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2021 LGBTQ Gifts Guide: Best Pride Gifts

LGBTQ Gifts That Fit The Season

Pride month isn’t the only time of year you should keep your LGBTQ friends in mind. With Christmas right around the corner, now is the perfect time to buy the special queer people in your life that extra something special. I love showing my Bi Pride, so I took some time to put together a last minute LGBTQ Gift Guide full of the best pride gifts one could hope to receive in 2021, with a strong focus on bisexual pride options. From things to wear to jewelry and stocking stuffers, the following are items that you should be checking of your holiday shopping list.

Best Pride Gifts

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Best Pride Gifts

This Bi Pride / Bisexual Pride Flag Beanie Hat 

The weather outside is frightful and this Bi Pride Beanie is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Stuff it in a stocking or under the tree!

Cost: $17.79
Get It Here Now.

Best Bi Pride Gifts, Fingerless gloves

These Bi Pride Flag / Bisexual Pride Fingerless Gloves

I just love these fingerless gloves. They are perfect for the season and brighten up any outfit while showing your bi pride. And as pretty as they are, the price tag is a perk!

Cost: $9.09
Get It Here Now

LGBTQ Gifts, Best Pride gifts


I just love this pillow set. It’s a great gift for your LGBTQ friends and couples…or for your partner. Say, “I love you” every night. Even when you aren’t there.

Cost: $26.99
Get It Here

Best Pride Gifts, We Can Do It Shirt

This “We Can Do It” ClassicPride Black T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with this classic female empowerment shirt. She will show her pride every time she wears it and that will be all of the time. That’s why it made my list of best pride gifts.

Cost: $29.99
Get It Here

Best Pride Gifts, Rainbow thigh high socks

These Rainbow Thigh High Socks

These thigh-high pride socks are sexy and cute. They go well with that mini skirt you thought you couldn’t wear during the winter months (now ya can!) and they make awesome stocking stuffers.

Cost: $17.70
Get It Here

This 50/50 Bi Pride Black T-Shirt

I am absolutely in love with this Bi Pride Shirt. I’ll be real bummed if Santa doesn’t put it under the tree for me this year.

Cost: $12.99
Get It Here

Best Pride gifts, LGBTQ Gifts

This (Bi Pride Flag) Black Leather Trifold Wallet

When you are looking through this list of best Pride gifts, don’t skip over this durable bi pride wallet. It’s sure to win smiles and get a whole lot of use.

Cost: $34.99
Get It Here

These Bisexual Flag Stud Earrings 

These gorgeous bi pride earrings add flair to any outfit. There’s nothing that says, “I love you” quite the same way as that small box filled with queer flair!.

Cost: $13.29
Get It Here

Lgbtq gifts, best pride gifts

This Large Rainbow Panel Gay Pride Umbrella 

This pride gift won’t just brighten up the dark days, it will keep everyone dry through the cold and rainy seasons. It might even get used during the warm season when skin needs protection from the sun just because it’s so fun.

Cost: $25.99
Get It Here

This Black Bisexual Flag Paracord Bracelet

This bisexual pride bracelet can be worn for almost any occasion. It offers a subtle but awesome way to show your pride.

Cost: $13.99
Get It Here

best pride gifts, lgbtq gifts

This LGBTQ Pride Velcro Wallet

This wallet is a great casual all-weather option for toting your cash, keys, and cards. The rainbow swirl is a perfectly queer touch.

Cost: $13.00
Get It Here

These Team Pride Socks

These proud socks come in all sizes and are even sized for toddlers! They are comfy, cozy, and will let whoever wears them be out and proud.

Cost: $12.00
Get It Here

This 6 inch Rainbow Dildo!

I mean what kind of a She Explores Life gift guide would this be if it didn’t include something that sexually empowered women could enjoy in the bedroom. You’ll win hearts with this gift.

Cost: $44.99
Get It Here

These Pride Tears Crystal Festival Face Jewels

These beauties are perfect stocking stuffers for your LGBTQ loved ones!

Cost: $13.95
Get It Here

These Pride Glitter Rainbows And Hearts Nipple Pasties

Start the new year off right with an outfit to kill. These babies are perfect for a party, night out dancing, or sexy evening in.

Cost: &14.95
Get It Here

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