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The Spicy Buttcrack Cocktail Recipe

Locker Room Talk & Shots Pegging & the Patriarchy Themed Shot

Did you know that women aren’t the only people who have G-spots? That’s right, men have one too? Often referred to as the P-spot, the prostate is a highly sensitive area in the man’s body that can give him orgasms that are said to be three times as intense as the standard guy’s vanilla sex climax. Here’s the thing…you can only access it through their ass.  NBD! The Locker Room Talk & Shots Women discuss everything you need to know about pegging while enjoying an incredible Locker Room Talk cocktail special called The Spicy Buttcrack.

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The Locker Room Talk & Shots Episode

This episode eviscerates homophobic myths about pegging that are perpetuated by the patriarchy. That’s right, we think that a guy who is into pegging isn’t just masculine as hell, he’s downright romantic…and that’s hot. Find out why women get off on donning a strapon and fucking their men. From how you can start a conversation around pegging with your partner to what you’ll need to get started and techniques that work best along the way, we cover it all.

Did you know that there is butt lube and dildos that ejaculate the wet stuff so everyone stays safe? This episode is packed with fun facts that will blow your mind so that you can blow his…load AND yours.

The Locker Room Talk & Shots Cocktail

Before you cue up this episode of Locker Room Talk & Shots, make sure to make yourself this episode’s themed shot. The Locker Room is serving up Locker Room Talk & Shot’s own signature drink, The Spicy Buttcrack.  Locker Room Talk & Shots Hostess, Annette, tried her hand at mixology once again and was happy with the result. This drink is a perfect seasonal sip that tastes just like Halloween according to the hostess.

Check out our cocktail/shot recipe, fill your glass and kick back and enjoy. As always, we’ve got a lot to say. You can listen here:

The Spicy Buttcrack Cocktail Recipe

This is a perfect fall/winter holiday season drink!


  • 1 cup Coca-Cola or diet Coca-Cola (we went with diet Coca-Cola which was perfect. But for a sweeter version you can use plain)
  • 1 shot spiced rum
  • 1 shot butterscotch schnapps

Make It:

Pour all of the ingredients into a glass and stir. Add ice. Easy as can be.

For more sexy cocktail recipes check out this list.

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