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15 Reasons Why We Use Curse Words (And You Should Too)

Women & Curse Words

By Annette Benedetti & Kelli Davis

OK, ladies let’s talk about our fucking use of language (specifically curse words) around here. As a group of women writers, we tend to be a little on the obsessive side when it comes to words; in fact, we fucking love them! We’ve made it our mission collectively to use, share, express, and explore words in the most authentic ways possible for women. We also find it fascinating and necessary to stay abreast on current trends in not only the evolution of linguistics but also research surrounding behaviors tied to language.

Especially behaviors that directly impact women and gender biases. 

Traditionally women have been discouraged from using curse words publicly as it was deemed “unladylike” behavior. Cue groaning, head smashing, and an internal narrator that says “Are you fucking kidding me? It’s 2019, women can be as bold as they fucking please and still maintain their femininity”.

Unless your internal narrator is broken, in which case feel free to borrow ours! 

Research & Curse Words

Current research surrounding filthy language and the obsessive use of curse words conclusively supports that we could all benefit from loosening up a little bit and embracing our inner sailors.

The following are solid reasons to be a bad ass woman with a filthy mouth:

  1. There is a link with a higher IQ amongst those with a robust vocabulary in which one isn’t impeded by moralistic ideology when attempting to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas.
  2. Women who curse are reported to come across as more confident and empowered.
  3. Surveys reveal that women who use curse words are actually more attractive to a potential partner.
  4. Being able to yield curse words appropriately is linked to being perceived as funny.
  5. Authenticity: Women who curse, are usually saying exactly what is on their minds, without fear of the repercussions.
  6. Conclusive data tells us that women who curse are more emotionally stable and well rounded. They aren’t bottling shit up.
  7. Research shows that cursing helps women withstand pain for a longer period of time. And with menstruation and the current administration we need all of the help we can get when it comes to increasing our tolerance for pain.
  8. Science says that women who swear a lot have a higher verbal fluency than their non-cussing counterparts. That’s right, we’re fucking eloquent.
  9. Using your filthy mouth while running, biking, lifting weights or performing almost any physical feat improves your endurance and overall performance. So a woman who swears is actually a total badass!
  10. Women who swear are more persuasive in a debate or argument. This makes dirty-mouthed ladies perfect for positions of power.
  11. Research shows women who swear more, lie less. That’s right, while our language may offend your delicate senses, at least you know we are being honest!
  12. Ladies who use curse words more are happier. Science shows that swearing releases endorphins, giving us that natural blissful high.
  13. Women have been “put in their place” too long. Aren’t you tired of being told what to do? Cursing allows you to get in touch with your inner rebel without doing any truly serious damage.
  14. Curse words can protect you. I shit you not. Self Defense 101 says scream and curse like a sailor if a man tries to attack you. They are more likely to ditch a crazy bitch than polite, well-behaved lady.
  15. It feels good to use whatever words we fucking please, whenever and wherever we want to.

Ok, so we had a fan-fuckingtastic time gathering research to support our potty mouths. But what we really want all women to know, is that you should feel supported and empowered to communicate however you want to. If swearing doesn’t feel good or natural to you, you should feel ok using words like “fiddlesticks” instead. A woman should never be judged for how she chooses to express herself. Ever!



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