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Post-Apocalypse: Here’s Why You’d Follow a Culinary Queen

Here's why you'd want a culinary queen to lead your team during the apocalypse? Musings from a knife-wielding she-chef.
Drugs, woman's guide, experiment with drugs

Girls Guide to Experimenting with Drugs

Live in a state where pot is still illegal? A woman's guide to experimenting with drugs. 20 things drug dealers hate.
women should never do

14 Things Women Should Never Do Again

We've created a new kind of list for the contemporary woman. Here are things you've likely done that women should never do again.
body changes

Bathing, Body Changes & Learning to Love Myself

This author explores her body's changes over a lifetime through a series of shower scenes. Bathing has a way of revealing more than expected.
support women

11 Important Ways to Start Supporting Women

We need to support women now more than ever. You know this. But if you are looking for ways to start making a difference today. Read on.
curse words

15 Reasons Why We Use Curse Words (And You Should Too)

Ever wonder why we swear so much? Here are 15 reasons why we use curse words frequently and we think other women should too.
Holden Mine

My Summer in Holden Mine: A Poetic Journal

Excerpts from a poetic journal that came out of a summer spent working in Holden Mine—a long-abandoned copper mine in Washington.

To Working Women Who Play on Labor Day Weekend

An Open letter on Labor Day to our tribe of women workers & adventurers who have the courage to claim their voice and space as authorities in the travel & adventure industries.

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