You Might Be Suprised to Find Out You have a Fetish

On a recent Locker Room Talk & shots Podcast episode, my bestie Abbie and I played a game of Smash or Pass. The subject: Freaky, Fun Fetishes. We defined a number of fetishes, some of which we were familiar with and some we had never heard of before, and then shared if we’d give them a try (Smash!) or not (Pass). Of course, the stakes were high! What if a person you were madly in love with begged you to indulge their secret fetish? What if it was the only way they felt they could have a fulfilling sexual connection with you?

In preparation for the podcast, our research led us down the rabbit hole of fetishes, a number of which blew our minds. Now, you get to benefit from our sexual studies. The following are a list of fetishes that you may or may not have heard of before.

Now tell me, would you Smash, or is it a hard pass for each of them?

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The intense attraction to amputees. The amputations and limbs themself are typically the focus of the fetish. There is one theory that it is the phallic appearance that is the turn-on.


Arousal from the sun’s rays. I mean…who doesn’t have this fetish. Perhaps this is why some people like to sunbathe nude.


The sexual attraction to statues, dolls, mannequins, or similar objects. I suppose this is where the sex dolls come in.


An attraction to taller or shorter partners, often extreme in nature. A preference for sexual partners of a different height from oneself.


This is a fetish where a person is aroused by dressing up as or acting like a baby. It often involves a mommy or daddy figure that interacts and takes care of them.


Autoplushophilia is a fetish where people experience sexual arousal when imagining themselves as being made of plush material like a plush toy. This fetish may involve the person role-playing the part during sexual encounters with their partners or enjoying their own company while envisioning themselves as plush. Either way, these scenarios may or may not involve the individual wearing a plush suit to emulate the vision they have created in their mind.

armpit fetish


This fetish involves the desire to have sex with someone’s armpit. I’d say look up scissoring and tribbing for an idea of how this might work.

“Body Inflation” – Inflating One’s Body for Sexual Gratification

Basically what happens is someone puts on tight clothes but underneath those clothes are balloons. The balloons will slowly be inflated and that, apparently, is very sexual for some people. It’s also commonly performed with double-skinned latex suits.


Arousal to caverns, crevices, and valleys. The outdoorsy types probably have this fetish.


People with this fetish are excited by falling down stairs. Be careful!


Arousal to poop.


This fetish can involve showing your sexual organs in public or playing or fucking in public placing.



This is when someone becomes aroused by objects that have been in physical contact with the desired person.

Do you like bugs? This fetish involves arousal to insects.


A sexual inclination towards the elderly. Remember Harold and Maude.


An attraction to criminals, often particularly heinous and well-known ones. Think Manson groupies.


Arousal to sex in front of mirrors. Who hasn’t taken a peak when the opportunity has arisen? But did you get off on it? If so, this might be your kink.


This is a fetish where someone enjoys being tickled.


This fetish involves being turned on by watching a woman breastfeed or being breastfed by a woman. This can involve a nursing relationship.


A kink for tornadoes.


Arousal to stone and gravel.


looner fetish

This fetish includes being turned on and aroused by balloons!


This fetish involves being sexually aroused by to giants or giantesses. Ever fantasized about being squished between two enormous boobies? Yeah…me neither…


This is often involved in BDSM. It is where a person is aroused when experiencing physical and psychological pain. Think spanking!


Arousal to bees and wasps. Bee careful with this one!


A fetish where one experiences arousal when sucking on a person’s nose.


A nebulophile is aroused by smoke, fog and/or steam. Nebulophiles may be aroused by situations or media including, but not limited to Fog machines, steam engines, seafoam, and smoking chimneys. You get the point.


Arousal to corpses. I just can’t…


A sexual obsession with inanimate objects. is actually a woman who is married to the Eiffel Tower.


This is when a person is turned on by a body part other than the reproductive organs, e.g., calves, butt, neck.


This is is the well-known foot fetish! Like toes on your cock or in your vagina? You might have this.


Turned on by stuttering? You likely have this fetish. Who doesn’t like a sexy stutter?


Arousal to being cold and watching others who are cold


Arousal to being tickled by feathers.


Arousal to pubic hair. If only more men would get into this fetish.


Arousal to a nice set of cheeks. In other words an ass. People who love nice butts.


Sexual Arousal From Disasters. Symorophilia may be the most dangerous fetish, as it is being sexually aroused by watching disasters like fires or car accidents. If you saw the 1996 movie “Crash,” this was the focus. 


Arousal to causing physical and psychological pain with consent. Can be part of BDSM play.


Arousal to the thought of hellfire and damnation. Who doesn’t like a hot devil?


The Love of Public Masturbation Via a Pocket Hole. Think: holy jeans…but not the kind Jesus would condone. Sacofricosis is taking pleasure in having a hole in your pocket so you can reach into it and masturbate in public.


Arousal to tickling other people. Remember! Consent folks. This just sounds annoying to me.


A fetish that involves the arousal to urine or urinating others or being urinated on. Ah the golden showers.


This fetish is for the watchers out there. Essentially people with this fetish are turned on by watching folks fuck.


Sure we all enjoy it when our cock owning partners get a woody, but that’s now what this fetish is about. This is a fetish where you’re sexually turned on by anything from tree stumps to lumber.


Arousal to nonhuman animals. Enough said.

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