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365 Days of Orgasms Challenge: Week 9 & 10 (Yes I’m Still Coming)

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My 2022 Sex Resolution: An Orgasm a Day

As a sexually empowered woman staring down the barrel of a new year and perimenopause, I thought why not create a sex-based New Year’s resolution designed to not only support but also improve my sexual health? I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read about women’s sexuality, especially when it comes to women and aging, that proclaim nothing but doom and gloom when it comes to our libidos. If I read one more article about how my sex drive is destined to diminish over time, I might just lose my shit. So instead of allowing my mind to be influenced by negative information, I decided to commit to an epic challenge in 2022: The 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge. I’m going to attempt to have at least one orgasm a day in 2022, and I’m going to share what happens with you.

To follow a week-by-week update on my 365 Days of orgasms, continue reading. To find out why I chose to do this challenge, what the many benefits are and how you too can do the challenge scroll down!

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365 Days Of Orgasms Updates

365 Days of Orgasms Week 9 & 10: Feb. 26- Mar. 11

Yes, folks…I’m still cumming. As a matter of fact, as I write this I am officially 73 days into my 365 Days of Orgasms challenge. I have had way more than 73 orgasms since I started, but the important point is that I have kept to my New Year’s resolution for 73 flippin’ days, which may be a first in this lifetime for me. So, I’m celebrating that.

What I’ve Learned: Next, I’m celebrating that it has become relatively easy and routine for me to get my daily orgasm in these last couple of weeks. The trick? Knock one out in the morning (or as early as possible). That’s the jist, but there’s actually more to it than that. I set myself up for success by having a clean and fully charged sex toy on my bedstand with my favorite lube (see below) sitting next to it so I can bang myself as soon as I open my eyes.

Not that it always happens that way. On slow mornings when I have time, I bring my coffee to bed, scroll Tik Tok (Check out my videos about being bisexual) and my other social feeds, and then when the mood finally strikes me I leisurely pick whatever toy I want to indulge in and enjoy a long, delicious play session with myself. This is, of course, true when I’m by myself.

When I’m with my partner is with me, I feel spoiled! And I do indeed get spoiled in all the best ways. So I suppose it’s important to point out, I don’t get credit for all of the orgasms I’ve had since the beginning of the year.

Benefits: At this point in my 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge, I’m pretty much enjoying myself. The last two weeks have gone by in a blur of daily orgasms that easily rate 8 to 9 out of 10. My sex drive is up, up, up. And I’d say my overall confidence is up. There’s something about having a high libido and feeling sensual throughout the day that just makes me feel more certain in everything I do. I am beginning to believe that this challenge may actually end up being part of my ongoing self-care routine long after 2022 is done. It’s still too early to tell.

uberlube, 365 days of orgasms

Suggested Toy: I have a new toy I’ll be introducing at our next update, but for now, I want to refer you to my description of überlube below. I can’t express how much I love this lube. It comes in a beautiful bottle that looks like a pretty perfume bottle sitting on your bedside table. And when I’m done, there’s no goopy, messy clean-up. In fact, I actually like the way it makes my skin feel. And I’m talking about the skin in, on, and around my vagina, labia, and clit. I’m convinced that using this lube will help me retain moisture as I go through menopause (I’m in perimenopause now.) I want to encourage you ladies to order some for yourselves. You won’t regret it and you DESERVE this luxury lube in your life. The good news is that you can get it for a discount when you shop Linger Boutique . Just use the code Suggested Toy: This week I’m suggesting the incredible überlube. This luxury lube is incredible and should sit upon every woman’s bedside table. It will quickly become your favorite lube to use during masturbation and sex. You can buy it through Linger Boutique and then enjoy a discount with the code SheExplores10 at check out. (You can apply this discount to any products you choose to buy and get 10% off when you use the code.)

365 Days of Orgasms Week 8: Feb. 19-25

This past week was difficult for me. As I shared I was masturbating my way through some serious relationship challenges. To my surprise, my libido came back full force at the beginning of last week, even though I was still struggling emotionally. My orgasms were (are) picking up in quality, intensity, and duration consistently. For a week now, I would say the majority of my orgasms are easily 9s and 10s. It’s fucking awesome! Along with having better orgasms, I would say that I’m starting to feel sexier and a bit more confident. I did get to engage in some makeup sex this weekend…and to say that it was mind-meltingly good is an understatement. So as of this week, I’m calling 365 Days of Orgasms a success so far. Now, I’m curious to see how things continue.

What I learned: I am almost 2 months into my 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge and I think what I’m learning is that like anything else, practice makes perfect. I have always struggled with having orgasms and what I’m noticing is that the more masturbating and orgasming become just another normal daily activity, the more I’m able to get out of my head about it, let go, and enjoy.

For the first time in my life, I actually allow myself to make noises when I’m masturbating, and sometimes I even talk dirty out loud. These are both things I have only done while with partners present. Additionally, I don’t judge what I’m watching if I’m watching porn, or what I fantasize about, and I’m allowing myself to explore new ways of touching and pleasuring myself. There are so many more “hot spots” on my body than I realized. There are areas on my labia and vulva I’ve never bothered touching because my focus was on my clit…and I’m even beginning to find multiple places inside that offer intense pleasure when stimulated. I am confident that as I continue to explore my body and new toys, a whole new world of pleasure and sexual satisfaction will open up to me.

Finally, I don’t want to shortchange the benefits of masturbating my way through heartache. I highly, highly recommend it. The act of loving on myself when I felt unlovable was a gift. It offered stress relief, kept me from going down the road of abandoning self-care, stoked my libido’s fire, and resulted in days where I felt damn good about myself. Masturbation IS an act of self-love. Don’t forget that.

Suggested Toy: This week I’m suggesting the incredible überlube. This luxury lube is incredible and should sit upon every woman’s bedside table. It will quickly become your favorite lube to use during masturbation and sex. You can buy it through Linger Boutique and then enjoy a discount with the code SheExplores10 for a 10% off your purchase at check out. (You can apply this discount to any products you choose to buy and get 10% off when you use the code.)


This lube is truly luxurious. It comes in a beautiful bottle that looks nice on the dresser and it is silky smooth going on and leaves absolutely no residue. Fun fact: You can use it as a body product for anti-chafing reasons, and in your hair as an anti-frizz product!

I promise that you will fall in love with this lube the first time you try it. It’s scent and color free and works perfectly with a woman’s PH.

Don’t forget to use the code SheExplores10 for a 10% discount!

365 Days of Orgasms Week 6 & 7: Feb. 5-18

I’m just going to own that I missed the last 365 Days of Orgasms update. So, for those of you who were concerned, yes I’m still having orgasms. And for those of you betting I won’t make it 365 Days, well, I’m going to give you a run for your money.

Week 6: I’ll admit, I had one day when I didn’t fully orgasm (or so I think). I had a friend in town and furiously (and quietly) tried to bang one out in the bathroom with little success. Now, I did have a small “convulsion” of sorts, that felt like a very weak orgasm, which led me to wonder if perhaps I do cum easier than I thought.

Is it possible that I’ve been living with the misconception that in order for an orgasm to be considered a legit orgasm, it’s got to be big? Regardless of the answer to that question, I’ve decided that if I masturbate like a champ and get even the smallest of orgasm-like convulsions, my session is a success. Don’t get me wrong, I always go for the big O, but I won’t punish myself if I can’t get one every time.

Week 7: This week I was first very lucky. And then, not so lucky. I met with the owners of Linger Boutique, an online shop that carries products designed to help women have more orgasms. I interviewed them for an upcoming podcast and they sent me home with some awesome sex toys to review. Thus, I felt very lucky. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day resulted in my relationship status changing. That’s right, I’m going through a very difficult breakup.

When I started 365 Days of Orgasms, I anticipated I’d be faced with a wide variety of challenges throughout the year, however admittedly, I did not expect heartbreak to be one of them at all, much less this early in the year. Have you ever tried masturbating while in the throes of heartbreak? The first night after, when I realized I still had to get my orgasm in, I considered folding. I felt unattractive, exhausted, and incredibly unsexy. Not only that, the idea of activating my sexual pleasure made me want to cry.

What I learned: I poured myself a vodka soda, pulled my big girl panties up, and grabbed one of my new toys–a clit sucker called the Dame Aer. Once I had the toy properly placed, I was surprised at how quickly my body and mind reacted. It felt like I had taken some “feel good” pill that a doctor would prescribe as the love cocktail of dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins entered my system. The Aer was so successful at lighting up the pleasure response in my body (regardless of where my mind and emotions were at) that for the minutes I spent masturbating, my heartache subsided. Now, I would be lying if I didn’t share that I did work to keep my mind from going in negative directions, but generally masturbating made feeling better for the moment possible and relieved some of the stress and anxiety I was struggling with as well.

Benefits: This result wasn’t a one-time thing. The following nights/days I had the same experience. Do I feel like my good ol’ sexy self in general? No. But while I’m masturbating, I do experience a lift and a bit of sensuality return. So, there ya go. I am declaring that breakup sex with yourself is both good for you, and a great way to avoid completely losing your groove in a breakup.

Suggested Toy: The Dame Aer, obviously. Check it out! And if you decide that you want to buy one for yourself, make sure you follow the link I’ve provided to Linger Boutique and use the code SheExplores10 for a 10% off your purchase at check out. (You can apply this discount to any products you choose to buy at their shop).

Aer by Dame

Aer is a powerful clit sucking toy that gets the job done. Aer creates thrilling pulses of air and a soft seal around your clitoris, so you can go all the way, right away. 

The Aer uses pressure wave technology to create rhythmic pulses of air that’ll give users a next-level pleasurable experience. Aer mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth—kinda…but what it definitely is, is the right toy for when your arousal needs a kickstart, or if you just prefer a quick and intense peak. This toy is also great for using with a partner. Its slim design allows it to fit perfectly between two bodies without stealing the show.

Don’t forget to use the code SheExplores10 for a 10% discount!

365 Days of Orgasms Week 5: Jan. 29-Feb. 4

This week was interesting. Early in the week, my partner was visiting. One night we turned on a movie and I decided to go ahead and knock my first orgasm out while we watched the movie. Yep. I just laid in their lap and worked on myself while they watched the movie (and me) and gently stroked my legs, stomach, and chest. It was wonderful. A low-stress orgasm with 2 hours’ leeway and a little company (and help) was just what I needed.

With my period done, my libido was back in full swing. Several days during the week, when I found myself stressed out, I’d give myself orgasms to relax. Oddly enough, almost all of the orgasms were rating close to a solid 9. Which is amazing. On the less amazing side of things…my clit got sore from all of the masturbating.

What I learned: My cycle has a lot to do with not only my sexual interest but how satisfying my orgasms are. I’m interested to see if this holds true every month (or time I cycle). Right after my period resolves, I am almost painfully turned on and have a ferocious sexual appetite. I’ve also learned that I have to figure out how to keep up my current masturbation pace. My poor clit is not happy. This next week, I’m going to start trying to orgasm from something other than constant direct clitoral stimulation when I’m alone.

Suggested Toy: I have primarily been using a clit sucking toy get-off. I LOVE the sensation and it gives me insane orgasms without taking forever. If you don’t have one or have never tried one…I highly recommend you do so immediately. It will blow your mind.

Best Sex toys

The Rose Clit Sucker

The Rose Clit Sucker is small, cute as f*ck, and delivers a truly unique sensation for those who have never experienced this technology before. This adorable rose-shaped clit sucker delivers amazing sensations via little air puffs that envelop your clitoris and then essentially sucks and blows on it. While it definitely works on the clit, I actually like the sensation in other areas of my vulva as well. Every woman should have a clit sucking toy in my opinion.

365 Days of Orgasms Week 4: Jan. 22-28

This week started off hard. I got one last “good morning” sweetie bang in before I was heading home and was on my own again. Once home, my libido took a nosedive after one last surge of being crazy turned on only to have two of my toys die on me while masturbating. I ended up having to rely on my hands. That’s what I get for not recharging all my favorite toys after a long weekend with my partner.

I feel like the following entry in my 365 Days of Orgasms diary sums up my attitude this week:

“Am I becoming my own annoying spouse? You know…the one who nags at you to have sex with them when you aren’t in the mood. That’s what tonight was like. All day I knew I had to fuck myself. And my own mind was nagging and nagging and nagging…but I simply wasn’t in the mood.”

What I learned: First and most importantly, I started my period near the end of the week. So what I learned is that it seems that my libido takes a hard dip right before I menstruate. Second, I learned that hot water and masturbation don’t work for me. I tried masturbating desperately in a hot bath and ended up frustrated as hell. But, that’s when I learned something else! I was so desperate to get off before I got out of the bath that I thought my dirtiest thoughts and even loudly vocalized some dirty talk and BAM! I came. Apparently, I like talking dirty.

Suggested Toy: I went back to the basics this week and I really needed a toy that had strong vibes but wasn’t so loud that it interrupted my focus like my beloved magic wand. Luckily, I received the KOI Wand and it was just what I needed. It may even become my favorite wand. It’s so petite and pretty, but man does it pack a punch! I really love the small size and the gorgeous material, but it’s subtle sound is what won me over. As it turns out, I prefer to be the one making the noise.

valentine's day gifts for her, koi wand

The KOI Wand

This wand delivers solid vibrations that will definitely bring you to orgasm. But, here’s something pretty cool: The Koi is eco-friendly! So you can feel even better about every orgasm. This wand is petite enough that it is easily maneuvered during sex with a partner. But don’t underestimate it, it delivers explosive orgasms so even when you are alone and really OVER the 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge you can get off. Bonus: it’s one of the most sustainable wands on the market. .

Benefits: Well, apparently I can tell where I am in my cycle by paying attention to my libido. This is actually a big deal. I have an IUD that stops my period, for the most part. I’m also in the middle of perimenopause which means my cycle is unpredictable. I needed a good indicator so that I could grab a package of Flex Discs before I began spotting.

Learn More About the KOI in This Video

365 Days of Orgasms Week 3: Jan. 15-21

This third week of 365 Days of Orgasms was enlightening. My ability to orgasm within a reasonable amount of time returned. I received a number of sex toys to review and had several articles to write covering sex toys including the Best Sex Toys for Couples, Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts, and Feminist Gifts for Valentines Day which made getting in the mood to masturbate extra easy.

What I learned: This week, three of my daily orgasms occurred with my partner while on vacation. I bring this up because on our second night together, I had cocktails and an edible before engaging in hours of sex play. I mean, we had next-level, kinky, exciting sex and I rode the edge of having an orgasm the whole time…but almost didn’t orgasm to my dismay. Now, let me qualify that: I had what one could call tiny orgasms…or disappointing orgasms. But nothing definite occurred until the end when I went all-in with my wand. The moral of this story is that if you struggle to orgasm like I do, alcohol and pot will make it even harder. I have friends who say that pot increases their sensitivity. As of yet, I’m pretty sure it negatively affects both my sex drive and my sensitivity.

Suggested Toy: On the bright side, I have discovered a toy that allows me to orgasm simultaneously (hands-free) with my partner! The NŌS Vibrating Cock Ring is literally the best cock ring I have used to date. Most vibrating cock rings slip and slid around or fail to hit my clit in the right place. This one fits perfectly, stays in place, makes him look and feel HUGE while turning his penis into a vibrator and hitting me in the exact spot I need it. I have had very few simultaneous orgasms in my life, so this feels like an epic find for me. Here’s the good news: The vibes on this baby are so strong and the two prongs so effective I can also use this toy as a vibrator when I’m alone. Add a little clit balm and I’m off to the races!

cock ring, gifts for her


This cock ring promises the possibility of simultaneous orgasms and makes penetrative sex incredible. The penis owner will love how easily it glides on and holds firm while delivering strong vibes to their shaft. You will love how it stays in place and the prongs hit and hold your clit perfectly while sending it vibrations that take you to climax with each pump. This cock ring can also double as a small vibe for when you are knocking out those 365 Days of Orgasms by yourself.
Cost: $99

Benefits: My libido has been steadily increasing…could it be from my daily orgasm? I guess we will see.

365 Days of Orgasms Week 2: Jan 8-14

This week’s 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge started hard and set the tone for the next seven days. My friend came to stay with me for 3 nights, which made finding a place and time to get myself off hard. I started out trying to get off in the bath, but I was too hot and I felt sure she could hear me. Apparently, I am not into voyeurism. It was so frustrating I actually got angry. It took FOREVER, and by the time I came, I was so angry and frustrated I couldn’t enjoy it. The next day was pretty much the same.

After my friend left, my partner came to visit. I was excited for a fun, easy orgasm…but to my dismay, as hard as they tried to please me (and they put an incredible effort in) I struggled to have an orgasm. That’s when the fear started to seep in. Thoughts like, “What if I can’t come anymore!” and “Am I frustrating them?” and “What if I fail at my 365 Days of Orgasms!” filled my head. I’m pretty sure that if I had a cock, it would have gone limp. The next day I talked with my partner. One thing we both noted was that I had indulged in a little pot and a glass of wine the night before. I believe that had some effect, so I will be cutting them out before orgasms. Fortunately, we were able to get a morning play session in and I came fairly quickly.

The next day I was on my own. I was worried about how masturbating would go, but I found myself getting turned on around noon. I decided to try using the Better than You Ex Finger Bullet from Bijoux Indiscrets. The light vibration was lovely and felt good, but I was slow to climb that ladder to my orgasm. In an effort to get my orgasm, I decided to try Bijoux Indiscret’s Clit Balm. This was a product I had never heard about or used before. BAM. That one/two combo was the trick. The bullet slid perfectly over my clit and I came relatively quickly!

What I learned: Pressure and stress or orgasm killers! I believe what I’m going through is similar to the mental erectile dysfunction that men experience. 3/4ths of the orgasm game is mental. I have to remember, this challenge isn’t a race to the finish. It’s about a journey of discovery. Perhaps a little slow sex with myself is just what I need.

Suggested toy: The two products below are from Bijoux Indiscrets and they saved my challenge! I highly recommend them. Bijoux is giving my readers a discount, so if you decide to invest in yourself, just enter SheExploresLife20 for 20% off!

365 Days of Orgasms, Clit balm, clitoral balm, sex toys

Clitoral Balm

This clitoral balm will give you that sweet slippery sensation you need to get to the big O. It provides a delicious warming sensation that activates all of the nerves in your clit. It’s perfect for solo play and play with that partner you are trying to teach the perfect touch for your most sensitive parts. I LOVE this stuff

Don’t forget to use our special code for 20% off: SheExploresLife20

finger vibrator, vibrator, sex toys

Better Than Your Ex Finger Vibrator

This finger vibrator is definitely better than my ex! I’m often skeptical about the effectiveness of small finger vibes but this one packs a punch. Paired with the clitoral balm it definitely got me there! The best thing about this toy is that while it is great to use on your own, it’s perfect for subtle clit play with a partner.

Don’t forget to use our special code for 20% off: SheExploresLife20

Week 1: Jan. 1-7 (10 Orgasms Total)

I started of this challenge like a rockstar! With my partner’s help, I enjoyed three orgasms on day one. I rated the first two a five out of ten, and the last one was a solid 9! I had a partner for the first two days of the challenge, but then I was left on my own to bang my daily Os out as I pleased. I turned to porn quite a bit but found that my strongest orgasms came from thinking about past real-life experiences. I only used two toys to help this week: the Eros Clit Sucker and my magic wand.

What I learned: While I had good orgasms on my own, even the ones that rated a 7 out of 10 failed to match the full-body and mental high that comes from orgasms with my partner. While I went into this challenge thinking it would be relatively easy, I definitely had to make myself set aside time to get off on certain days. Other days, I forced myself to masturbate and then found myself masturbating later in the day because I wanted to. I’ll tell you one thing for sure: I’m going to need more toys to get me through this challenge. I definitely underestimated the focus and dedication it would take. It would be real easy to just skip it some days.

Suggested Toy for the Week: This is my go-to! I can use it on the outside of my clothes when I need to get the job done, and I also enjoy it with a partner. If you are going to give this challenge a go…you gotta have this toy available.

sex toy, magic wand

Magic Wand Original Massager

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a must-have for awesome sex. This personal massager features a clean, simple, and user-friendly design. The powerful 4-speed motor cranks incredible vibes. The 12-inch-long shaft is ergonomically designed for optimal grip to find your perfect angle for orgasm-inducing contact. 

Benefits: I had 10 orgasms this week. Near the middle of the week I noticed that if I had an orgasm in the morning, I was more likely to get turned on later in the day. I found myself feeling pleasantly excited throughout the day. Perhaps my libido is more charged? We will see. I also found myself stopping to use an orgasm as a stress reliever. It was effective.

Femenine energy pleasure kit

Why 365 Days of Orgasms?

Seriously…why ask why? But since the question has been asked, I’ll answer it. Over the last year, my research on women’s sexuality, the orgasm gap, and the effect sex has on women’s mental and physical health revealed that orgasms offer women a whole host of benefits. The following are just some of the benefits that having regular orgasms provides.

9 benefits of orgasms

Orgasms boost sex drive: As women age, estrogen levels drop which contributes to aging and a lowered sex drive. Orgasms boost your estrogen levels and collagen levels increasing your sex drive and giving you younger, healthier skin.

Orgasms slow down aging: Every orgasm (and every time you get sexually excited) increases the anti-aging hormone DHEA levels. Among its benefits, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) improves muscle strength, bone density, body fat, sexual satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Orgasms help you sleep better: One of the most powerful health benefits of sex is better sleep which occurs because the post-sex rush of the hormone prolactin helps you doze off quicker, and the oxytocin and vasopressin that orgasms release make you sleep more soundly. Good sleep is key to staying healthy, horny, and vibrant.

Orgasms decrease anxiety and depression: Orgasms release oxytocin (a hormone that accompanies pleasure) and decrease cortisol (which signals stress), helping relieve anxiety and depression.

Orgasms keep you healthy: Orgasms release the chemical DHEA, which helps balance your immune system, promotes bone health, and assists in repairing tissues.

Orgasms strengthen your pelvic floor: The same muscles that engage during Kegel exercises are engaged during orgasm. A study published in the Journal of Women’s Health, Issues and Care found that with regular orgasms, the pelvic floor will be stronger and healthier.

Orgasms increase circulation: Studies have found that orgasms increase pelvic floor circulation, which helps to distribute nutrients and hormones to where your body needs them.

Orgasms give you gorgeous skin: Orgasming releases oxytocin, which reduces cortisol. In excess, cortisol can increase oil (sebum) production, which can clog pores, leading to inflammation and breakouts.

Orgasms decrease pain: Oxytocin and other endorphins can take away the pain. From menstrual pain to headaches and muscle pain, researchers in one study found regular sex can help relieve miserable headaches.

The benefits that an orgasm a day offers women everywhere are many. I’ve just named a few that surprised me. They make taking on the challenge of 365 Days of Orgasms while.

How to do the 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge

This challenge is pretty simple. The goal is to get in an orgasm a day. It can be by yourself or with someone else. You can even work on achieving orgasm while knocking items off your 2022 sex bucket list! After you have your orgasm, you grab your notebook and you log the following:

  1. The day
  2. How you achieved the orgasm
  3. Rate your orgasm from 1 to 10. (1 being “blah” and 10 being “a screaming orgasm”)
  4. Write one or two sentences about what you were thinking, how you felt, any thoughts that you think are worth sharing.
  5. Either once a day or once a week, track any noticeable changes that have taken place since starting the challeng. I personally plan on writing about it once a week.

I will be sharing my journey with 365 Days of Orgasms right here. You will also be able to hear more about it on my podcast Locker Room Talk & Shots. You can subscribe to it here: I hope you will join me and share your experience. You can e-mail me with questions, thoughts, or your own experience with the challenge at annette@sheexploreslife.com

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