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The Best Sex Toys by Zodiac Sign

Does Your Star Sign Sex Toy Fit Your Sexuality?

You look to your star sign for guidance in your quest for love. You likely turn to your zodiac sign for insight into professional decisions, big life changes, and more. Why wouldn’t you consult your star sign when it comes to improving your sex life? No matter what star sign you are, there is a specific sex toy that according to that Zodiac sign, has the power to give you stronger orgasms, enhance your sexual connection with your partner(s), and can help you reach even higher levels of sexual satisfaction. 

The following is your guide to the types of sex toys that are most compatible with your star sign. When the person with the listed zodiac sign uses the type of sex toys suggested they are more likely to achieve their highest states of ecstasy with partners and when they are masturbating alone.

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A Guide to Star Signs & The Toys That Will Satisfy Them

Aquarius: High Tech Sex Toys

The Aquarius is known for their “free-thinking,” and their ability to see beyond the expected. These people often break with convention and can even ruffle a few feathers when doing so. 

For that reason, a high-tech sex toy that pushes the limits of the industry is what will appeal to the Aquarius the most. This might get a little expensive, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Aquarius, try this:

sex toys according to your star signs

We-Vibe Chorus

This remote-controlled couples toy truly understands you. It’s Intelligent and intuitive. Chorus allows you to experience the most powerful pleasure. Chorus features unique touch-sensitive receptors located beneath the We-Vibe logo. As you play, your movements control the vibrations. Chorus is powered by AnkorLink technology. AnkorLink creates the most stable connection between your We-Vibe and the We-Connect app. With the free We-Connect app, you can play and share control of Chorus from anywhere, create custom vibes and play together with other We-Vibe products.

Pisces – Sonic Wave Toys

Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune—the home of spirituality and dreams—so if you’re planning a gift, make sure it sends them out of this world. 

Toys that use sonic wave technology to achieve heightened senses of orgasm could just be the ticket for the Pisces to find the dream they’ve always been looking for. They’ll enjoy the waves of pleasure rushing over them, as they escape into ecstasy.

Pisces, try this:

Lelo Sila Sonic Massager

The Lelo Sila uses sonic waves to massage your clitoris. The Sila Clit Sucker doesn’t suck at your clit as much as it mimics the sensation of oral sex through blowing,  sucking, rhythmic pulsations of air. We love the Lelo Sila Clit Sucker because it’s a clitoral massager that mimics slow, continuous oral sex! The Lelo Sila is different than other clit suckers, as it features a wide, soft mouth that covers more area. This means it stimulates not only your clitoral glans, but the parts of your clitoris that you can’t see. This sex toy was made to bring you to orgasm slowly, so that you can really enjoy the journey before a toe-tingling climax.

Aries: Intense Sex Toys

The fire sign of all fire signs, Aries are ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. No surprise that these people like their action, and when it comes to their toys, it’s all or nothing.

Make sure to get one that reaches high intensity in vibration, because anything less might not give the Aries the release they’re looking for. Not only will the intensity be their preferred state, but it will get the job done in no time—which Aries love.

Aries try this.

sex toy, magic wand

Magic Wand Original Massager

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a must-have for awesome sex. This personal massager features a clean, simple, and user-friendly design. The powerful 4-speed motor cranks incredible vibes. The 12-inch-long shaft is ergonomically designed for optimal grip to find your perfect angle for orgasm-inducing contact. 

Taurus: Multi-Functional Sex Toys

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus—the planet of sensuality and love—so finding a sex toy shouldn’t be that hard of a task. 

But if you really want to take your experience to another state, find a toy that can achieve multiple pleasures in one sitting. One that stimulates multiple areas of the body will be just what the Taurus needs. 

Taurus, try this:

duo sex toy for the zodiac sign


The DUO has it all. This dual stimulation pairs contactless clitoral suction with G-spot vibes. Incredible! DUO is the best of both worlds and features Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology and stimulates the clitoris with powerful waves of alternating air pressure while also massaging the G-spot with intense internal vibrations. Meet Womanizer’s innovative take on the classic rabbit vibe. You’re gonna love it!

Gemini: Sex Toys that Syncs to Music

You know when your sign is ruled by Mercury, there will have to be some kind of audio involved in your toy. 

Geminis love a bit of verbal communication, so finding a high-tech toy that can Bluetooth sync to music will be the ultimate gift in satisfaction. You can even give control to your significant other while having them whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

Gemini try this!

We Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync fits snugly to your body for hands-free clitoral and G-spot stimulation, letting both partners experience intense vibrations. The free We-Connect app allows Geminis to play and control from anywhere. They can even Vibe to music with Beat mode or use Touch mode for real-time control at their fingertips!

Cancer – Waterproof Sex Toys

It’s no secret that Cancers absolutely love to be in the water due to their highly intuitive and emotional states. It’s easy to see why they would appreciate a toy that can be with them when they need it most. 

Waterproof sex toys will be the go-to choice so that Cancers can be in their natural, feel-good place with something to make the experience even better. 

Cancer Try This:

valentine's day gifts for her, koi wand

The KOI Wand

This is the perfect gift for the sexy, eco-conscious woman in your life. The Koi is the newest addition to the Love Not War eco-friendly sex toy collection. This wand is petite enough to be easily maneuvered during sex with a partner, but it’s a powerful sex toy that delivers explosive orgasms even when she’s alone, AND it’s waterproof!.

The Koi is small, sleek, and beautiful. It provides deep rumbling vibrations with four intensity levels, and seven vibration patterns.

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Watch Our Video Review of the KOI Here.

Leo – Top of the Line Sex Toys

As the center of our known universe, the sun is all-powerful energy, so it makes sense that the Leo, which is ruled by the star, would have the highest expectations when it comes to their sex toy. 

Only the top of the line product will do, so make sure the toy has all the bells and whistles possible, because Leos will care more about the toy itself than the pleasure they receive.

Leos, try this!

The Best Sex Toys for Couples, Blow and Glow Kit


This box kit comes with all the bells and whistles. The kit includes the Manta, which can be used to glide along the penis during a blow job and its deep vibrations turn your partner’s penis into a vibrator. Additionally, the NŌS is one of the best cock rings on the market! It can be held against the perineum during a blow job or used to deliver mind-bending vibes to the clit while engaging in sex.

But that’s not all, the kit also comes with a Ylang-ylang massage candle that softens every touch, 6 exclusive video workshops from Ashley Manta, 4 games to help you expand your play, plus a custom hair scrunchie.

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Virgo – Tons of Settings

It’s hard to get the Virgo—who are ruled by the planet Mercury—out of their own head. They are constantly thinking and planning their next move, so it only makes sense the bedroom should act in the same way. 

Virgos know what they want, so their toy has to give them the opportunity to figure that out. Get one with multiple settings and patterns that can match their exact mood on that day.

valentine's day gifts for her, lady bi vibrator

Lady Bi

The video will feel like a queen when she uses the Lady Bi. This dual motor vibrator provides deep, strong rumbling through the shaft and the clit stimulator is soft enough to keep your bean from getting too sensitive while providing sweet vibrations. There are six vibe speeds and six vibe patterns. Just enough to keep the Virgo happy.

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Libra – Toys for Two

Even though Libras are ruled by the same planet as the Taurus—the planet of love—they also rule the house of partnership. That means any toy would be better served if it served two people than just solo play. 

Getting a pair of sex dice or some handcuffs that can be enjoyed by both parties will be the ultimate Libra toy, because their need for partner’s satisfaction will ultimately be fulfilled. 

Libras try this:

sex toys, star signs


Libras will LOVE SHARE LITE when buying according to their star sign. The Share Lite is the world’s first lightweight double dildo! It is made of a lightweight inner core that’s easy to lift without a harness. The girthy end is wide enough to stay put, even when you get slippery inside.

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Scorpio: Thrusting Toy

It won’t be any surprise to Scorpios that they crave an experience that can truly blow their expectations apart. Ruling the house of sexual intimacy means they have a leg up when it comes to time in the bedroom. 

Any toy that gives the experience for you will be a preferred option for the Scorpio. Thrusting toys help get the job done without needing to be fully controlled, which will allow the Scorpio to concentrate on letting go and giving in.


 This is a pulsing and thrusting vibe that will thrill Scorpios!. SUNDAZE uses patented new technology to move not just from zingy to rumbling vibration, but also to light tapping that turns you on like nothing else. Enjoy pulsing and stroking motions, and hands-free thrusting for internal or external massage. This thrusting vibrator is good for sensitive people and also for power lovers, a combination you hardly ever see.

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Sagittarius: Big Wand Toys

Sagittarius signs live to experience the world and everything in it, so finding a sex toy that is bigger than life will help them feel they are getting what they deserve. 

A large wand that can make the Sagittarius realize they aren’t missing anything will help them relax and stay in the moment. Anything smaller and the Sagittarius could wonder what else is out there.

Sagittarius, try this:

sex toy, magic wand

Magic Wand Original Massager

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a must-have for awesome sex. This personal massager features a clean, simple, and user-friendly design. The powerful 4-speed motor cranks incredible vibes. The 12-inch-long shaft is ergonomically designed for optimal grip to find your perfect angle for orgasm-inducing contact. 

Capricorn: BDSM Toys

Capricorns keep it cool in and out of the bedroom, so handling intense role-play situations is really how they can learn to use their calmness to excite. BDSM and other control-oriented toys will appeal naturally to the Capricorn.

This type of play really helps the slow, methodical approach that Capricorns always take to life—but in a fun way that will help them reach the ecstasy, they’re looking for. 

Fabiana Restraint Kit Genuine Leather

This non-intimidating restraint kit is perfect for the Libra. This kit is gorgeous. Made with genuine leather, it delivers a high quality but comfortable feel. The kit includes a blindfold, wrist and ankle cuffs, collar & leash, ballgag, cross buckle, and ultra-soft adjustable cuffs.

Star Sign Sex Toys

Finding the right sex toy for your star sign should be fairly easy given what you already know about yourself. Use what already comes naturally out of the bedroom to decide what will work for you in the bedroom. 

By Ashlee Moore

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