New MenopauSex Poll Busts Myths About Menopause

1.3 million women enter menopause each year, and one of the most common fears they report is that the inevitable hormonal shift will ruin their sex lives. Today is World Menopause Day and I’m here to help bust the outdated myths about perimenopause and menopause with the help of a new survey that was conducted on 1000 U.S. women aged 40+. The results from the MenopauSEX OnePoll survey were surprising. As it turns out, menopause and orgasms go together like hugs and kisses…or BDS and M if you prefer.

Survey Findings About Women & Orgasms

The Survey results found that:

  • 42% of women aged 40+ need longer to orgasm  
  • Women aged 40+ are just as likely to experience an increase in libido as a decrease   
  • Orgasms can help with menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness and atrophy, irritability, low libido, and loss of sleep 

Findings from the survey showed that women’s libido has just as much chance of increasing during menopause as it does of decreasing, and perhaps even more surprising was the revelation that regular masturbation and orgasms can alleviate some of the worst perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

Orgasms Relieve Many Perimenopause & Menopause Symptoms

Survey findings suggesting that orgasms help with some of the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause are also backed by doctors. According to renowned German gynecologist, Dr. Elena Maria Leineweber Daily masturbation increases vaginal blood flow and therefore reduces vaginal dryness, atrophy, and painful intercourse in 30 days. And that’s not the only good news she’s sharing. Orgasm can also effectively lower menopausal mood swings and sleep problems.

Some women reported having better sex after menopause!

Better Sex After Menopause?

Can sex get even better during and after menopause? According to the results of the survey, yes! According to the survey, women reported the following:

  • 26% were more sexually adventurous
  • 44% said that not having periods improved their sexual experience
  • 37% found sex more enjoyable because they didn’t have to worry about pregnancy
  • 28% reported an overall better sex experience.

While the potential to have amazing sex through perimenopause and menopause is real, there’s no denying that this hormonal change comes with challenges. Fortunately, with the right education, resources, and products around sex and menopause, women can maintain
a great sex life.

Sex Products that Relieve Menopause Symptoms

A 2019 independent sexologist study found that with just 15 minutes of daily massage with a pulsator:

95% of participants experienced increased vaginal sensitivity
86% enjoyed partnered sex more
77% experience more pleasure during penetration

68% were turned on more easily
59% wanted sex more often

Orgasm Your Way Through Menopause With These Products

You don’t have to face perimenopause and menopause symptoms alone! You can make your journey through menopause easily orgasmic with products that are proven to help. Below you’ll find a combo of products that offer a solution to some of the most common menopause symptoms.

Weaker Orgasms


Pair the Volta External Vibrator with its incredible fluttering sensation with the Smart Balls Duo for kegel work that feels incredible. And add in Momotaro Tonic, a vitamin-rich oil that nourishes and restores skin. You’ll not only cum harder…you’ll feel softer and revitalized.

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Frequent Infections & Irregular Bleeding

fun factory products to treat menopause symptoms.

With perimenopause comes frequent and unexpected irregular bleeding. Women and people with vulvas are also more likely to struggle with vaginal PH issues which can mean they may suffer from yeast and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) infections more often. This doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying sex. This triple pack addresses all of the aforementioned issues and will have you orgasming again in no time. Take Momotaro’s probiotics for vaginal health support daily. Then, couple using Fun Factory’s Period Fun Cups and Momotaro’s Salve which naturally soothes itching and irritation from bacterial and yeast infections while supporting a healthy PH balance

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Sleep Problems & Stress

Stress is the number one orgasm killer for women! Unfortunately, sleep issues and stress are fairly common for women going through menopause. Try combining Momotaro Tonic with the petite but multi-orgasmic Miss Bi (a G-Spot Vibe). Add Momotaro Hydrosol, a toning spray you can use right on your vulva to help you avoid yeast and BV infections, and you will sleep like a baby after orgasming yourself to sleep

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Hornier Than Before & Feeling Adventurous!


Believe it or not, your libido might be insatiable as you make your way through perimenopause. Get adventurous with the ever-popular Manta. Use it as a cock masturbator or turn that penis into a giant vibrating dildo you can ride. You can’t lose! The Sharevibe is great for some penetrative sex with two vulva owners or give pegging a try! And remember, whatever you do and however you do it, always remember to bring lube! Sliquid H2O will keep you wet!

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