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sarahca queen of kegels

The Queen of Kegels Talks Tightening Coochies

The power of the "P" word, explained.
Do girls like threesomes, do women like threesomes

Do Women Like Threesomes? 2023 Stats, Data & Advice From Women

Do women like threesomes? Your question answered.
anal sex locker room talk & shots cover

What the Butt?! A Guide to Anal Sex, Play & Orgasms

Discover how to access the pleasure potential of anal sex and anal play.

These BDSM Practices Improve Vanilla Sex Fast!

Today's Locker Room Talk Topic is BDSM tips and tricks that will set your vanilla sex life on fire. Did you know that you...
getting creative with cocks podcast episode

Locker Room Talk & Shot Podcast: Getting Creative with Cocks

Slappin, scratchin, biting, and petting. And that's just the start.

Locker Room Talk: 21 Things Women Wish Men Would Stop Doing During Sex

Women get real about sex. Straight from the locker room: 21 things queer and heterosexual women wish men would stop doing during sex
women's sexuality

Women’s Sexuality: Why I Risk Being Risqué

Find out why it's important to risk being risque and talking openly about women's sexuality. Learn about locker room talk and more.
Pretty Pussy Cocktail recipe, red cocktail

The Pretty Pussy Cocktail Recipe

Pairs perfectly with a night of oral sex.
Moms who like to fuck

Locker Room Talk & Shots: Moms Who Like to F*ck!: (Forget MILFs)

We uncover the secrets moms keep.
momosa cocktail recipe, Locker Room Talk & Shots

The Momosa Cocktail Recipe on Mother’s Day

A drink with a kick for a podcast that will shock you.

The Spicy Buttcrack Cocktail Recipe

Perfect seasonal drink for a podcast episode about pegging.
hot lesbian cocktail recipe, locker room talk, Locker room talk & shots, women's sexual empowerment

The Hot Lesbian Cocktail Recipe

Locker Room Talk & Shots sexy themed cocktail recipe for the Scissoring aka Tribbing: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know Podcast Episode Is that real?...
Bend Over Johnny Cocktail Recipe, Locker Room Talk, Locker Room Talk & Shots

The Bend Over Johnny Cocktail Recipe

Locker Room Talk & Shots sexy themed cocktail recipe for the How to Dominate Your Dude Podcast Episode Has your guy asked you to take...
Bi Babe Cocktail Recipe, Locker Room Talk & Shots

The Bi Babe Cocktail Recipe

Locker Room Talk & Shots signature drink for the Girl on Girl episode.
Sex Toys, women's sexuality

Locker Room Talk: Top Sex Toys for Women

Locker Room Talk is exploring women's sexuality. We've rounded up sex toys for women that promise to help get you have more fun.
locker room talk, monogamy, non-monogamy

Locker Room Talk: Is Monogamy Right for Everyone?

Is monogamy right for everyone? Find out what the ladies have to say about monogamy vs. non-monogamy in this edition of Locker Room Talk.

Locker Room Talk: Exploring Bisexuality

So you kissed a girl and it blew your mind. Here are some fantastic tips from ladies with experience for exploring bisexuality.
sex on the first date, women's sexuality

Locker Room Talk: Sex On The First Date?

Is having sex on the first date ok? Locker Room Talk is exploring women's sexuality. Find out what the ladies in the locker room are saying.
what turns women on, locker room talk

Locker Room Talk: What Turns Women On

Find out what turns women on in this installment of Locker Room Talk. All of our advice come from real women look to have great sex.

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