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I’m 48, and all I want, much like so many women in my age range, is a night of solid, sweatless sleep and to wake up, look in the mirror and not see a dry, exhausted, aging version of my former self staring back. Look, I know that’s a tall order. I know that miracles are in short supply these days. But, with National World Menopause day on October 18th, I’ve been more motivated than ever to seek out solutions to the many challenges that going through perimenopause presents. My research led me to a Hormonal Health & Beauty company called Hello. Me. that creates products for women experiencing symptoms of menopause and their line of products delivered some surprising results.

Hello. Me Hydrophoria Collagen & Probiotic Powder

One of the most shocking things I’ve experienced throughout my 40s and as perimenopause symptoms have set in is my skin’s loss of elasticity and how the plumpness of youth my face once enjoyed has dissipated. I was excited to try this collagen and probiotic powder by Hello. Me. One of the things I like least about aging is what it does to my skin. I’ve heard many good things about collagen supplements, but I’ve never tried one before. In addition, the onset of peri-menopause has resulted in quite a bit of previously non-existent muscle and joint pain. Collagen is supposed to help with this. And who doesn’t want a solid probiotic? Bloating be gone, please!

What’s In It

1 box of Hello. Me’s Hydrophoia Collagen and Probiotic powder holds 15 berry-flavored packets that can be mixed to drink once daily in water. It boasts 5g of collagen to support your skin, hair, nails, and joints and 10 billion CFU of probiotics from 7 different strains that are designed to help to heal your gut. Snow mushroom is another key ingredient that is supposed to help you gain back plumper-looking skin. (Who doesn’t want that?!)

Resveratrol is another key ingredient that Hello. Me includes that I was super interested in. It is a potent antioxidant, that is structurally similar to estrogen. It binds to and activates estrogen receptors, which can be beneficial to women with both low and high estrogen levels. And my estrogen level is low, low, low. Low estrogen in perimenopausal women leads to symptoms like dry skin, vaginal dryness, fatigue and irritability, and trouble concentrating. I’ve been experiencing all of these.

My Experience

woman holding a box of hydrophoria collagen packets by Hello. Me for menopause treatment

I emptied my first packet of Hydrophoria collagen and probiotics into a large glass of cold water. I was pleased that it dissolved quickly and left no clumps. I LOVE the flavor. It’s lightly sweetened, but not overwhelming. As I mentioned above, I’ve never tried a collagen supplement before but I have read reviews from women who say that they don’t like the way it tastes in their food or drink. I honestly didn’t taste anything besides the light berry flavor that Hydrophoria adds. People who don’t enjoy sweetened drinks will be pleased with the subtle flavor. I like sweetened drinks, so this supplement sat well with me.

After about a week of daily use, I can solidly say that my stomach has felt great! Bloating and feeling generally uncomfortable in my skin has become the new norm since peri-menopause set in. My stomach often pushes uncomfortably against my pants and that seems to have dissipated some over the last couple of days. I also have felt good about my general appearance. My skin has been glowy and I don’t know if this is because of my daily dose of Hydrophoria or my daily 365 Days of Orgasms orgasm, but the change is significant enough that I’m looking forward to continuing to use this powder.

Cost: 30 Sachets (two boxes), cost $80. In my opinion, this isn’t an outrageous price when compared to what’s on the market. And I like that it is essentially a 2 for 1.

Buy it: You can purchase your Hydrphoria Sachets Here (Use discount code SheExplores15 for %15 off at checkout.)

a bottle of Bye Bye Hotflashes by Hello. Me

Bye Bye Hot Flash

Every woman going through peri-menopause and menopause changes experiences a hot flash. Sometimes many. Sometimes all night long. Hot flashes aren’t just uncomfortable, they can feel disgusting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night soaking my bed with sweat and on fire. It was a little hard for me to believe that an organic mouth spray could be that fast-acting. Bye Bye Hot flash mouth spray by Hello. Me boasts the ability to cool night sweats in a matter of minutes. It also claims to calm anxiety.

This menopause symptom relief product contains certified organic sage, soybean, black cohosh, peppermint, and spearmint all of which I’ve come across in the past during my research into peri-menopause relief and all of which are known to be effective in treating menopause symptoms.

Cost: Bye Bye Hot Flash only costs $39. Depending on how often you need it, that seems like a reasonable price for fast relief since there are so few products that offer instant relief.

Buy it: You can purchase your Bye Bye Hot Flash Here (Use discount code SheExplores15 for %15 off at checkout.)

My Experience

I keep a bottle of the Bye By Hot Flash Spray next to my bed. The directions say to use 5 to six sprays under the tongue to instantly cool yourself down. I have used this many times and each time I can solidly say I’ve experienced relief. The minty taste certainly helps. It provides an icy feeling that starts in my mouth and spreads up through my sinuses and eyes to the top of my head (in a lovely way). Perhaps where the head goes, the rest of the body follows…or maybe the herbs are just doing their things. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful for the relief. Bonus result: The mint and peppermint flavoring help with some nasty acid reflux that I have had since the onset of perimenopause. Yay!

can read more about Bye By Hot Flash Here. Note: Use discount code SheExplores15 at checkout.


If you have been looking for a collagen or probiotic supplement, I think you’ll be happy with Hydrophoria. I certainly am. Bye Bye Hot Flash is a nice instant treatment for an ongoing issue. I like that I can keep it right next to my bed. I love that it offers at least some level of instant relief every time I use it.

I love that Hello. Me is a woman-owned company and the products created are made by people who intimately understand a woman’s hormonal experience.

You can find out more about Hello. Me and purchase their products they offer here. Remember to use my discount code SheExplores15 at checkout to receive a %15 discount off your first purchace.

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