If you are as excited about Locktober as folks in the vanilla world are about the arrival of pumpkin spice and the holidays, then get your pencils and October daily calendars out and get ready to start planning your 31 days of male chastity kink fun.

LOCKtober starts October 1st with your (or your partner’s) cock being locked up in a male chastity cock cage. If you have only recently heard about male chastity and Locktober then let me catch you up.

What is LOCKtober?

LOCKtober is a month celebrating male chastity. It’s a popular month in the kink community and quickly making its way into vanilla relationships too. LOCKtober is a consensual practice where participants, either individually or as couples, commit to wearing a chastity cage for the entire month of October. For some people, this means not removing it (except for cleaning purposes), for others it means wearing the cock cage every day for a specified period of time and committing to not having an orgasm for the full month (or a specified period of time!

Both challenging and exciting LOCKtober involve playing with power dynamics and pleasure control. On October 1st, your chastity cage goes on.  On October 31st, your cage comes and you earn the “big bang”! if the key holder of the cock cage agrees!

If you are looking for a more in-depth explanation, start learning about male chastity and male chastity cock cages, and then check out my Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast conversations on male chastity and LOCKtober with Lucy, the Russian Dominatrix below. In our conversation, we even go over the 2023 Locktober calendar.

Now that you are all caught up. The following is a 2023 Locktober Calendar packed with 31 ideas, reminders, and tips for keeping LOCKtober sexy and safe!

2023 LOCKtober Calendar

A couple of things to note before beginning your LOCKtober fun. First, all boundaries, agreements, and consent should be made well before LOCKtober begins. Additionally, if you are keeping the cock cage on full-time, you will need to include a wash day at least every four days. Finally, don’t launch into new activities that employ pain without doing some research or even taking or seeking out guidance in advance.

LOCKtober 1
Lock up the cock! If you haven’t yet, read this guide to the Male Chastity Kink and the Guide to Buying a Cock Cage. Make day 1 something special. This year October 1st falls on a Sunday. Have your cock owner serve the key holder breakfast in bed along with the key on the pillow.

Note: practice putting the cage on several times before day 1 if you are new to chastity so that the entire experience isn’t awkward.

LOCKtober 2
Have your caged cock watch your favorite porn with you while you masturbate. If they are very good, they are rewarded with having the pleasure of giving you oral sex.

Variations: You can have them take care of you with your favorite toy while you watch or you can face sit while viewing. Another option is to use a queening chair. If you don’t like to watch porn, you can read erotica or have them read erotica to you.

LOCKtober 3
Restrain him and take him out of his cage. Sit on his face and if he gives good oral sex reward him by kissing his cock

LOCKtober 4
Wash day reward. Wash day is a perfect day for a cleaning day. Have them clean the walls, floors, and counters on their knees. If they do a good job then when you take his cock out of the cage for cleaning you may give him a little pleasure too. If they’ve been really good, perhaps you can include a ruined orgasm.

LOCKtober 5
Give your caged cock chores to complete for the day. If he completes them, give him a blow job with the cage on.

Level Up: Have them scrub the floor with a humbler or a device that attaches to the balls to restrict movement on (see toy options below).  You can supervise with a crop.

LOCKtober 6
Incorporate a variety of cages like a soft cage that allows you to tease him with touch through the cage. For people who are into humiliation play, you can incorporate scolding his penis or include spanking and punishments when he gets aroused.

LOCKtober 7
Incorporate a cage that can be used for penetration and torture the caged cock with just a taste of what lies on the other side of the cage. There are cage sleeves that you can get to go over for comfort.

LOCKtober 8
Introduce butt play. Have him wear a butt plug for a certain amount of time and if he manages to keep it in he gets a reward of choice: you take his cock out of the cage and kiss it or you’ll stroke his balls (no cumming).

Don’t forget! Day 8 is wash day! Perfect timing after some butt play.

LOCKtober 9
Incorporate some public torture/play. Take your male chastity partner to a restaurant to start. When you are seated tease him by running your hand up and down his leg.

Level Up: Try taking him to a strip club. You could even buy him a lap dance. The entire time, no one will know about their male chastity device.

LOCKTober 10
Have your caged cock wear a strap-on with a dildo above his cock cage and fuck you.

Note: You will need a harness for the dildo that allows space for the cage.

LOCKtober 11
Ramp up the butt play. Purchase a set of but plugs that increase in size. Have him take the next largest size up and perform a set of your house chores for you. You can provide guidance with a crop and incorporate punishment if that’s your thing.

LOCKtober 12
Wash Day. Get some glow body paints and a black light. If your caged cock is into the humiliation kink, you can write words of shame all over his body and then let him write words of praise all over yours. If humiliation isn’t your thing, just enjoy decorating each other’s body. Then let him bath you and if he’s good, you’ll edge him in the shower while you wash his cock for him.

Locktober 13
Introduce cuckolding, if you haven’t already. If you don’t have someone to help you with this, you can start by going to a sex club. If this is your first time experimenting with cuckolding (you should have discussed this well in advance), perhaps begin with a makeout session and have your caged cock watch another man kiss and touch you.

LOCKtober 15.
If you are bisexual and you and your partner are open to group play, consider a threesome with a woman and let him serve both of you while you play.

Variations: If your caged cock is bi, this kind of play can include another person with a penis.

LOCKtober 16.
Wash Day. If you are into golden showers, today would be the day! If it’s new to you and you want to give it a try, you can start by having him lie in the bathtub while you stand above and do your duty. There are also sport sheet available online.

For those of you who aren’t into that kind of play, you can focus on squirting. He can make you squirt on his face while you are sitting on a queening chair or you can do it in the 69 position.

LOCKtober 17
More butt play. By this time your caged cock should be ready for the largest butt plug. Have him start early in the day wearing the smallest. Graduate sizes so that by the end of the day he is in the largest. Reward him with a face-sitting session.

Locktober 18
Strapon play take 2! Step it up this time and incorporate anal play by inserting a butt plug in your male charity partner while they wear a dildo above the cock cage and fuck you.

Locktober 19
Incorporate cock and ball torture (CBT). If you haven’t done this before, you’ll want to start with research well in advance. CBT can include smacking his cock and balls or squishing them. You can also include a ball stretcher, ball bags, and weights.

LOCKtober 20
Wash day. Today is a big day. Your caged cock is ready for some pegging. Work them up to it throughout the day with butt plugs. At the end of the day, introduce pegging. Start with a small dildo and start slowly if this is new to them. If they are very good and take your cock, you can wash their cock and reward them with a ruined orgasm.

Variation: If they don’t want to get pegged, you can always have them give your dildo a blow job while you are wearing it.

LOCKtober 21

Perinium play! Put the Verge, a toy by We-Vibe that goes around the cock and balls and vibrates against the perineum on and then put the cock cage on and torture him. Make him serve you food and give you a back massage.

LOCKtober 22
Make his cock a plaything for the night and restrain him. Take out a tickler and different sensation toys and go between teasing and torturing his cock.

Locktober 23
Graduate the cuckold play and invite a friend over to fuck you in front of him. If it’s something you have agreed on, sit on his face after as a reward.

LOCKtober 24.
Wash Day! Have him give you a luxurious bath and wash your entire body before you take his cock out for a washing.

Locktober 25
Foot fetish fun! Have your caged cock give you a pedicure and a foot massage. As a reward, restrain your caged cock and give him a foot job. Withhold his orgasm or edge him to a ruined orgasm.

LOCKtober 26
Incorporate E-stim. This ElectraStim Silicone Fusion Viper Cock Ring by Lovehoney can be worn with or without the cage. You can have him do chores with it on, if he is able.

Locktober 27
Give your guy lace panties and give him the choice of staying in the cage or getting out for a set period of time and wearing the panties. Reward him by petting him through the panties.

Variation: Have him keep the cage on and get panties that highlight the cage.

LOCKtober 28
This is your final wash day. Have him serve you all day long. Incorporate massages, chores, and treating you like the queen you are. Reward him by letting him take his cock out of the cage and wash it himself.

LOCKtober 29
Cold play. Get a bag of frozen peas or some veggies. Have him strip bottomless and sit with his cock on top of the frozen veggies while giving you a foot massage. Then have him cook and eat the veggies. (be careful of cold damage)

LOCKtober 30: Have him serve you breakfast in bed. He gets to eat you for breakfast. Then plan a ritual for taking the cage off and banging all night long.


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