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Eco-Friendly Sex Toys: Good for Your Vag & Mother Earth

These Sustainable Sex Toys Are Orgasmic & Save Mother Earth

You recycle, reuse, and follow sustainable practices throughout most of your daily life activities. But is your sex life earth-friendly? Have taken time to consider whether your orgasms are hurting Mother Earth? If you haven’t, no big deal. I’m here to help you get off guilt free. Some of my favorite intimacy brands are creating Eco-friendly sex toys. I’m talking vibrators, wands, dildos, butt plugs, and more? If you are wondering how sex toy companies are making sustainable toys, I’ve got the answers for you.

From the packaging, the toys are shipped in, to how they are made, to the materials that create them, sex toy companies like Fun Factory and Love. Not War. are going the extra mile to make sure that their products leave as small of a footprint as possible.

Eco-friendly Sex Toys From Fun Factory

Fun Factory backs up its green image with real-life practices; their products are made in Germany, meaning they travel less than a lot of companies who produce toys overseas with fewer regulations and lower staff pay. With everything designed, manufactured, packaged, and shipped out from one place, their carbon footprint is remarkably small. With their comprehensive recycling program, their factory saves 40 tons of resources per year and their toys are packaged in recyclable cardboard, with no plastic in sight.

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Sustainable Sex Toys from Love. Not War.

Love. Not War. Prides itself on being a sustainable sex toy company. Their packaging is made from natural and eco-friendly brown cardboard, eco-friendly soy ink is used for the text and imaging, and eco-friendly glue holds everything together. are designed using as few materials as possible. We use only FDA grade-silicone and recycle and reuse leftover materials. 

When it comes to their products, they use recycled Aluminium and limit plastic and the small amount we do use is recycled within their factory.

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The following are our Favorite Sustainable Sex Toys

Best Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Womanizer Premium Eco

PREMIUM eco is completely unique: it’s the first ever Pleasure Air sex toy made from sustainable, renewable materials. Everything that made the famous flagship product, the Womanizer PREMIUM, beloved to every vulva owner is still there, but the plastic has been drastically reduced. This toy still has the same 12 intensity levels, it’s USB-rechargeable, and it’s splashproof. Good for the planet, incredible for your body. It’s the perfect sex toy for the environmentally-minded.

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Manta By Fun Factory

Use this sustainable sex toy as a blowjob enhancer, clit vibe, or giant cock ring! The manta can be used to glide along the penis during a blow job and its deep vibrations turn your partner’s penis into a vibrator. Win! Win! Win!

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black cock ring and butt plug fun factory's most eco friendly sex toy

Bootie Ring By Fun Factory

This cock ring delivers double the pleasure when it rocks against his prostate while gripping him firmly! This green sex toy is simple, fun, and one of Fun Factory’s most popular cock rings!

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cock ring, gifts for her

NŌS Vibrating Cock Ring By Fun Factory

This eco-friendly cock ring can be worn on a penis or a person with a dildo and it’s got vibes that will blow your mind. This baby promises the possibility of simultaneous orgasms while being rechargeable and saving the earth!

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View my Lady Bi Video Here

valentine's day gifts for her, lady bi vibrator

Lady Bi By Fun Factory

The special woman in your life deserves to feel like a queen and this eco-friendly vibrator will make sure that she does. This dual motor vibrator provides deep, strong rumbling through the shaft and the clit stimulator is soft enough to keep your bean from getting too sensitive while providing sweet vibrations.

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a eco-friendly sex toy that is a pink dildo standing up on a green background

Bouncer by Fun Factory

This sustainable dildo has three weighted balls that bounce and roll around inside of the shaft as you move! It delivers organic sensations that you will want to experience again and again.

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Cobre Libre by Fun Factory

The COBRA LIBRE II enfolds the sensitive head of the penis in velvety silicone and rumbling vibrations. This sustainable toy has two deep rumbling motors and is like no other and you’ll want to use it again and again.

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The Laska By Love. Not War.

This eco-friendly sex toy is a sustainable twist on the infamous rabbit and packs all the punch of a larger toy and is perfectly shaped to massage your clit or hit your g-spot while also being green. The charged base can be used on other Love. Now War Toys.

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View my Koi Wand Review Below

valentine's day gifts for her, koi wand

The KOI Wand By Love. Not War

This is the world’s most sustainable want vibrator and the perfect sex toy for eco-conscious folks. If solid vibrations are your thing, then this wand is exactly what need. The Koi is the newest addition to the Love Not War eco-friendly sex toy collection. This wand is petite enough to be easily maneuvered during sex with a partner, but it’s a powerful sex toy that delivers explosive orgasms.

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sex toys for her

The Gra

This sleek and sustainable toy is perfect for encouraging internal pleasure. Made from sustainable materials its textured surface, powerful vibrations, and a uniquely contoured head will make exploring your pleasure feels good for you while being good for the earth.

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Good Kama

This baby was made to massage your G-spot perfectly? The Kama’s head is tailored and angled to provide an intense sensation on the G-spot but its surface is also perfect for clit stimulation. I love its size and the intensity of its vibes. It’s made with the same sustainable materials that all of the Love. Not. War. products are. Your pussy and mother earth will thank you for this purchase!

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