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30 ways to Say ‘Fuck Off’ in Different Languages

Your Guide to saying “Fuck off ” (and other great curse words) in different languages

(Warning: This article contains graphic language. After all, it is a guide to how to say fuck off in different languages. It’s full of curse words: Spanish curse words, Italian curse words, French curse words…you get the point. By the time you are done reading it, you’ll be able to tell people “fuck you” in different languages, and If you don’t like it, well…you know what to do.)

How to tell someone to Fuck off in different languages from 20 different countries.

Let’s get real. Right now you likely feel like telling people to fuck off, more than ever before. From the supreme court justices who overturned Roe vs. Wade to the politicians trying to take away rights for the LGBTQ communities, there are more than enough,”Fuck Yous” to go around. But why limit your curse words to English. I’m about to teach you how to say fuck off in different languages so you can tell people to get fucked wherever you go.

You’re welcome.

Fuck off & More Swear Words in Spanish

Fuck Off: Let’s start with Spanish cuss words. There are lots of amazing swear words in Spanish. You can literally tell someone to fuck off (jodete), but you can do it in more colorful ways.

Go to the Dick: You might send someone to the dick (a la verga) if they’re being an asshole.

middle finger saying fuck off in different languages

Son of a Whore: You could call someone a son of a whore (ijo de puta) or maybe just a liar (lamparosoliterally the person who is lamp).

Vagina of your mother: My absolute favorite way to curse someone out in Ecuador, though, is to yell Chucha de tu madre!” Because this literally translates as the vagina of your mother! And THAT is fucking hilarious. Especially when the person yelling it is a really angry man yelling at another really angry man.

Come on. That’s almost better than simply declaring “fuck off” in different languages

Fuck Off & Fuck You in Europe

Italian curse words

 Go fuck yourself: Vaffanculo

According to The Iceberg Project, this may be the most offensive way to tell someone off in Italian. (I think that’s supposed to be some sort of warning, but to me it sounds like a challenge.

Portugal (Cursing in Portuguese)

Fuck off or Go fuck yourself: Vai-te foder

I don’t know if it will really help you learn to pronounce it, but here is a video of the Minions singing it to the tune of “Barbara Ann”.

You’re welcome.

France (French Curse Words)
swear words in spanish

Go do yourself (Fuck yourself?): Va te faire foutre

According to, in order to properly tell someone off in this manner, you have to accompany the expletive with a Bras d’honneur. This gesture is not unique to France. I remember doing this as a kid, in lieu of flipping someone off. Anyway, I could try to explain it, but here’s a picture instead.

Germany (Fuck You in German) 

Fuck You: Fick dich

Though this literally translates as “fuck you”, it’s not necessarily an insult. It can have sexual connotations or be used as a noun to mean roughly “smartass”. According to one Urban Dictionary contributor, a harsher curse would be Verpiss dich. See, Learning to say fuck off in different languages is fun!

England (Fuck Off in English) 

Bugger Off or Sod Off: “fuck off”

Do you ever think American English is sort of boring? I mean, sure, if I’m pissed off I can call someone an asshole. But, in England, I could call them a wanker, a tosser, a twat, or even a cunt. How colorful!

Fuck off & Fuck You in South America

Brazil (Portuguese/ Portugal Swear Words) 

Literally “go to the whore that birthed you”: ai pra puta que te pariu.

Apparently, this is a pretty common way to tell people to fuck off in Brazil, often paired with filho da puta (“son of a bitch”). While also a serious insult, it is used broadly and for a variety of purposes.

Ecuador (Spanish) 

“Go to the dick”: Ándate a la verga

I gave more examples of Ecuadorian curses above, but this is the one I remember that most closely resembles the American “fuck off”. Often, the “Àndate” is left off, and the rest is said as more of an aside “a la verga”, with an accompanying hand gesture that involves tossing your fisted hand over your shoulder (similar to the Bras d’honneur).

woman saying fuck off in different languages

Chile (More Swear Words in Spanish): 

“Go to the vagina”: Ándate a la chucha

(Kinky!) This one doesn’t need an explanation. While it sounds like an attempt at some sort of punishment…I’d say one argue it sounds a bit more like a reward!

Argentina (Spanish)  

“Go take a shit”: ¡Anda a cagar!

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Peru (Fuck You in Spanish) 

“fuck your mother”: Concha tu madre

This one is a pretty straightforward insult, and not unfamiliar to us Gringos. However, the typical response to such an insult in Peru is pure gold: Es la tuya en vinagre, ijo de la gran puta – literally, “It’s yours in vinegar, son of a whore”.

I love Spanish. And learning to say fuck off in different languages is fucking empowering.

Colombia (Fuck off in Spanish): 

“Fuck off”: ¡Despégala pues!

This literally translates to something like “take off then” or “well unstick it”.

Cursing in Asia-Pacific, Oceania

Japan (Cursing inJapanese): 

Roughly “Fool prepare to fight”: Baka koke

This might not sound like much of an insult, but in Japanese culture manners are everything. Rudeness of any sort is an insult. So, it is really the fool part that is bad. You could also say baka yaro (“fool let’s do it”) to similar effect.

*NOTE: I haven’t included the Japanese characters here, obviously, and there is no direct English translation. The words provided are a phonetic interpretation of the spoken word.

New Zealand (Maori)  

Asshole! Dickhead! Cunt!”: Tō tero! Tō raho! Tō tara/teke!

These words are used more as funny insults rather than serious, though the translations sound harsh. The comebacks are priceless, even in translation: Hei mitimiti māu! – “For you to lick!” or Hei pōtae mō tō ihu! – “As a hat for your nose!” This sort of insulting banter reminds me of the “your mama’s so fat…” jokes that used to be so popular in the US.

Woman saying fuck you in different languages
Hawaii (Hawaiian)

“Beat it! Scat! Bug off!”: Hele pela!

Okay, I had to look this one up online because my friend who is Hawaiian, and grew up there, says she hardly ever heard curse words spoken in Hawaiian, and couldn’t think of anything similar to the English “fuck off”. She remembers people getting pissed off and calling others names like Mahu (“gay”) or Lolo (“stupid”), but that cursing at someone isn’t really Hawaiian style. Her take on it is that perhaps because the language is such a representation of Hawaiian culture, used to preserve the story of the people, it is taught and used with more reverence than some other languages.

Fuck Off in Africa and the Middle East

Saudi Arabia (Arabic) 

“I curse your mother’s vagina”: Kes emmak

As you can see from the South American versions, this is a common insult in many countries. Because when it’s not enough to curse someone directly, you need to curse where they came from (literally), as well.

Jordan (Arabic) 

“Shame on you!”: Aib ‘alaik!

According to my friend, this is a very strong admonishment throughout the Arab-speaking world. As you can see, Arabic curses (like those in Asian countries) are more about rudeness than crudeness.

Here are two others he shared with me: Ukhs ‘alaik! (said when someone does something disgusting) and Haram (a reproach for someone being cruel or doing something you disapprove of). Since, once again, we have to spell these out the best we can as a phonetic interpretation, here is a recording of Tom providing the correct pronunciation:

South Africa (Fuck Off in Afrikaans): 

“Fuck off”: Fok of

According to my friend over there, the “fok” is pronounced like “fork” and the “of” is like “off”. So, fork off. I love that so much.

Cursing in North America

Canada (English)

Excuse me, would you mind fucking your mother, if it’s not too much trouble? Thanks.

Canadians are so polite.

Canada (Quebec French)  

“go shit” but basically used as “fuck off”: Va chier

An interesting note – they actually use the English word “fucké” in French-speaking Canada, but it is considered much milder there than when used in English. In fact, according to, in November of 2017, the CRTC (Canadian equivalent of the FCC) ruled that ‘fuck’ is not a swear word in French. (Yet another reason to move to Canada.)

A much stronger curse word in French-Canadian is to say tabernac, which literally means “tabernacle” in translation (the box where the Eucharist is kept in a Catholic church) but is used the same way as “fuck” is used in the US.

United States (American Sign Language)

You all know it and love it…and so do I.

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