LGBTQ Ally yelling with colorful hair

25 Ways LGBTQ Allies Can Show Support During Pride Month

Don't ignore these dos, don'ts & tips.
lgbtq gifts

26 Best LGBTQ+ Pride Gifts 2023

Swoon-worthy holiday gifts for your lgbtq loved ones. Some might even make you cry.
National Coming Out Day, LGBTQ

National Coming Out Day: How to Show Support

On National Coming Out Day, Here's How You Can Show Your Support October 11 is National Coming Out Day. Today we want to celebrate all...
hands holding boobs on national coming out day with coming out quotes

20 Coming Out Quotes to Celebrate National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. It's a day when authenticity, visibility, and acceptance are celebrated as is the rainbow of sexual orientations and...
women's sexuality

Women’s Sexuality: Why I Risk Being Risqué

Find out why it's important to risk being risque and talking openly about women's sexuality. Learn about locker room talk and more.
sobriety, getting sober

What I Learned From Trying Sobriety During COVID

Sobriety During the Time of COVID-19 The onset of Covid-19 turned everyone’s worlds upside down. It affected all facets of our day-to-day lives, making nearly...
Bisexuality, Bisexual woman

Bisexuality in Reality: How I Got Here

Follow the adventures of a bisexual girl dating in a gay/straight world.
locker room talk, monogamy, non-monogamy

Locker Room Talk: Is Monogamy Right for Everyone?

Is monogamy right for everyone? Find out what the ladies have to say about monogamy vs. non-monogamy in this edition of Locker Room Talk.
being single

Definitely Gay: Self-Love? I’ve Heard of Her

six-months single and finally giving into the self-love movement? Maybe.

Locker Room Talk: Exploring Bisexuality

So you kissed a girl and it blew your mind. Here are some fantastic tips from ladies with experience for exploring bisexuality.

Definitely Gay: My Breakup & Being the Bigger Person

Ignoring online harassment, theft and more has AA wondering if being the bigger person in a breakup is worth it.
sad songs

Definitely Gay: Sad Songs That Feel Good

From Arcade Fire to Ray Charles to Dum Dum Girls and Radio head, this it the perfect mix of sad songs that feel good.
Malcolm & Marie

Definitely Gay: Malcolm & Marie Movie Review

A review of Malcolm & Marie that may just make you appreciate your love life.

Definitely Gay: Euphoria Special Episodes Review

HBO and A24 were able to create two Euphoria specials on a more intimate set. They are definitely gay.
Dating, gay, lesbian

Definitely Gay: On Dating. Why is the Bar So Low for Men?

A Message to Men (& the Women who Date them) from Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian
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