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Guide to buying a cock cage

A Guide to Buying a Male Chastity Device

Cock measurements that tell all!
types of orgasms

17 Types of Orgasms Women Have & The Toys That Make Them Happen

On January 1st of last year, I embarked on a 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge. My goal was to have one orgasm every day...
clitoral pump that boosts womens libido

Libido-Boosting Clit Pumps & Pussy Pumps & More

These techniques will put your sex drive into overdrive
promescent revitaflux for women review, libido booster, libido boosting supplement for females, female libido booster, libido booster for women

Promescent’s Libido-Boosting VitaFLUX for Women Review: Supercharge Your Sex Drive

I Tried VitaFLUX by Promescent. Turns Out It is More than a Libido Booster for Women In the world of sexual health, there's a silent...
Cock and ball torture

How to Do Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

A Complete Guide (Including Tools) to Cock & Ball Torture Curious about kink?Don't know where to start?Sign up for...
romantic candles for cuffing season cover

Best Romantic Candles Cuffing Season

From romantic candles that come with a complete date night setup to sensual candles that will have you knocking boots in no time at all
Male Chastity Kink

Male Chastity Kink 101: Cocks in a Cage

Male Chastity 101: What's This Kink All About?
LELO Ida Wave Review

LELO Ida Wave Review: Hello G-Spot!

Ride the Ida Wave to a Big, Beautiful Blended Orgasm!
momotaro apotheca review, vaginal health products

Review: Momotaro Apatheca Vaginal Health & Wellness Products

Women and vulva owners everywhere know that maintaining vaginal health can feel like a full-time job. I'm talking about periods, pH, and skin irritation....
Flex menstrual disc reviews, flex period disc reviews

My Flex Disc Review: How FLEX Menstrual Disc Improved My Sex Life

Your period doesn't have to put your sex life on pause.
best lube for sex

The Best Lube for Sex—Your Guide to the Slippery Stuff

If you are going to have sex, especially penetrative sex, then you need to lube! You probably already know that using a good lube...

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