These Chastity Devices will Have Your Caged Cock Begging for Freedom

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    It’s Locktober (aka Kinktober) and your kinky mind can’t help but wander to Male Chastity and cock cages and wonder what it might be like to give locking up your cock a try. Before you run and buy the first cock cage you find on the internet make sure you are well-informed about the male chastity kink and how to choose the right chastity device. There’s a bit more to it than you might imagine (like getting your measurements first). Now that you’ve done your research taken, your measurements, and feel prepared to get your first cock cage, don’t let yourself become discouraged by the overwhelming number of options.

    Whether you are on your first cock cage or well down the road of wearing a male chastity device, I’ve rounded up a list of the best cock cages on the market.

    These beauties are built to be near impossible to break out of, and I can tell you from personal experience, your keyholder will enjoy them almost as much as you do.

    This list includes why I personally like them, how they will benefit you, and some of my special discount codes for listeners and readers.

    ( Scroll to the end to watch all of my videos on male chastity and cock cages)

    Curious About Kink?
    Don’t Know Where to Start?

    Sign up for guides, insider tips, and all the info you need to get started on your kink adventure.

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      Best Cock Cages for Male Chastity Play

      (Beginner Friendly) DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage 3.5 Inch

      I love the look of this cage. It’s made out of gorgeous steel that looks and feels super sexy. Additionally, the locking system is super easy to get on and off so you won’t have to fumble around if you are a begineer.

      $59.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

      E-stim cock cage for male chastity

      (Intermediate & Advanced) Mystim Pubic Enemy #1 Cock Cage

      The Pubic Enemy No 1 is a chastity cage that noticeably restricts your cock. This cock cage has e-stim function making it more suitable for those who are intermediate or advanced kinksters. Through the conductive surfaces on the left and right side of the cage, a gentle tingling, strong twitching or intensive pulsation passes through the penis when the included e-stim equipment is used. This e-stim chastity device is gorgeous to look at and promises a shockingly wonderful evening together


      cock cage, black male chastity cage

      (Beginner-friendly) ManCage 20 3.5 Inch Silicone Cock Cage In Black

      The ManCage 20 offers a simple but sexy design that’s easy to get into, but not so easy to get out of (without permission, that is). In soft, sexy, temperature-sensitive black silicone, this chastity cage traps the entire shaft and tip in a smooth tamper-proof tube with only the smallest, teasingly inaccessible vents. I love this cock cage for beginners who want to wear a cage for more than a few minutes.

      $59.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

      silicone chastity cage, white cock cage

      (Beginner-friendly) DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Short Cock Cage 3 Inch

      This cock cage is a sleek silicone sleeve that is perfect for male chastity beginners. Simply slip the 3-inch cage over the ball ring and add the padlock closure to keep the cock under lock and key for as long as you decide. I love this chastity cage because it is entirely silicone and plastic. Additionally, it has 5 plastic locks included, so you can make your way through airport security without a problem.

      $54.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

      male chastity cage

      (Beginner-Friendly) DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage 4.5 Inch

      This chastity cage is a solid metal cage that seals you in an unsatiable state, releasing only when your domme deems it appropriate. A restrictive, solid design with a length of 4.5 inches, this cage is best suited to wearers who want to experiment with long-term restrictions.

      I love this cage because it has an open end allows the sensitive head to be teased, while a hole permits urination. The locking mechanism is also easy for newbies.

      $69.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

      pink chastity cock cage

      (Beginner-Friendly) CB-6000S Short Male Pink Chastity Cage Kit

      I love this polycarbonate chastity cage for its color and its comfort. There’s nothing quite like seeing a cock locked in a pink cage. Fantastic for humiliation play coupled with the prohibition pleasure aplenty.

      $159.99 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

      (Advanced) Electrostim Chastity Cage

      Combining the thrill of orgasm restriction with the tingly zaps of electroshock play, this cage is sure to become a favorite.

      Fitted with a variety of vents as well as a urination hole, this cage is ready to keep you locked up for hours in total (excruciating) comfort. This chastity cage comes with the remote to control the electroshock.

      $69 (15% off with code EXPLORES15)

      (Intermediate to Advanced) Mystim Pubic Enemy #2 Cock Cage

      The Pubic Enemy No. 2 with urethral sound chastity cage will make sure the cock will be noticeably restricted. This cock cage includes a urethral plug for the more advanced chastity participants and had e-stim functionality but you will need an e-stim device to use this function. This is not for newbies


      (Beginner-Friendly) Lockdown Chastity

       This is a weighty chastity cock toy. The rubbery-soft silicone blend is stretchy but restrictive and erections are difficult. This device doesn’t lock so it’s good for newbies who are looking to give male chastity a try but still a bit unsure about being on complete lockdown. This cock cage stretches to fit any size guy and the sling-style base keeps it on. The ball-ring is more substantial so it stays in place. This chastity device would be perfect for a first go at a 24/7 experience.


      3D Male chastity cage

      (Any Level) The Phantom – 3D Printed Chastity Cage

      Made of Nylon material, this cage is one of the most comfortable and lightweight you’ll find. This model offers sizes of options to choose from. This chastity cage is solid and sturdy, and suitable for long-term chastity wear. What I love about it is that it is 3D printed per order and delivered accordingly. It includes one cage tube, 2 rings + 1 integrated lock ready to use. 


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