About Us

She Explores Life (SEL) is a women’s self-discovery and sexual empowerment publication covering entertainment, LGBTQ+ topics, lifestyle, health & culture from an intersectional feminist perspective. (SEL) was created by queer women bent on empowering women and people with uteruses (and their feminist allies) everywhere and smashing the patriarchy one orgasm at a time.

She Explores Life powers its sister podcast Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast, a queers women’s show that covers an array of sex topics affecting women with the goal of removing shame, judgment, and male toxicity from the conversation while giving voice to women’s perspective.

Our Mission

She Explores Life’s mission is to liberate and elevate women’s voices and perspectives on all of the topics that affect their lives. We believe that sexually empowered women are safer, stronger, and more powerful women in all areas of life. And we are fighting the patriarchy one story and one orgasm at a time.

Editor in Cheif & Locker Room Talk Podcast Hostess

Annette Benedetti

Annette Benedetti, locker room talk and shots, She Explores Life, Womens empowerment

Annette Benedetti is a creator, writer, and editor, based out of Portland, OR. She worked in editorial management positions at major publications for 10+ years and her work appears in a variety of publications including Forbes, BUST, Red Tricycle, Motherly, The Penny Hoarder, Livability, and Domino.

As a passionate bisexual-identifying woman, Annette has focused her writing on feminist and LGBTQ+ topics, as well as sexually empowering content. She runs Portland’s bisexual women’s network and has dedicated her life’s work to fighting for equal rights for all.


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