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chastity cage

10 Best Chastity Cages 2023

Best chastity cages at all stages of your male chastity adventure.
best sex toys for couples

20 Best Sex Toys For Couples Ready to Explore Something New

Enjoy up to30% off these toys for experimental couples!
kegles, tighter vagina

12 Kegel Balls & Exercisers That Tighten Your Vagina Fast Fun Way

Think video games...the good-for-you kind.
types of orgasms

17 Types of Orgasms Women Have & The Toys That Make Them Happen

On January 1st of last year, I embarked on a 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge. My goal was to have one orgasm every day...

10 Best Rainbow Dildos For Pride & Pleasure

It's Pride Month! What better way to celebrate than by giving or taking a pounding with a rainbow dildo designed specifically for your pleasure....
clitoral pump that boosts womens libido

Clit Pumps & More: How to Boost Women’s Libido

These techniques will put your sex drive into overdrive
Sexy Mother's Day Gifts, Mother's Day lingerie

Lingerie + Sexy Mother’s Day Gifts She Deserves

Get these gorgeous gifts with our discount code SheExplores10!
woman meditating surrounded by best eco-friendly toys

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys: Good for Your Vag & Mother Earth

Which one will you choose for national orgasm day?
the duo sex toy by star sign

The Best Sex Toys by Zodiac Sign

You might be surprised which sign needs handcuffs now!
Better then men sex toys

Better-than-Men Sex Toys

Boycotting sex with men until your reproductive rights are returned? Here are some toys toy help you out.
Masturbation May sex toys in a gift bag on yellow background

Celebrate Masturbation May with These Sex Toys

Major discounts on massive orgasms!
Sex Toys, women's sexuality

Locker Room Talk: Top Sex Toys for Women

Locker Room Talk is exploring women's sexuality. We've rounded up sex toys for women that promise to help get you have more fun.
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