The  LELO DOT™ Clit Stimulator Gets to the Point

I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of an oscillating clit vibrator before the new LELO DOT was brought to my attention. Shaped a bit like a digital thermometer with an ergonomic handle, I wasn’t sure what to think about the  LELO DOT’s claim that it provides a revolutionary movement that can lead to multiple orgasms. In this LELO DOT review, I’ll cover what this pinpoint vibrator’s elliptical movement is all about, and I’ll tell you exactly how orgasmic it was for me!

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Experience the orgasmic magic of elliptical motion!

My Experience with The LELO DOT


I’ve had the opportunity to use the LELO DOT both in a partnered situation and in my solo play experiences. While I knew that this pinpoint vibe was being marketed for solo play, I initially thought it would be easiest to find my clit with it if it was in a partner’s hand, so I started my experimentation with the LELO DOT in my partner’s hand.

What happened next surprised me. But first…

What’s in the Box

By now you must know that I’m a sucker for sexy packaging. And let’s get real, a luxury sex toy deserves some elegant packaging. LELO did not disappoint. I love the sleek black box, its gold lettering, and its black velvet insert. The modern container is everything I’d want for gift giving even if I’m only giving myself the gift of pleasure.

Inside the box, there’s the oh-so-sleek-looking LELO Dot. Mine came in aqua, but it comes in pink and lilac too. You will also find a USB charging cable and a sachet of LELO personal moisturizer, which is glycerin and paraben-free, along with a short user manual with a QR code where you can download the full user manual. But, that’s not all, the packaging includes a warranty registration card with a code that allows you to register your LELO DOT, which will give you a one-year warranty and a ten-year quality guarantee. 

The box and parts included in the LELO DOT

LELO DOT’s Presentation & Specs

The LELO DOT is made of ABS plastic and body-safe silicone. It is 2.4 x 1.8 x 6.5 in and it weighs 3.5 oz. The unique shape of the pinpoint vibrator should not be taken for granted. It has a beautifully smooth handle that loops and comes together until it thins to a point.

There are three buttons on the handle of this oscillating vibe. There is an +, which increases intensity, a – which decreases the intensity, and a (()) button which toggles through 8 patterns.

Getting Started

Charge Time: 2 hours
Play Time: 2 hours

In order to use the LELO DOT is has to be charged first. Charge it for two hours prior to first play. To lock and unlock the pinpoint clit vibe hold down + and – for 3 seconds. To turn it on, press and hold the (()) button.

Partner Play with the LELO DOT

As I said, I started my experimentation with the LELO DOT in a partner-play situation. It simply seemed to me that a pinpoint precision clit vibe would do better in the hands of someone who could really see (and was quite familiar with) my clit. But as soon as we started, much to my surprise, my partner and I both decided the LELO DOT was better off in my hands.

I was shocked at how perfectly the vibe was shaped to fit comfortably in my hand. I was able to, without looking, find my clit with the oscillating tip of the LELO DOT instantly and easily.

Now let’s talk about that “oscillating” movement. Most vibes move in a circular pattern but the LELO DOT boasts having something called Infinite ™ Loop technology, which uses an elliptical motion to deliver stimulation to the clitoris and other erogenous areas. And deliver it does.

lelo dot review

In the past, when using traditional vibrators, I have most often required the highest setting on the vibe to get to the big O. This was not the case with the LELO DOT. In fact, I had to stay in the lower range of intensity when using the pinpoint tip on and around my clit and other sensitive erogenous zones. But the cool thing about the LELO DOT is that while the pinpoint tip is where that super insane elliptical motion happens, the motion vibrates from the tip through to the handle, so another super fun way to use this sex toy is to lay the length of it flat across your vulva so you can cover more surface area at a lower intensity.

I loved using the LELO DOT during partner play. It allowed me to stimulate my clit and other sensitive areas while enjoying deep penetration with my partner. This of course led to explosive multiple orgasms!

The LELO DOT is also an awesome tease and tickler to use on nipples, thighs and all of your erogenous areas.

The LELO DOT & Solo Play (Masturbation)

This pinpoint clit vibe does the job. In fact, the biggest problem I have had with it is slowing things down so I don’t orgasm too fast! Seriously…what a sweet problem to have.

One of the things I really like about this self-discovery tool is that you can use the tip to search out specific areas on and around your vulva that really get you going, or turn you on but don’t push you to orgasm immediately. Think of it as a tool for sexual scientific experimentation! What woman and vulva owner doesn’t need to learn more about their bodies and what really lights them on fire in bed?

When I use the LELO DOT during my masturbation sessions, I go between using the tip directly on my clit and erogenous zones to laying the length of it flat and enjoying the vibration.

LELO DOT Highlights

This clit vibes highlights include:

  • A good charge that offers a long playtime
  • Precise stimulation to your area of choice
  • The shape of it feels natural and comfortable
  • The fit allows for ease of use. Finding your clit is natural and easy
  • It has the ability to provide some seriously intense stimulation if desired
  • Works well in both partner and solo play
  • It’s water resistant
  • It’s super easy to clean

Final Thoughts

The LELO DOT is a great self-discovery, sensual play toy. It’s fantastic for solo experiences and partnered experiences. It’s fun when paired with penetrative toys, dildos, or cocks and it definitely delivers pinpoint stimulation exactly where you want it.

This precise vibe is a great luxury toy addition to your erotic toolbox. It also makes a gorgeous gift option for the amazing woman or vulva owner in your life!

lelo dot lilac


Experience the orgasmic magic of elliptical motion!

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