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Daily Horoscope: Sex & Love Feb. 16-28

Erotic Astrology with Bubbles: “What’s Venus Got to Do with It?”

Welcome back ya’ll! I just want you to know I’ve been doing a lot of reading, because just like you, I am always trying to learn more about astrology, the planets, and the elements. And I won’t, lie there’s a lot going on. I want you to know that I am putting my best tit forward here, leaving no page unturned.

I’m currently working on an astrology compatibility chart foryou beautiful people as well. It will be a writeup all on its own. It also sounds like we will be doing an erotic astrology podcast (episode) as well! I’m very excited about that as I love doing them. The podcasts! Get your head outta the gutter!

Now, we have made it through Valentine’s Day, it seems love connections could still be hidden around every corner as Valentine’s season continues with the raw potential to find your twin flame, or get even closer to the one in your life. On the 16th a full moon comes into Leo spewing out all kinds of romantic vibes!!! What’s even better is that Venus (rules romance) & Mars (rules sex) will unite on this day too.

Since retrograde has taken a hike all the other planets in the solar system have woken up. From now until late April we will face less drama & B.S., and continue to move forward. Get your balls rolling because the stars are in your favor!

What’s Up with Venus?

Well, It’s still the month of love as Venus was the goddess of love it only seems fitting. She symbolized all that is beautiful, tasteful, charming, & she’s full of grace. However, she has a stormy side as well and can push us to be overbearing with our lover, possibly over passionate, or just downright overly charming, fight the urge to do so, focus on what it is you have, and appreciate it without “needing to have” then you can focus on true happiness.

What I’m saying here is she brings us two sides to a very sexy coin, don’t get greedy and you’ll be fine.

Fun Fact: Venus spins opposite direction from all the other planets (go figure). It’s so dense up there that the greenhouse gasses make it extremely hot. One Venus day equals 243 earth days. You’re welcome.

Now for Your Daily Horoscope for February 16-28

Daily horoscope, Aries

Aries: March 21- April 20

Passionate & direct, ya’ll love to ram fast, hard, intense, & most of all fun.

The 16th is bringing in the full moon in Leo which rules creativity, play, & romance. This is your come to Jesus moment. If you’re in a situationship, shit or get off the pot. This can lead to a project or your current relationship coming to a climax! YAY baby! A lil luck is coming for you on the 17th when Jupiter in Pisces gently connects with Uranus in Taurus…thank god it’s gentle! Go within and listen deeply at this time. Words could carry a big fat punch to the gut if you’re not careful around the 24th. Words will carry on this day, think before speaking. The rest of the month take it easy spend some time with your partner give in to those desires.

 Release the inner Ram!!!!

Daily horoscope, Taurus, erotic astrology

Taurus: April 20 – May 21

Slow & steady Taureans like to take their time for maximum pleasure.

Well bulls, I hope y’all had a great Valentine’s Day! Our ruling planet which is… you guessed it: Venus! has come into Capricorn, which joins the warrior plant Mars which is also in Capricorn on the 16th. Wowza, this will ignite some serious fires in your pants and love life in the best way possible.

You’re feeling super passionate, just remember to be verbal about what you want and your feelings. Lots of very spicy sex coming your way. If you’re single, you’ll be uber motivated to get some projects done, which could mean money flow coming your way. The 17th is a really lucky day for you & will be an emotional day as well. Spill your heart out it will be a GREAT THING. On the 18th Sensitive Pisces season begins, you can be feeling extra empathetic maybe even psychic, but very vulnerable. Needless to say, you’ve really had an emotional month. Practice some serious self-care. The 24th could bring on some conflict. Keep practicing self-care as your stress level at work or home could rise. DO NOT get paranoid. It will pass…now go have some sexy time with your S/O and enjoy Venus’ offerings.

Taurus, Erotic Astrology

Daily Horoscope for the Gemini Woman: May 21 – June 21

Witty & Verbal, Gemini loves exploring fantasies & getting creative with their partner.

Well, hopefully, you’ve come out of your aloof state after Valentine’s Day? Pisces season begins on the detached energy you’ve been feeling lately. This empathetic season couldn’t come any sooner for you honey. Take this time to connect with your partner intimately & through good conversation, not with just sex. Regardless of your relationship status take this time to re-charge your batteries and take some time for some self-care/love, or whatever. The self-care will be a handy tool on the 24th when Mercury squares in Uranus (I went there) in Taurus, meaning this transit can leave you feeling a bit more anxious than usual. Sleep, take lots of baths, & don’t repress your feelings. See you next month twins.

Daily Horoscope for the Cancer Woman: June 21  – July 23

Romantic are the crabs who want to connect physically and emotionally with their partners.

Oh baby, the full moon in Leo will leave you begging for more pleasure, whether it be from the hands of your partner or your favorite sex toy, hell, maybe both?! But ugh, it looks like Pisces season is leaving you in favor of many emotions, such as crying your eyelashes off & masturbating in the shower. It’s also a very creative season so, keep a pen handy to write down any genius ideas you may have. Pay attention to any messages you may be receiving in your dreams.  Spend the rest of the month feeling your feelings and working on passion projects.

Daily horoscope, leo

Daily Horoscope for the Leo Woman: – July 23-Aug 23

Oh you Leo’s, ya’ll love being the center of attention & you have a little exhibitionist side to you as well.’

The full moon is in your sign, Leo, on the 16th, do nothing but soak in all the luxury you can. Food, desserts, men/women (both), lingerie lap it all up.  Drama is not on your to-do list as you are all about some self-love right now. For the rest of this month, you will be brimming with creative energy, remember Leo, don’t forget your end game this month. Take some time with your partner and really dig down deep in those sheets. Really get in there and do some exploring. Have a great rest of the month.

Daily horoscope virgo

Daily Horoscope for the Virgo Woman: Aug 23 – Sept 23

Virgos, you folks seem all sweet and innocent but really ya’ll have a sensual and a very kinky side.

The full moon in Leo has got us feeling sexy even after Valentine’s, go with it and have fun! It is the month of love!

All of your hard work is going to pay off for you sweetie, as the Pisces season starts on the 18th. For the next few weeks, your love & sex life is going to be amazing. Enjoy the nice calming atmosphere. You know when your personal life is in order the rest of your life falls into place as well.

The 24th will leave you feeling paranoid as Mercury squares off with Uranus (pucker up buttercup). Pisces can leave you feeling more emotional than usual, think before gushing to co-workers about it 

Speak with a close friend or therapist for some solid advice. Enjoy the love talk to you in March baby.

erotic astrology, libra

Daily Horoscope for the Libra Woman: Sept 23 – Oct 23

Libra you are ruled flirtatious & romantic. You have fine-tuned senses so, your lingerie is on-point and ya’ll have a keen eye for sex toys & they are always as beautiful as they are versatile!

The full moon (the 16th) in Leo sees your relationship blooming both personally and professionally. You know how full moons do…they stir up emotions and possible gossip. Don’t give in, turn your phone off, don’t, linger about work when done, don’t stress about projects and or dates coming up. Do go home put your onesie on, Netflix & chill, & eat the snacks. The 24th is a magical day of good fortune for you. The month ends for you with a nice bang…the love month will end sensually for you as crushes, and lovers will be covering you with attention & affection. Take it all in, no need for feeling guilty.


Daily Horoscope for the Scorpio Woman – Oct 23 – Nov 22

Intense & secretive ya’ll take sex very seriously.

 They form a very passionate bond with their partner & love exploring fantasies and power play.

As the full moon is in Leo now the love month is still supercharged in all things sex! If your partner is seeming a little more bossy than usual, just simply address it. They probably have no idea they are doing it.  If you are single you might want to have someone new over to your place…are you ready?

On the 18th, the sun moves into your house of romance, your love life is in for a swift kick in the ass. Your S/O will be creating romance & meaningful moments for the two of you. Revel in it!

Sagittarius, daily horoscope

Daily Horoscope for the Sagittarius Woman – Nov 22 – Dec 22

You kids sure are wily! You are very adventurous & will try anything once. They also get bored easily so, your sex life should have a little variety.

Around the 17th your ruling planet Jupiter will create a flirty sextile with Uranus. This is going to be like Valentine’s Day 2.0 for you. Enjoy it, baby, because on the 18th when Pisces season begins you are going to be very focused on being busy & productive at work that planning a date night might have to take a back burner. Not only do you enjoy your work you thrive at it.  Listen to others and have a great ending of the month.


Daily Horoscope for the Capricorn Woman – Dec 22 – Jan 20

Bossy & Structured as well as very goal-oriented. Think scheduled sex, efficient orgasms, & they love to master all the positions.

On the 16th Venus & Mars travel through your sign making this one of the steamiest days of the year for you. You’ll be better able to tune in and act on your desires.  On this same day, the full moon in Leo will inspire you to say exactly how you feel, which can truly be empowering. On the 18th the sun moves through the mutable water sign. Pisces you will feel a bit dreamier when it comes to matters of the heart. You will need to reflect on what you need to feel comfortable in your relationship. Do you take this to the next level or not? Either way, the stars are in your favor. Enjoy the rest of the month.

Aquarius, Erotic Astrology

Daily Horoscope for the Aquarius Woman: Jan 20 – Feb 19

The Aquarius Woman is eccentric and loves exploring new kinks, sex positions, & sex toys. They are about 5 years ahead of the rest of the signs when it comes to sex trends.

On the 16th your chart lights up. At the beginning of the month, you seemed to be weeding out bad relationships and the latter half sees you building healthy ones. Do not be surprised if you receive a love letter, date offer, or even a proposal! On the 18th ( Pisces season) you will be receiving more praise from your S/O and at work. Take some deep breaths and revel in the attention.

Your Daily Horoscope, Pisces

Daily Horoscope for the Pisces Woman: Feb 19 – March 21

Romantic Pisces prioritize their emotional bond with their partner and love slow sweet sex. They’re also wise and non-judgmental and are excited to explore new kinks and sex positions.

The first of the month you made time for friends. As the 18th rolls around you become more focused on you as it is Pisces season! The full moon should have given a nice boot in between the sheets as the love month continues. Which gives you the fuel to truly focus on your work and yourself. The end of February sees work picking up and you have that mind on your money. Capricorn will form a sextile with creative Neptune which is presently at home in your sign. It brings great professional news but, now you may be too busy to text your friends back. Enjoy the abundance, and enjoy your birthday!

I hope ya’ll have a great few weeks. Annette and I are working out dates for the upcoming podcast. Be sexy and don’t let anyone burst your bubble!!!!!

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