Introducing The Womanizer Next

The brand name “Womanizer” has long been synonymous with “clit sucking” sex toy technology. Before I’d even tried their product’s cutting-edge Pleasure Air Technology, I knew they had rocked the pleasure tech industry with their then new approach clitoral stimulating products. Since learning about them, I’ve had the opportunity to try several of their products including the Womanizer Duo 2, which has become one of my favorite bed buddies. So, as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance to try the Womanizer Premium, the new iteration of the Classic turned Premium, turned Premium 2. You might be wondering, “How much difference could their possibly be between them all?” Well, I gave the Womanizer Next a run for it’s money, and I’m ready to tell all! Read on for my full review.

womanizer NEXT

Womanizer NEXT
Hello Multiple Orgasms!

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Getting Down to Business with Womanizer Next

Renowned for their innovative suction-style toys designed for clitoral stimulation, the German brand Womanizer has long been synonymous with efficiency, ease of use, and Pleasure Air Technology. With each new release, Womanizer continues to push the boundaries of pleasure, setting new standards for satisfaction and sensation.

Always staying at the head of the pack when it comes to next-leveling the pleasure air tech sex toy experience, Womanizer has harnessed their expertise and commitment to innovation and embarked on a new frontier of pleasure with the introduction of 3D Pleasure Air technology. This groundbreaking advancement represents the next evolution in their patented technology, culminating in the creation of their latest masterpiece: the Womanizer Next.

While the 3D Pleasure air tech is music to my clit’s nerve endings, The Womanizer Next offers oh so much more. So let’s dive into the details.

What’s in the Womanizer Next Box:

I love the Womanizer packaging. It’s colorful and refined. It communicate sexy and luxurious with a touch of fun. Perfect for gifting to that special someone. Upon unboxing the Womanizer Next, you’ll find a comprehensive array of accessories designed to enhance your pleasure experience.

  • Womanizer Next device
  • Cotton storage pouch for convenient storage
  • Extra stimulation head for a customized fit
  • Quick Start Guide and Compliance & Safety Information
  • #Imasturbate sticker for a playful touch
  • USB cable with magnetic charging pins (AC adapter not included) for convenient recharging

Note: the extra stimulating heads come in different sizes. I think this is such a lovely perk as all bodies and all vulvas come in a variety of sizes.

Womanizer Next, Clit sucking sex toy

The Womanizer NEXT Design & Features

The Womanizer Next maintains the familiar, sleek ellipsoidal body shape found in previous models. As I mentioned above, it comes with two stimulating head options, each offering subtle differences in size and shape to cater to individual preferences and vulva sizes. The device features magnetic charging pins and a power button at the end of the handle, with the addition of a new climax control button about halfway down the handle.

Things to note. This baby is made of super soft body-safe silicone. Your clit deserves that! Also, three cheers for the play time! When it’s fully charged, this sucker will work on your for a whopping 240 minutes!

The Specs:

  • It comes in black, dark purple & sage
  • Run Time: 240 min
  • Charge Time: 120 min
  • It’s made of body safe silicone
  • Dimensions: L 17.1 x W 5.4 x H 5.7 inches
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty
  • It’s waterproof

The Womanizer NEXT’s Features

The Womanizer Next is packed with features I love. some of them were available with the Premium 2, and some are an upgrade. Let me walk you through them.


3D Pleasure Air (NEW)
At the heart of the Womanizer Next lies the revolutionary 3D Pleasure Air technology, redefining clitoral stimulation with its contactless air massage for the win! This cutting-edge innovation employs a new linear motor, elevating the sensation to new orgasmic heights while maintaining a natural and deeply pleasurable experience. With improved depth control, you can explore a range of intensities, ensuring a customized journey towards climax. This baby sets itself apart by delivering toe-curling satisfaction without overstimulation. Now that’s not easy when you’re playing with the clit.

I didn’t think I’d be into the Auto Pilot. I’m the type of girl who heads for high intensity and rides that baby until I come. But I gave it a spin, and oh boy! Womanizer Next’s Autopilot feature allowed me to relinquishing control to my toy and it was kind of like being with another person. With autopilot you can enjoy a pre-set intensity journey tailored to your desires. Next basically guides you towards ecstasy with its dynamic and randomized settings. Autopilot ensures an immersive experience, keeping you engaged and surprised throughout the entire playtime..

Smart Silence
Designed for discretion, something I rarely need, Womanizer Next incorporates innovative Smart Silence technology, giving you the ability hide what you are doing when you get interrupted. The toy remains dormant until it comes into contact with your skin, activating only when you’re ready to indulge in pleasure, which means it also turns off and becomes completely silent when you pull it away from your body. Super convenient for people with little ones, or friends and family members who don’t know how to knock.

Climax Control (New)
With the new Climax Control 3D tech, you can experience a deeper and more nuanced sensation. By adjusting the depth of the air waves, users can enhance the intensity of their orgasms, unlocking new levels of pleasure. With three distinct levels to choose from, Climax Control offers unparalleled customization, empowering users to tailor their experience to perfection. Get ready for multiple orgasms (for real).

Surprisingly, I love the afterglow feature. Just a simple short-press of the minus button after orgasm, and the toy gently reverts to its lowest setting allowing me to transition seamlessly from climax to a more sexy relaxed state where I can recover, but stay in the mood for round two.

Whisper Quiet (NEW)
Pay attention! This is a difference that REALLY stands out. The Womanizer Premium was just not a quiet toy. But the Womanizer NEXT? Literally whisper quiet. This is a huge improvement to past iterations. The NEXT runs nearly silent without compromising on power.

womanizer NEXT

Womanizer NEXT
Hello Multiple Orgasms!

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How to Operate the Next

Using the Womanizer NEXT is intuitive and easy (another perk). Here are the basics:

  • To turn the Womanizer NEXT on, press and hold the power button. The LED lights will light up letting you know it’s active.
  • To activate smart silence, hold the + and – buttons together.
  • Use the + and – buttons toggle through the intensities
  • Control the depth of the airwaves with the climax control button (it look like three arrows stacked). You can cycle through 3 levels of dept
  • Activate Autopilot with a single press to the button located on the inside of the handle near the bottom (It has a wavey line).
  • To use After Glow, simply hold the minus button and you’ll return to the lowest setting

My Experience with the Womanizer NEXT

I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it again…I LOVE pleasure air tech toys! I have my most intense orgasms with them. So I was damn excited to try the NEXT. I got acquainted with NEXT quicky as I was already familiar with it for the most part after having used the Premium 2.

As with the Premium 2, I love how powerful the Womanizer NEXT is. I actually can’t handle the highest intensity, which is saying something. Right off the bat, I was struck by how quiet the NEXT is. This was a big plus for me. Noisy toys tend to distract me when I’m in action.

I played around with both the 3D climax control modes and autopilot (which I’d never typically use).

The 3D climax control has 3 depth control settings that range from light to intense. The biggest surprise for me, was how incredible the lighter setting felt. I have no idea what 3D technology is, but it’s magic. Even though the sensation was light, I could feel it deep beneath the skin. It allowed me to get highly aroused with out hitting the highest setting which allowed for a more nuanced and interesting experience.

I orgasmed fast and hard the first time around. The 3D experience definitely felt more layered and interesting. Using auto pilot almost felt like having sex with another person. It gave me the sensation of letting someone else pleasure me at a slightly unexpected pace and intensity. The second time around, I lasted longer and really enjoyed myself.

I experienced two long, hard orgasms the very first time I used the Womanizer Next.

My Thoughts on the Womanizer Next

The NEXT gets to stay in my bedside drawer. The wonderful thing about the NEXT is that with all of its settings and options, it’s never going to get boring whether I’m with myself or a partner.

Yes the NEXT is perfect for solo play, but the design makes it easy to maneuver and use during sex with a partner as well. In fact, with it’s whisper quiet technology, it’s perfect for partner play, as it won’t distract from the main attraction.

The Womanizer NEXT is definitely and big upgrade from the Premium 2 in my opinion. It, looks, feels, and sounds like a luxury toy should. If you enjoy pleasure air technology and are looking for a solid long term toy, you should definitely consider the next.

The only sticky point for some folks may be the price point. But with a 5-year warranty, this $200 sex toy is guaranteed to bring you lots of play time and tons of orgasms. It justifies its value quickly.

Check out the Womanizer NEXT for yourself here.

womanizer NEXT

Womanizer NEXT
Hello Multiple Orgasms!

Use Code EXPLORES15 for 15% Off

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