Pleasure Coach Ali Gomulka shares her personal journey and why all women deserve to connect with their orgasmic selves.

Pleasure coach Ali Gomulka joined Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast for an episode titled Pleasure Inside: How to Have an Orgasm without a High-Powered Vibe. During this conversation, Gomulka shared her passion and approach to helping women connect with their natural orgasmic selves. You can listen to the full podcast here.

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The conversation with Ali Gomulka was so fascinating, I decided to dive deeper into her personal experience and journey as a pleasure coach with a Q&A session. Here is what she shared.

Q & A with Pleasure Coach Ali Gomulka

Q: What made you decide to become a pleasure coach

Ali Gomulka: I used to think I was broken and that something was wrong with me and my body because I had never experienced the kind of pleasure and orgasms that I would see portrayed so easily in the media. I couldn’t feel any pleasure really! In fact, the only way I could manage to feel anything (and to force myself to orgasm) was with a super high-powered vibrator. And if the batteries were even remotely dying, forget it. No orgasm for me.

I felt like a “failure” as a woman and as a partner, because my sexual desire was so low, it was virtually non-existent really.

I would read articles back then, talking about how 75-80% of women around the world aren’t able to orgasm via penetration and that it was completely “ok” to rely on toys to feel pleasure.

But I didn’t want to rely on them, and I didn’t want to accept that this is just how it was. I wanted to feel more! I wanted to feel orgasmic and alive with pleasure and not just when I brought out my vibrator either. So, I went on a journey of deepening into my connection with my body and my sexual energy.

Slowly, over time, I began to feel more and more in my body, and I started to feel my arousal and pleasure building so easily—even without any touch at all!

It was so crazy to realize that this had really been inside me all along! Yet I had spent a lifetime numb to it all and conditioning myself to rely on high-powered friction to ever feel anything at all!

Eventually, I felt so free and unapologetic in my body, and my sexual energy, that I truly came to life as the orgasmic woman that I am today—the woman that I always knew I was meant to be.

I then went on to study as a self-pleasure coach, to further expand and grow in this area, so I could teach other women all over the world to awaken to their own deepest orgasmic state too.

Q: When it comes to coaching other women what are you most passionate about? 

pleasure coach ali golmuka squats down

Ali Gomulka: Hands down, the thing I am most passionate about, is seeing women really come ALIVE, when they awaken their delicious orgasmic state!

This awakening is incredible to witness in another woman and humbles me every time.

You see, an orgasmic, pleasure-filled woman is a woman who is deeply connected to herself and a woman who feels fully free in her unfiltered expression.

I personally had no idea of the ripple effects that would occur when I began my own journey into feeling more pleasure in this way. All I wanted to do was be able to orgasm and to increase my libido—that’s it—that’s all I wanted to do. 

Yet on this journey of igniting my sexual fire, I awakened to an even greater version of myself, that I didn’t even know I was still hiding away in me!

When you finally stop stifling and suppressing your orgasmic state, you ignite your own greatest potential in ALL areas of life.

Q: What would you like other women who are in the same place you were before your journey to know now?

Ali Gomulka: Basically, this: You are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s a load of bullshit that only a ‘certain number of women are capable of feeling incredible pleasure (ALL women are capable of this!) Listen to that feeling that you have inside of you, that keeps telling you there is more waiting for you. You have SO MUCH pleasure waiting inside of you.

and you can awaken to your own deepest orgasmic state too!

Q: What are your current offerings? 

I have my “Becoming Orgasmic” Audiobook, as well as my 6 Week, Ignite Your Pleasure Power Online Course. 

Q: What do you like most about being a pleasure coach?

Ali Gomulka: As I said above, witnessing women truly come to life when they awaken to their orgasmic state! 

And also, helping to release the stigma, shame, and taboo around pleasure, orgasms, and sex, by talking so openly about the things that so many struggle with behind closed doors.

Q: What has been most challenging? 

I guess I would say changing women’s perceptions around orgasm and how this is achieved. 

Most of us aren’t raised to understand what orgasm is and how to experience this. It’s not a button that some do or don’t have in the body, it’s a buildup and release of energy. And this energy can be connected to anywhere, even without touch, simply through awareness.

I want all women to know and realize this, so they can begin to awaken their own greatest pleasure potential. But yeah, this can be challenging at times and confronting for some people to hear, as it goes against what they’ve been led to believe.

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