Today, we work harder than ever to make sure we are killing it at work at home, and in bed. We are unstoppable when we choose to do something we are passionate about. But at the end of the day, we deserve to slow down, relax and enjoy life a little, and there’s nothing like good cocktail after a long hard day, week, or roll in the sack. So give your spirit-loving loved ones a gift that shows that you think they deserve a little downtime (or fun time) with an alcohol gift containing a bottle, a basket, or some other booze-related goody. If you aren’t sure where to start your alcohol gift shopping, you are in luck. I’ve got you covered.

The following is a gift guide that is sure to please your booze-loving bestie this holiday season. Read on to find out more. Cheers!


Alcohol Gifts That Won’t be Forgotten


This cool company joined forces with the top talent in the bartending world and commercialized some of the most beloved cocktail recipes available. Contained in a high-pressure twist-to-mix container, DRYNXMYTH created a cocktail delivery system that brings the bar to your cocktail-loving bestie’s kitchen. Just cruise through their cocktail options and pick from drinks like the Bourbon Sour, Tequila Sunrise, or Mezcal Margarita. Hit “Gift this Item” or “Add to Cart” and you are good to go. These cocktails are legit. They don’t come in a can, the ingredients are cold-pressed and stay separated until you activate the twist-to-mix bottle! Best of all, you can see the ingredients and recipe on their website.

DRINXMYTH also offers bundles that allow you to buy multiple cocktails at once, making for the perfect alcohol gifts set.

$12 and up

shot glasses for best alcohol gifts

Mexican Tequila Shot Glasses – Set of 6

Hand-blown by skilled artisans in Tonala, Mexico who have passed down the traditional manufacturing process for generations, Advanced Mixology carries this gorgeous glassware shot glass set. Its gorgeous, colorful Mexican style adds to any room and every piece is handmade so you know you are giving a truly unique gift to your loved on. Bonus: this alcohol gifts set is made of sturdy, leed-free glass, dishwasher-safe, and ideal for daily use at home or the bar.


bartender kit for best alcohol gifts

Esmula Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand

This 12-piece cocktail shaker set is the perfect gift for that special person in your life who loves to host folks for happy hour. It turns a kitchen or home bar into a bougie cocktail lounge. As far as alcohol gifts go, this professional set offered by Advanced Mixology features a beautiful bamboo stand, and the accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel alloy. The surface is finely polished to prevent rust and provide for easy cleaning. All accessories can be washed in the dishwasher.


flask as an alcohol gifts

LANZON Flask with Funnel

This 6 Oz Flask is made of stainless steel and guaranteed rust-free. For extra durability, it’s been thickened to 0.8 mm. The beautifully polished exterior has elegant patterns (flowers or cobblestones) and a laser-engraved logo.


JILLMO Professional Waterproof Bartender Travel Bag

This is the perfect gift for that special person in your life who likes to take their bartending skills on the road! This Professional Bartender Travel Bag is waterproof, made of water-resistant dark Grey 840 Denier Polyester, and lined with waterproof dark Red 400 Denier nylon. It also features a nylon water-repellent zipper. The main compartment has 5 removable and adjustable inserts, and can safely carry up to 6 breakables. Each insert is padded with thick foam and hard cardboard to ensure your bottles’ safety in transport.


Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set

The Moscow Mule is an iconic drink that deserves to be sipped from the correct cup. This Moscow Mule Copper mug set will be adored by the one it’s given to. It includes 4 copper mugs, 4 premium designer coasters, 4 pure copper straws, 1 copper shot glass, 1 stirring soon and 1 cleaning brush.


BEER DROP Beer Gift Box

Gift your beer-loving friends the gift of a Beer Drop gift box. Purchase a gift card gifting them 1 to 12 months’ worth of Beer Drop deliveries. Each box contains a variety of 10 cans of special hand-picked beer that can be curated by the folks at Beerdrop or adjusted by the giftee! Beer Drop deals in only the highest-rated craft beer from award-winning breweries around the country. Your gift can be personalized to your loved one’s taste. And they get to choose from hundreds of constantly rotating beers, so they can always try something new.

You can also handpick a couple of different types of beer to be delivered as well. You might even want to order a few for your own holiday celebrations!

Starting at $39.99

Mocktail Box – Raising the Bar

Has your cocktail-loving friend become a mocktail-loving friend or loved one? If so, they’ll love this beautifully curated non-alcoholic cocktail gift box. It includes all of the ingredients they’ll need to make an innovative zero-proof drink at home. Each box includes the ingredients four servings,a garnish or piece of barware, and 4-8 products per box. You can gift them one box or get them a subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Starting at $62

Tipsy Pixie Box

This unique gift box, the Tipsy Pixie Box, is the perfect addition to a girls’ night or a fun night in with your special someone. Every box includes a super-soft, t-shirt, matching fashion accessory, bar tool, glassware or drink accessory, and perfectly paired cocktail & appetizer recipe cards. Note: alcohol is not included. The box also includes lots of fun little extras like cocktail mixers and garnishes, themed stickers, hydration enhancers, signature Pixy Stix, downloadable shopping lists, Spotify playlists, ideas for party games, and more.


Missologist Paint and Sip

This is an excellent alcohol gifts set for the artist in your life. They can paint and sip from the comfort of their own home. Each box features everything they need to paint and the ingredients to make a cocktail. You can buy one box for them or a subscription!

Starting at $49.99

American Cocktail Club

The American Cocktail Club is a premium cocktail subscription box that curates all-natural and world-class cocktails. Being part of the Club is like having the coveted seat at a high-level mixology bar. This monthly box contains 4 servings curated by award-winning mixologists around the USA.

Starting at $54.99

Personalized, Engraved Bottles of Their Favorite Booze

Personalized gifts are extra special! Why not get the person you love a personalized liquor bottle, featuring your very own engraved message? Surprise someone with a keepsake to treasure for years to come.

Starting at $30

Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit

This unique alcohol gifts kit, will be a hit long after the holidays have passed. This kit will have your loved ones savoring flavors they never expected. Simply pick the mix of straight-from-the-farm dehydrated fruits and spices, add the spirit, and let the fun begin. After about a week, they’ll have a fully-infused, ready-to-pour drink. 


Cocktail Drink Bombs

You’ve heard of bath bombs, but you are sure to impress when you gift these cocktail bombs! Your friends and family can easily make delicious cocktails with these exquisite all-in-one orbs. There’s no need for tons of ingredients here: each bomb contains all you need to craft mouthwatering drinks at home. Just drop one into sparkling water to enjoy as a mocktail, or add alcohol for an adult beverage. Each six-flavor variety pack includes a mimosa, margarita, mojito, piña colada, peach bellini, and raspberry-orange.


Gin Making Kit

Gin has a long history of medicinal uses, but its latest application? A cure for the common boozy gift—that is, if you’re using Vincent and Leon Horst’s DIY kit to make a custom batch. This alcohol gift makes Gin making easy. Just add your own vodka (wheat-based is best) to one of the included bottles, then infuse it with a vial of juniper berries for 24 to 48 hours. (The two brothers have thoughtfully included enough juniper to make three bottles.) Next, add an infusion blend of up to nine different botanicals, like green cardamom, orange peel, or licorice. Your friends and family can either follow the included recipe guide or get creative and make your own signature mix. Let it sit for another 12 hours, and voila! The end result is one deliciously flavored spirit.  


Draft TopDraft Top

This is the perfect gift for women who like their canned cocktails. This tool turns cans into the perfect cup in one quick move. It’ leaves the edges smooth so you can add garnishes and drink without having to worry about getting cut.



She’s going to love these customizable ice trays. Add her initials, a heart to show your love, or a word that will let her know how you feel. Perfect for that evening nightcap…before you head to the bedroom.

Starting at $29.99

 Anne Cate Wine Bag 

When it comes to gifts, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine, but why stop there? Deliver it in a reusable, handmade wine tote. You can even customize one with her initials!

Starting at $15

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