds Gay I’m In Pride LGBTQ+ Pride T-Shirt

This might be the happiest little gay shirt I’ve ever seen.


Best Pride Gifts

This Bi Pride / Bisexual Pride Flag Beanie Hat 

This Bi Pride Beanie is the perfect gift that keeps giving year-round. Pride shouldn’t be a one-month deal folks!


Best Bi Pride Gifts, Fingerless gloves

Bi Pride Flag / Bisexual Pride Fingerless Gloves

The good thing about fingerless gloves is that they can be worn year-round. These gloves will brighten up any outfit and really show your Pride!


lgbtq gifts

Progress Pride Flag Throw Blanket

This Progress LGBTQ throw blanket is the perfect gift to keep your loved ones warm through the holiday season!


Not a phase puzzle

not a phase rainbow moon phases Jigsaw Puzzle

This 252-piece LGBTQ puzzle makes a great gift for everyone in the family. Whether that’s the LGBTQ family or the family of origin!


Best Pride Gifts, Rainbow thigh high socks

These Rainbow Thigh High Socks

These thigh-high pride socks are sexy and cute. They’ll keep the wearer warm through the holiday season and look hot when the Pride Festival season rolls around.


Best Pride gifts, LGBTQ Gifts

This (Bi Pride Flag) Black Leather Trifold Wallet

When you are looking through this list of best Pride gifts to give this holiday season, don’t skip over this durable bi-pride wallet. It’s sure to win smiles and get a whole lot of use.


These Bisexual Flag Stud Earrings 

These gorgeous bi-pride earrings add flair to any outfit. There’s nothing that says, “I love you” quite the same way as that small box filled with queer flair!


Lgbtq gifts, best pride gifts

This Large Rainbow Panel Gay Pride Umbrella 

This pride gift won’t just brighten up the dark days, it will keep everyone dry so nothing can rain on your LGBTQ Pride. It may be cold now, but, it’s also perfect for when the skin needs protection from the sun just because it’s so fun.


This Black Bisexual Flag Paracord Bracelet

This bisexual pride bracelet can be worn for almost any occasion. It offers a subtle but awesome way to show your pride.


best pride gifts, lgbtq gifts

This LGBTQ Pride Velcro Wallet

This wallet is a great casual all-weather option for toting your cash, keys, and cards. The rainbow swirl is a perfectly queer touch.

Sounds Gay I’m In – LGBTQ+ Phone Case

This might be the gayest thing on our list. Why wouldn’t your love ones want an LGBTQ+ phone cover?


Rainbow Forest Jigsaw Puzzle

This 252-piece puzzle makes for more than a fun activity, use puzzle glue and turn it into wall art. It’s a perfect Pride gift for the holidays.


Minx + Mane Basic Bish Lashes

Whether you are looking for a gift for your favorite drag queen or you just want to surprise that beauty with the flirty eyes, these incredible lashes are created for every eye shape and style, this lash is perfect for everyday wear and comfort.


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