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365 Days of Orgasms Challenge: Week 2 (Can Women Experience ED?)

My 2020 Sex Resolution: An Orgasm a Day

As a sexually empowered woman staring down the barrel of a new year and perimenopause, I thought why not create a sex-based New Year’s resolution designed to not only support but also improve my sexual health? I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read about women’s sexuality, especially when it comes to women and aging, that proclaim nothing but doom and gloom when it comes to our libidos. If I read one more article about how my sex drive is destined to diminish over time, I might just lose my shit. So instead of allowing my mind to be influenced by negative information, I decided to commit to an epic challenge in 2022: The 356 Days of Orgasms Challenge. I’m going to attempt to have at least one orgasm a day in 2022, and I’m going to share what happens with you.

To follow a week-by-week update on my 365 Days of orgasms, continue reading. To find out why I chose to do this challenge, what the many benefits are and how you too can do the challenge scroll down!

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365 Days Of Orgasms Updates

Week 1: Jan. 1-7 (10 Orgasms Total)

I started of this challenge like a rockstar! With my partner’s help, I enjoyed three orgasms on day one. I rated the first two a five out of ten, and the last one was a solid 9! I had a partner for the first two days of the challenge, but then I was left on my own to bang my daily Os out as I pleased. I turned to porn quite a bit, but found that my strongest orgasms came from thinking about past real-life experiences. I only used two toys to help this week: the Eros Clit Sucker and my magic wand.

What I learned: While I had good orgasms on my own, even the ones that rated a 7 out of 10 failed to match the full-body and mental high that comes from orgasms with my partner. While I went into this challenge thinking it would be relatively easy, I definitely had to make myself set aside time to get off on certain days. Other days, I forced myself to masturbate and then found myself masturbating later in the day because I wanted to. I’ll tell you one thing for sure: I’m going to need more toys to get me through this challenge. I definitely underestimated the focus and dedication it would take. It would be real easy to just skip it some days.

Suggested Toy for the Week: This is my go to! I can use it on the outside of my clothes when I need to get the job done, and I also enjoy it with a partner. If you are going to give this challenge a go…you gotta have this toy available.

Hitachi Magic Wand Original Massager

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a must-have for awesome oral sex. This electrical personal massager features a clean, simple, and user-friendly design. The powerful 2-speed motor cranks out 6000 RPM and is located directly in the wand’s head. The 12-inch-long shaft is ergonomically designed for optimal grip to find your perfect angle for orgasm-inducing contact. $90

Benefits: I had 10 orgasms this week. Near the middle of the week I noticed that if I had an orgasm in the morning, I was more likely to get turned on later in the day. I found myself feeling pleasantly excited throughout the day. Perhaps my libido is more charged? We will see. I also found myself stopping to use an orgasm as a stress reliever. It was effective.

Week 2: Jan 8-14

This week’s 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge started hard and set the tone for the next seven days. My friend came to stay with me for 3 nights, which made finding a place and time to get myself off hard. I started out trying to get off in the bath, but I was too hot and I felt sure she could hear me. Apparently, I am not into voyeurism. It was so frustrating I actually got angry. It too FOREVER, and by the time I came, I was so angry and frustrated I couldn’t enjoy it. The next day was pretty much the same.

After my friend left, my partner came to visit. I was excited for a fun, easy orgasm…but to my dismay, as hard as they tried to please me (and they put and incredible effort in) I struggled to have an orgasm. That’s when the fear started to seep in. Thoughts like, “What if I can’t come anymore!” and “Am I frustrating them?” and “What if I fail at my 365 Days of Orgasms!” filled my head. I’m pretty sure that if I had a cock, it would have gone limp. The next day I talked with my partner. One thing we both noted was that I had indulged in a little pot and a glass of wine the night before. I believe that had some effect, so I will be cutting them out before orgasms. Fortunately we were able to get a morning play session in and I came fairly quickly.

The next day I was on my own. I was worried about how masturbating would go, but I found myself getting turned on around noon. I decided to try using the Better than You Ex Finger Bullet from Bijoux Indiscrets. The light vibration was lovely and felt good, but I was slow to climb that ladder to my orgasm. In an effort to get my orgasm, I decided to try Bijoux Indiscret’s Clit Balm. This was a product I had never heard about or used before. BAM. That one/two combo was the trick. The bullet slid perfectly over my clit and I came relatively quickly!

What I learned: Pressure and stress or orgasm killers! I believe what I’m going through is similar to the mental erectile dysfunction that men experience. 3/4ths of the orgasm game is mental. I have to remember, this challenge isn’t a race to the finish. It’s about a journey of discover. Perhaps a little slow sex with myself is just what I need.

Suggested toy: The two products below are from Bijoux Indiscrets and they saved my challenge! I highly recommend them. Bijoux is giving my readers a discount, so if you decide to invest in yourself, just enter SheExploresLife20 for 20% off!

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Clitoral Balm

This clitoral balm, will give you that sweet slippery sensation you need to get to the big O. It provides a delicious warming sensation that activates all of the nerves in your clit. It’s perfect for solo play and play with that partner you are trying to teach the perfect touch for your most sensitive parts. I LOVE this stuff

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Better Than Your Ex Finger Vibrator

This finger vibrator is definitely better than my ex! I’m often skeptical about the effectiveness of small finger vibes but this one packs a punch. Paired with the clitoral balm it definitely got me there! The best thing about this toy is that while it is great to use on your own, it’s perfect for subtle clit play with a partner.

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Femenine energy pleasure kit

Why 365 Days of Orgasms?

Seriously…why ask why? But since the question has been asked, I’ll answer it. Over the last year, my research on women’s sexuality, the orgasm gap, and the effect sex has on women’s mental and physical health revealed that orgasms offer women a whole host of benefits. The following are just some of the benefits that having regular orgasms provides.

9 benefits of orgasms

Orgasms boost sex drive: As women age, estrogen levels drop which contributes to aging and a lowered sex drive. Orgasms boosts your estrogen levels and collagen levels increasing your sex drive and giving you younger, healthier skin.

Orgasms slow down aging: Every orgasm (and every time you get sexually excited) increases the anti-aging hormone DHEA levels. Among its benefits, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) improves muscle strength, bone density, body fat, sexual satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Orgasms help you sleep better: One of the most powerful health benefits of sex is better sleep which occurs because the post-sex rush of the hormone prolactin helps you doze off quicker, and the oxytocin and vasopressin that orgasms release make you sleep more soundly. Good sleep is key to staying healthy, horny, and vibrant.

Orgasms decrease anxiety and depression: Orgasms release oxytocin (a hormone that accompanies pleasure) and decrease cortisol (which signals stress), helping relieve anxiety and depression.

Orgasms keep you healthy: Orgasms release the chemical DHEA, which helps balance your immune system, promotes bone health, and assists in repairing tissues.

Orgasms strengthen your pelvic floor: The same muscles that engage during Kegel exercises are engaged during orgasm. A study published in the Journal of Women’s Health, Issues and Care found that with regular orgasms, the pelvic floor will be stronger and healthier.

Orgasms increase circulation: Studies have found that orgasms increase pelvic floor circulation, which helps to distribute nutrients and hormones to where your body needs them.

Orgasms give you gorgeous skin: Orgasming releases oxytocin, which reduces cortisol. In excess, cortisol can increase oil (sebum) production, which can clog pores, leading to inflammation and breakouts.

Orgasms decrease pain: Oxytocin and other endorphins can take away the pain. From menstrual pain to headaches and muscle pain, researchers in one study found regular sex can help relieve miserable headaches.

The benefits that an orgasm a day offers women everywhere are many. I’ve just named a few that surprised me. They make taking on the challenge of 365 Days of Orgasms while.

How to do the 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge

This challenge is pretty simple. The goal is to get in an orgasm a day. It can be by yourself or with someone else. You can even work on achieving orgasm while knocking items off your 2022 sex bucket list! After you have your orgasm, you grab your notebook and you log the following:

  1. The day
  2. How you achieved the orgasm
  3. Rate your orgasm from 1 to 10. (1 being “blah” and 10 being “a screaming orgasm”)
  4. Write one or two sentences about what you were thinking, how you felt, any thoughts that you think are worth sharing.
  5. Either once a day or once a week, track any noticeable changes that have taken place since starting the challeng. I personally plan on writing about it once a week.

I will be sharing my journey with 365 Days of Orgasms right here. You will also be able to hear more about it on my podcast Locker Room Talk & Shots. You can subscribe to it here: I hope you will join me and share your experience. You can e-mail me with questions, thoughts, or your own experience with the challenge at annette@sheexploreslife.com

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