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Your 2022 Sex Bucket List

Play Your Way Into the Best New Year Ever!

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A new year is upon us and while financial resolutions and health and fitness resolutions are top-of-mind, why not include resolutions that improve your sex life? This year, spice up your sex life by resolving to knock some item off your sex bucket list?

If you don’t have a sex bucket list or are wondering what one is, no worries. We’ve got you covered. Whether you like your sex life sweet and vanilla or consider yourself a kinky little minx, we’ve put together x activities, positions, kinks, and toys for you to pull from when you create your 2022 sex bucket list and resolve to level up your sex life in the new year.

Sex Bucket List Play Ideas

Try Bondage

Even if you consider yourself to be vanilla, trying some light bondage can be a whole lot of fun. Start with some simple handcuffs, and add a collar if it tickles your fancy. Start with a simple starter set like this Luxurious Restraint Kit made of Genuine Leather and work your way up if you enjoy your first experience.
$129: Shop Now

Try it Blind Folded

This is a simple activity to add to your 2022 sex bucket list. Take turns blindfolding each other before engaging in playtime. With your eyes closed, your other senses will be heightened. You can kiss, lick and touch your partner in all of the right places while they enjoy eyes closed sessions or add to the fun with new sensations! Check out the rest of this list for inspiration. This No Peeking Blindfold is a great way to get started and only costs $10. 99. Shop Now

Try Wax Play

It sounds painful but there’s a lot of pleasure to be found in the art of dripping warm wax on your partner’s body. Integrating heat and cold sensations into your sex life is an easy way to ramp up the excitement. Start with something safe and luxurious like this Rose Scented Low-Temperature Sex Wax Candle. It adds a romantic scent to your play and only costs $21.00. Shop Now

Hanky Panky. Try a Little Spanky

50 Shade made it mainstream so even the most vanilla of vanilla can enjoy a light spanking in bed. Don’t understand the draw? Don’t judge it until you try it. This Marcia – Deluxe Satin and Spanking Paddle made from Genuine Leather looks cute and feels incredible. Bend over baby! I swear you are missing out. Shop Now.

womens sexual empowerment, nipple clamps

Try Nipple Clamps

The pleasure and pain dynamic during sex can certainly make sparks fly. A great entry-level way to get your first taste of it is by adding nipple clamps to your 2022 sex bucket list. There’s no reason why the clamps can’t be cute too! These Cherry Bondage Nipple Clamps are a great option for first-timers as they are adjustable so that you only experience as much pressure as you enjoy. Let your partner carefully apply them to your nipples. $21.99 Shop Now

Try Pet Play

A form of role play, pet play allows a partner to be any sexy animal they can think of. They can even enjoy wearing ears and a tail that is also a vibrating butt plug. Start with one like the Lillian – Detachable Vibrating Soft Fox Tail Butt plug Stimulator for $45.99. Shop Now.

Sex Bucket List Group Play Ideas

Does the idea of having a threesome thrill you and scare you at the same time? Perhaps 2022 is the year to overcome your fear and enjoying an experience of a lifetime. The following are some group activities to consider putting on your 2022 sex bucket list:

Try a Threesome

If you are in a relationship, talk to your partner about your desire to experience a threesome. Remember, there are all sorts of options. Think: Male/Female/Male (MFM), Male/Female/Female (MFF), FFF, MMM, and don’t forget your beautiful non-binary folks. Before getting started make sure you are on the same page. Set your rules. And then go have fun. Listen to the podcast Three Isn’t Always a Crowd podcast for tips and ideas!

Be a Unicorn

If you don’t have a partner, or you are in an open or poly relationship, try being someone’s unicorn! Join a couple looking for a play partner. Most of the dating sites have couples looking for a Unicorn like you! OKC tends to be the best site for finding this type of experience. What could feel better than two people doting on you for a night?

Try Swinging

If you are part of a couple who wants to have a sexual adventure with other couples, look into swinging. Swinging is sometimes called wife swapping, husband swapping, or partner swapping. It is a sexual activity in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship sexually engage with others for recreational purposes. Many cities have swingers meetup groups. There are also websites and apps like AdultFriendFinder that help couples find other couples.

Check Out a Sex Club

If you live in a city that has sex clubs, 2022 is the time to check one out. I know, it can sound scary at first, but you are likely to be surprised. Sex clubs typically have designated areas for play so that newbies can enjoy a drink, dancing, and maybe a little watching while they decide what they do or do not want to experience. Look into your local sex clubs. Read reviews and make sure they have rules in place that make you feel comfortable. If you are partnered, it makes a great bonding experience. It’s also a great way to meet others who may want to join you. If you are single, you just may get a chance to be a unicorn for a night.

Go to a Sex Party

You can meet people at sex positive spaces who host these get togethers. It’s kind of like going to a sex club, but more private.

Sex Bucket List Experiences To Have

Spice up your sex life with some of these unique experiences.

Phone Sex

Have you tried it yet? Work on your sex talk this year and learn have to give your partners orgasms with words. You might be surprised at how sexy you feel when purring naughty thoughts over the phone. Brush up on your sex talk with the Talk Dirty To Me podcast episode!

Send Sexy Pics

If you haven’t quite gotten brave enough to send sexy pics to your partners, give it a try. Start with something simple and comfortable like wearing lingerie in your photos. Then work up to the nip slip. You might be surprised at how turned on you get just finding those angles that make you look hot!

Video Sex

When you and your partner are long-distance, try adding some sexy time to your video chat. If you are feeling self-conscious, treat it like an in-person experience! Lower the lights. Light some candles. Wear something sexy! You might want to invest in some flattering lighting or a phone stand that allows you to find the perfect angle.

Become a Porn Star

Ok. That was a bit of an exaggeration…but hey! Go for it if you want to. Otherwise, try filming yourself during sex! Of course, ask your partner first. But you might be surprised at how sexy you look while enjoying your partner during a an incredible play session!


With or without a pole, you can strip for your partner. Want to take it to the next level? Hit a pole class or look up an online erotic dance class.

Rope Play (AKA Shibari)

Rope Play/ Shipbari involves learning how to tie a partner up in a way that the intricate knots activate pleasure spots. Look for classes online, at your local sex club, or at a sex positive space in your town.

Try Mutual Masturbation

Enjoy the visual stimulation of watching and being watched. It’s great for foreplay.

Sex in Public

Without getting caught! Sex clubs are a great place for this, but you can also find some discrete or safe places like your car or the window of a hotel room.

Try Pegging

We’ve got everything you need to know on our Pegging & the Patriarchy Podcast!

Try Water Sports

Start in the shower! Here’s a first hand account from someone who gave it a go!

Try Anal Sex

You might be surprised at how erotic and satisfying it is.

Watch Porn with Your Partner

This is a great way to explore new things you want to do together.

Role Play

Play nurse, or the sexy college professor. The options are endless.

Sex Bucket List: Toys to Try in 2022

A new year calls for new toys. If you haven’t tried the following sex toys yet, then this is your year!

sex bucket list

Remote Sex

You don’t have to be together to bang. The We-Vibe Chorus toy is perfect for fulfilling that fantasy about having your partner give you orgasms without even being in the room. The possibilities are endless. They can pleasure you from work, the grocery store, or while traveling. Our favorite features?

We-Connect app control: With the free We-Connect app, you can play and share control of Chorus from anywhere, create custom vibes and play together with other We-Vibe products.

This toy is a dream for long distance or remote sex, but it’s also incredible as a couple’s toy. You can control the vibes with handheld remote that has squeeze technology and syncs up the rythems of the vibes with your movements. And it’s worn inside the vagina during sex, Chorus stimulates the G-spot, clitoris, and penis simultaneously during intercourse. Think simultaneous orgasms! It’s only $199. Read about all of the features online: We-Vibe Chorus

sex bucket list, pocket pussy

Pocket Pussy

Does the idea of using a sex toy on your guy turn you on. Being able to witness the pleasure on your man’s face while he receives fellatio is possible. Giving a blow job without giving a blowjob can be done using the Otouch Airturn 3. This male vibrator has 6 types of vibration modes and 3 levels of vibration intensity. It also works as a sucking male masturbator and has 3 types of sucking modes, which gives a true-to-life oral sex experience. It is only $108 and you can find more information about it here: Otouch

sex bucket list, butt plugs

But Plugs

Butt Stuff! If you’ve never tried it, it may sound yucky to you, however, there’s a ton of pleasure to be experienced in this area. Start small. Purchase an anal training set with plugs that come in varying sizes and work your way up over time. Add a little spice to the experience by getting ones that can vibrate too! This is something that is perfect for both men and women to explore with their partners. The Ariel – Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug Training Kit should be on your sex bucket list. It comes with everything you need and it is only $39.99. Shop Now!

Vanilla Sex Bucket List Ideas

So you are fairly vanilla, but you still want to spice things up. We’ve got you covered. Here are some ways to step up your game in bed.

  1. Sex in the shower
  2. Sex on a beach
  3. Try sex doggy style
  4. Try reverse cowgirl position.
  5. Give oral sex in 69!
  6. Include food in sex play. Think whip cream and cherries
  7. Read erotica to eachother
  8. Do it in a car out where you can’t be seen
  9. Buy a sexy game at your local sex shop
  10. Play with ice
  11. Try sucking on toes
  12. Have sex on a washing maching
  13. Incorporate dirty talk into your play time
  14. Wear lingerie
  15. Try a cock ring

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