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8 Hut-to-Hut HikingTrips in the U.S. for 2022

Take your next girlfreinds getaway off grid with a hut-to-hut hike adventure. Read on for 5 destinations you'll love.
curse words in spanish

30 ways to Say ‘Fuck Off’ in Different Languages

A lesson in language and culture. Curse words are used around the world and women should know how to weild them. We've got your guide.
skinny dipping nude woman

Why I Love Skinny Dipping at a Nude Beach

and the fears I had to overcome.
skinny dipping nude, nude beach woman

Women’s Skinny Dipping Stories & Tips!

What is skinny dipping? Find out what it is and how to skinny dip fearlessly.
reasons to travel in 2022

The Best Tips & Reasons to Travel in 2022

The outlook for travel in 2022 might surprise you.
The Wild

A Woman & The Wild: Messy and Relentless Grief

A moving story about messy, relentless grief and how the wild can save you. Join the author as she learns how to ignite her own light.

Spring Break Vacations for Women

Trying to figure out where to go for your spring break vacation? Here are our picks for some of the best seasonal adventures.
south sister

South Sister Hike: A Complete Guide

If climbing South Sister in Oregon is on your bucket list of adventures, we've got you covered with our girlfriends guide to South Sisters.
Carson Poplin

Camino de Santiago: A Historian’s Adventure

Follow historian Carson Poplin as she embarks on the Camino de Santiago and shares her experiences in a series of articles.
Euro trip, motorcycle, motorcycle ride, girls getaway

Girls Getaway Euro Trip by Motorcycle

Have you been dreaming of going on a motorcycle ride across Europe with your girlfriends? Find out how to prepare for your epic adventure before you go.

A Woman’s Guide to NE Oregon’s Wallowas

Head to the Oregon Alps—the Wallowas—for your winter girl's getaway. Check out our thorough guide to an epic winter adventure
south dakota

A Girls’ Guide to Exploring South Dakota

Find out why this author decided that South Dakota is more than just a place you drive through. In fact, she's decided it's a perfect family vacation destination to head to.
Mt. Ellinor

Women Who Hike: Exploring Mount Ellinor, WA

Find out what happens when you take a chance and hike Mount Ellinor with a group women in their forties your've never met before!
women travel solo

When Women Travel Solo These Things Happen

Have you been warned that terrible things can happen when women travel solo? Read on to find out what the most common things that actually happen are.
zip line tour, girls getaway, new year 2020

Zipline Tours You Can Go On Now!

Kick the cabin fever with one of these zipline tours that are perfect for a socially distanced girls getaway.
solo hikes

COVID-19 & the Importance of Solo Hikes

Once a form of recreation dominated by men, solo hikes are now being done by women. Here are some of the shocking reasons why.
meteora greece, Hikes for women

9 Bucket List Hiking Trails for Women in Europe

Now is the time to plan for that epic hiking trip with your best girlfriends. Stay close to home, or travel globally for these epic hikes for women!

Take These Virtual Tours & Trips Til’ Travel Resumes

If your down because your stuck at home, perhaps it's time to take up virtual travel. Start with these virtual tours and trips.
Wanderlust, Covid-19

Satisfying Wanderlust During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Is Covid-19 keeping you from satisfying your wanderlust? We've got some tips to ease your craving starting today.

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