You’ve heard of your G-Spot…but have you actually met her? Located just inside the vaginal opening, this is one of the most sought-after erogenous zones that far too many clumsy fingers have made the come hither motion in a fumbled attempt at stimulating in hopes of accomplishing the ever-elusive internal orgasm. Whether you’ve found your G-spot or not, the LELO Ida Wave is designed to introduce (or reintroduce) you to her and one of the best types of orgasms: The Blended Orgasm.

LELO’s Ida Wave is a dual vibrator that stimulates your external clitoris while simultaneously providing internal stimulation, all in an effort to deliver a powerful blended orgasm. So how does she perform?

I tried her out (a couple of times), and I have some thoughts, opinions, and experiences to share. This sex toy review is going to cover what you can expect to find in the box, it will give you the rundown on the description and specs, and then I’ll let you know not only how to operate the Ida Wave, but what my experience was with her and how I suggest you use her (if you decide you want LELO’s Ida Wave)

So, let’s get started.

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What’s in the LELO Ida Wave’s Box?

LELO Ida Wave dual motor vibrator in it's black box with gold lettering

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love LELO’s packaging. It’s elegant and perfect for gifting. The Ida Wave is displayed through a clear window in sophisticated black packaging with gold lettering. The look and feel communicate luxury. And that’s exactly what you get from LELO: Luxury sex toys.

Once opened, you find everything you need to get started with your LELO Ida Wave Experience. You’ll find the IDA™ Wave, 1 USB-charging cord, 1 Satin storage pouch, a LELO Warranty registration card, and a Detailed instruction manual all inside the box.

Getting Started

The Ida Wave is shaped kind of like an orange (or black) Pacman with a serious underbite. I have to admit, at first site, I was skeptical about it fitting my anatomy even though it boasts fitting vulva owners like a glove. The larger rounded external part looked like it would fall short of my clit.

The first thing I did was take the Ida Wave out of its box and charge it up for our date night. Then I sat down, read through the manual, and downloaded the LELO App for my phone. The Ida Wave is a Bluetooth toy that can be controlled through the LELO App on either an iPhone or Android device. The app itself deserves an entire review of its own, which I won’t do here, but I’ll give you the quick and the dirty.

The LELO App

LELO IDA Wave dual motor vibrator's app

The LELO App can connect to a number of LELO sex toys including the Ida Wave. It allows the user a hands-free experience or the ability to hand control of their toy over to a partner for some sexy fun. The LELO App is also home to more than 4,000 articles, detailed erotic literature, and useful relationship tips, much like some of the other female pleasure and masturbation apps for women that are coming onto the market.

I found it super easy to connect the Ida wave to the LELO app. I simply pressed a button on the side of the sex toy until the light flashed and then located the Ida Wave on my app and just like that it was connected. Bonus: The Ida Wave connects to the app automatically for future use. For example, if I am playing with the Ida Wave and I decide I want to move to the app control, I simply open the app, click the Ida Wave and I’m off to the races.

The LELO App gives the user three ways to control the Ida Wave. You can control it by “screwing” (tipping the phone), “shaking” (shaking the phone), or using the “boring” setting, which lets you manually set the intensity and pattern. I personally stuck to the manual options which have 10 settings and a variety of intensities.


Experience LELO’s patented WaveMotion™ technology and the blended orgasms it provides now!

My Experience with the Ida Wave

Did I have an orgasm? Hell yes. In fact, I orgasmed the fasted I have in years. I came in under five minutes!

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

First, let me be clear. I had low expectations for the Ida Wave. At the same time as I was gearing up to try her out, I was also about to embark on the adventure of trying out the LELO Enigma, and I was confident the Enigma was going to make the Ida Wave seem dull (You can read about the Enigma and the Comparison of the two here). To say that I love toys that provide a clit sucking sensation like the Enigma does with its sonic waves is to put it lightly. While the Ida Wave provides external clitoral stimulation, it’s through vibrations, which is fine, but nothing that seemed exciting.

What the LELO Ida Wave does have is patented WaveMotion™ technology. This technology is contained in the arm that provides internal stimulation. This motor somehow moves the internal arm in a circular…well…wavelike pattern that is NOTHING like the “come hither” motion humans attempt all too often.

I have to admit, I’ve never seen a sex toy move quite like the Ida Wave. My interest was piqued. So, I got started.

First, I made sure my Ida Wave was connected to the LELO App, and then I inserted her and turned her on.

LELO Ida Wave Dual motor Vibrator and it's packaging and charger

My first impression was that she didn’t fit me quite right. In comparison to my past experiences with other toys, the Ida Wave felt like the internal arm didn’t reach that deep. The big, rounded external vibrating body also felt like it fell below my clit and too close to my vaginal opening…I was worried it would fall out if I stopped holding it in. That’s when I told myself, “Well, that’s why I’m testing it out! Just let go and see what happens.” And, I did.

It did not fall out. It didn’t even come close to falling out. So, I kicked back, relaxed, and decided to enjoy the ride.

The Ida Wave surprised THE FUCK out of me. Period.

Did I have an orgasm? Hell yes. In fact, I orgasmed the fasted I have in years. I came in under five minutes!

But let me tell you more.

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Hello G-Spot. It’s Nice to Meet You

Throughout my 48 years of life, I’ve struggled to find my G-Spot. I’ve even had times I came to believe the G-Spot was a lie. Only recently, a partner of mine was able to find it, and find it reliably. It is located just inside of my vagina, not nearly as deep as I, and all of my former clumsy-fingered lovers, suspected. Apparently, the geniuses at LELO knew this too. The internal arm of the Ida Wave hit my G-Spot perfectly. And that wave technology? Holy shit! That movement made my hips move in ways I’ve only enjoyed during the best of sex.

Let’s talk about the external vibration part of the Ida Wave. Does it sit directly on my clit? I don’t really think so. It’s nuzzled right up against it giving my external bean and all of the sensitive vulva areas running from the clit to my vaginal opening a perfect chorus of vibrations that stimulate without overwhelming me or numbing me out.

So, I’m not going to wait for even a second to share my wave technology rating: 10 out of 10 baby! I’m pretty sure a finger can’t even move like that.

I love the way the external section of the Ida Wave firmly hugs my vaginal opening and the area running up to my clit without hurting me or causing any sort of pinching or pain. Its vibrations also don’t take away from the G-Spot stimulation, so you can truly enjoy both the internal and external stimulation simultaneously. Neither steals the show exclusively.

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What The Ida Wave Does Brilliantly

The LELO Ida Wave is designed to give its user a hands-free blended orgasm. This dual-motor sex toy does a wonderful job of balancing sensations. The internal arm and the external vibrator each stimulate orgasmic areas that instead of battling one another for attention, are made to work together in harmony to bring the user to climax. And climax I did. Again and again and again.

The following are the things I love about the Ida Wave:

  • The fit. It fooled me at first. I thought it would slip out, but it stays perfectly in place
  • Distribution of sensations. You can play with intensities and patterns, but in my experience, regardless of your play setting, the combination of the external vibration and internal wave tech motion balances each other beautifully.
  • Material. As with most of the LELO products I’ve tried so far, I love the super soft silicone material the Ida Wave is made out of. It’s gentle on the external vulva areas, internal spots, and the clit. All of which can become sensitive and even painful at times.
  • The App. I like the app! I find it easy to use and I like the added value of informational and erotic content.
  • Did I mention this toy is incredibly quiet? You can barely hear it.

How to Play with the Ida Wave

Annette Benedetti holding the LELO Ida Wave


I’ve primarily played with this toy by myself. I like to put it in and then pull up my favorite porn. Ironically one of the issues I’ve had is that I can’t find the right porn for my mood fast enough. That’s right, for the first time ever…I’m cumming too quickly. I’ve also tried to just put this toy in for fun while I work, but again…it just hits right, and zero work gets done before I cum.

With a Partner

The Ida Wave is also ideal for fun partnered play. You can hand control over to your partner and let them light you up and enjoy the show. This is extra fun if you are into bondage. The Ida Wave is great for playing with taking control of someone’s orgasm while they are restrained.

Another fun way to use the Ida Wave with a partner who has a penis is to put it on and let them enter you. Doggy style position is perfect for this. The sex toy’s internal arm is small enough that it doesn’t get in the way and the penis owner gets to enjoy a little stimulation of their own.

The Ida Wave’s Pros

  • Fit
  • Function (love the dual stimulation)
  • Versatility (You can use it in multiple play situations)
  • Noise (It’s whisper quiet)
  • Education (This toy will introduce or reintroduce you to your G-Spot. I definitely found a new way to stimulate it).
  • Charge time (You get 2 full hours of playtime once the Ida Wave is Charged)
  • Waterproof (Take it in the tub)
  • App (The app adds to the versatility)

The Ida Wave’s Cons

The biggest disappointment I have with the Ida Wave is that the app can’t be used for long distance play. You have to be in close proximity to your partner for playtime. I would LOVE to be able to use this toy long distance with a partner.

The Ida Wave also isn’t cheap. However, it does come with a one-year warranty.

My Final Thoughts On The LELO Ida Wave

The LELO Ida Wave is staying at the top of my toy box for now. I’ve used it often over the weeks I’ve had it, which is genuinely surprising because I tend to lean toward clit sucking toys as my go-to. I’m really loving the G-Spot stimulation and having the opportunity to get to know that erogenous zone.

I highly recommend this toy for vulva owners who want to explore their G-Spot more or who are hoping to achieve a blended orgasm regularly.

You can check out the LELO IDA Wave for yourself here.


Experience LELO’s patented WaveMotion™ technology and the blended orgasms it provides now!

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