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No Mess Period Sex: FLEX Disc Makes It Possible

What Using FLEX Menstrual Disc During Sex is Really Like

Three weeks off, one-ish week on. Timing sex around your period sucks. It always has…but it doesn’t have to. You don’t have to pump your system full of hormones in order to stop your period so you can have sex whenever you want. There’s a menstrual disc out there that really, really, really allows you to have sex with a man OR woman while you are on your period: The Flex Disc. And, as it turns out, FLEX Disc Sex is great!

There are a number of menstrual cups that claim to make having hot sex possible for couples (or thruples or whatever) during their period, but the truth is, most don’t work if you are wanting penetrative sex. The FLEX Disc is a game-changer for women who enjoy sex with men or women while on their period. And I’m not saying this because I’ve been paid to or because this is a sponsored post. I bought my own FLEX Disc out of desperation, and I tested it out…well…because I wanted to get laid. So, rest assured, this review is legit, and I’ll spare no detail. So, should you decide to give Flex Disc sex a try, there will be no surprises.

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Enjoy Mess-Free Sex

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First, I imagine you already know that there are birth control options that will help you bring your period to a halt so it no longer plays a role in when, where, and how you decide to have sex. My personal favorite is the Mirena IUD, which I’ve had great success with. However, in general, I don’t like to add hormones to my body’s system. Almost every hormone-based form of birth control for women comes with some amount of risk, as well as side effects, (unlike the FLEX Disc) which makes me real angry when I think about it too much. Nonetheless, the burden of pregnancy-free sex largely falls on women’s shoulders, so I’m happy to help my sisters of all ages and stages in life navigate the complexities.

For years, I’ve gone without birth control and somehow managed to survive my monthly menstruation (which generally sucks). Planning my sex life around my “special time of month” has been truly a huge pain in the ass, especially when I’ve been in relationships with women. Two menstruating women with cycles that don’t sync up, mean two women who only get to enjoy sex, two weeks out of every month. That simply doesn’t work. And sure, there are workarounds with tampons…but in 2022, we can and should be doing better!

As it turns out, we are. This brings me to FLEX Disc sex.

Menstrual Cups and Sex

The problems with attempting to have sex while using most of the menstruation cups out there include that they are made out of a thick material that can take up a large portion of a woman’s vaginal canal making penetrative sex uncomfortable and awkward. Additionally, many of them have structures to help with removal that are pokey, which might not bother you, but makes a man’s experience feel something like torture should they go too deep.

How the Flex Disc is Different from Other Menstrual Cups

The FLEX Disc isn’t anything like your typical period cup. It consists of a stiffer but flexible ring made from a medical-grade polymer used in surgical tools that go inside the body. It is FDA registered, hypoallergenic, BPA and phthalate-free, and made without natural rubber latex or silicone. Attached to the ring is what looks a little like Saran Wrap or plastic sandwich bag material. At first, the disk might look intimidating in size. But it’s actually quite easy to put inside of your vaginal canal.

Unlike most menstrual cups, the FLEX Disk doesn’t sit inside of the vaginal canal (like a tampon or a cup) but above it. Once inside of you, it warms and forms to fit your body so that it moves with you and you and doesn’t leak. The claim that you can’t feel it at all once it is in is 100% accurate.

Getting Read for Flex Disc Sex

Inserting the FLEX Disc is actually really easy. You just pinch it in half and insert it into the vaginal canal by holding the disc pointing downwards in a vertical position and then pushing down and back. It slides in comfortably and easily. For proper placement, tuck the rim (the front edge that goes in last) above your pubic bone. Make sure it’s pushed past the pubic bone as far as it can go. You shouldn’t be able to feel it at all if it’s in the right place.

The FLEX can be worn up to 12 hours. The one downside to this disk is that is isn’t reusable. You’ll need to dispose of it after it’s done. To remove the FLEX disc, slide your finger up under the front edge of the FLEX disc and pull straight down, keeping it parallel to the floor.

I’ll say this, while getting it out isn’t that difficult (practice makes perfect) it’s not super easy to remove the FLEX without making a mess. The first time I removed it, my toilet looked like something out of a horror movie slaughter scene. After some practice, I have gotten pretty damn good a keeping removal fairly clean—but expect the first and second time to be an adventure.

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Do Men Report Feeling the Flex Disc During Sex?

“Will my boyfriend feel the flex disc?” is one of the most common questions when it comes to questions about sex with the menstrual disc. I have had great success having sex with the FLEX Disc. The material is scent-free, which makes receiving oral sex super comfortable for both parties. In my experience, my male partner reported feeling little to no difference during sex. I—on the other hand—am super excited to report that it actually made sex more enjoyable for me…like way more. I thought this was just a fluke, or that my body was just weird. I’m a very short woman, so I thought perhaps the FLEX Disk held my cervix higher up in my body making for more comfortable sex. But, after some research, I found that I am not the only woman who has reported finding FLEX Disc sex more pleasurable. In fact, some women say they even orgasm easier while using the FLEX.

The downside is that I have to admit that I did experience slight leakage after wearing the FLEX Disk several hours before sex on a heavy flow day. “The mess” was very similar to light spotting, and I was the only one who noticed. I just think it’s only fair to give you ladies a heads up.

All-in-all, I think the FLEX Disc is a brilliant solution to an annoying problem. It’s comfortable (even enjoyable) and keeps you feeling fresh and sexy. They can be ordered online and are sold at Target, CVS, and H-E-B stores. OR, click here to shop online and get 10% off your order!

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