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Locker Room Talk: What Turns Women On

Get Out Your Umbrella. We Are Going to Tell You What Turns Women On

Locker Room Talk aims to improve sex specifically for women. But, as I’ve stated before, when sex is good for women, it’s better for everyone involved. While Locker Room Talk is written by women and for the sake of women, our articles are important for men to read as well. You know, because they are often the ones having sex with women. And they tend to understand our bodies and how sex really works (or doesn’t) for us the least. We’ve already shared what women wish men would stop doing during sex. So, I decided it was time to share what gets women wet. That’s right, get out your umbrella because you’re about to have the key to spending time with your lady’s WAP. We are going to let you in on what turns women on.

I reached out to women who identify as heterosexual, lesbian, and bisexual to find out what doesn’t just get them in the mood for sex, but has them craving it in no time at all. Here is what I learned.

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What I Learned About What Gets Women Wet

While mastering the female orgasm may seem like a crowning achievement, I’d argue that knowing how to get a woman aroused is far more impressive. You’d be surprised at how often the chance for sexual satisfaction is gone before intercourse has even begun. Knowing what turns women on is key to eventually making them orgasm.

One of the things that surprised me the most about what women had to say about their turn ons, was how easy the answers came to them. There was little to no hesitation and the responses were abundant. My conclusion? Women know exactly what excites them. So why do I, and so many of my girlfriends, have complaints about our partners’ inability to get us in the mood? I can only assume it’s a communication issue.

So without further adieu, we are taking away all the excuses for everyone who wants to have amazing sex with a women. The following things you can do to make your woman crave a good roll in the hay.

How You Can Make Your Woman Want to Get Down & Dirty

  1. Intelligent conversation (Andrea): This was an extremely popular response that was repeatedly communicated in a variety of ways. The best way into a woman’s pants by stimulating her brain!
  2. I love when a partner whispers/growls in my ear, softly bites and kisses my neck & shoulders (Jennifer): Jennifer isn’t the only woman who mentioned being stimulated by the whisper of sweet nothings or nibbles on the neck. This was another popular response from the pool of women I polled.
  3. Feeling wanted. Being sought out (Krissy): Another one of the top responses I came across included women wanting to be perused in some fashion. Feeling desired between sexual encounters is important.
  4. Lots of touching! Hugs, kisses, and casual touches throughout the day keep me on a simmer so it doesn’t take much to bring me up to boil. I want to be wanted. Seeing my partner steal looks and feeling their desire gets me hot and bothered (Andrea W). If you wanted specifics on how to make women feel wanted. Andrea just spelled it out for you.
  5. When she comes up from behind me and rubs my nipples through my clothes while whispering in my ear (Mami): Nipple play plus those sexy whispers for the win!
  6.  Dirty talk (Tawny). Turn those sweet nothings into some dirty sex talk. Better yet, pick up the phone and give your girl a call. Old school meets new school is a sure win.
  7. Sexting! (Susan): Look, if you haven’t tried or tried to master sexting yet, you are missing out. Sending sexy texts was a hit with the women I spoke to. Don’t worry, we’ll give you tips on how to sext like a pro in the near future.
  8. Massaging my boobs,then rubbing my nipples and gently pulling my nipples, then flicking my nipples with their tongue. Finally, sucking on my nipples (Juliee). It’s nipple play for the win for Juliee. But she isn’t the only one. While not all women are into boob play, it never hurts to ask or give it a try. And you just got some serious specifics on how to start. Your welcome.
  9. Hair pulling (Chelsea): Chelsea and a whole lot of other women mentioned liking having their hair pulled. Make sure you get consent for this type of rough play in advance. Once you have it…don’t hesitate to use it at the right moment.
  10. Various toys laid out on the bed when I get home from work. It is a sexy way of saying, “you’re getting fucked later” which, to me is sizzling (Karmen): Toys are fun and sexy! And you know what is really sexy? When women aren’t responsible for providing all of the play things. That’s right guys…I’m talking to you. Put a little effort in and drop some cash on some really nice sex toys. Not sure what to get? I have some thoughts you can check out here.
  11. Love bites. Hair pulling. Scratches. Gentle lingering kisses, where you slide your bottom lip along my skin (Courtney). If you were looking for specifics, Courtney just told you exactly what turns her on. And lots of women agreed.
  12. Dominant personality type, romantic/sexual initiator (Jennifer M): While not all women are looking for dominant men, a good number agreed that it is real turn on when their partner takes the lead and initiates romance and sex. So get to it!
  13. I like being tossed around, smack it, flip it, nibble it. All of it (Krissy): Krissy…you dirty, dirty girl. But seriously, lots of ladies like to get feisty in bed. But don’t forget: consent, consent, consent. Make sure the woman is is into this kind of thing in advance.
  14. Dressing up. And of course level 10 kissing (Tawny): Not that you have to do it all of the time, but there’s nothing quite as sexy as a man (or woman) in a suit!. That’s right, casual is cool…but a person who cleans up well is HOT, HOT, HOT. Also, make sure you know how to kiss like a pro.
  15. Sexy scent (Laura): You gotta smell sexy! Some women like a more natural scent, some women like men’s cologne; but one thing we all have in common is that we hate it when our partners stink. Clean up before you want to get sexy with us please!
  16. Simple…good head! (Lisa): Men aren’t the only ones who like their partners to go down, down, down. Make sure you know what you are doing when you get there too pretty please. If you’ve failed in all other areas, this is an approach that is likely to get her there.
  17. Someone who knows how to use their fingers (Brittney): Fingering isn’t something that just happens in high school. A partner who knows how to use their fingers is worth their weight in gold. You can get a woman wet…and you might even make her squirt if you really know what you are doing!
  18. A firm hand on the lower back, hand holding, tasteful but passionate public displays of affections (Annette): There’s nothing quite like passionate but classy PDA. Panties are sure to drop when you aren’t afraid to show the world how how hot you are for the woman you are with. Seriously. There’s nothing that’s a bigger turn off than a guy who declares, “No PDA.”. No PDA. No WAP. Says me.
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Want more sex? We’ve given you plenty of tips to get you well on your way. But, the biggest takeaway here is that you need to ask. Women know what gets them hot. We know what we are looking for. You can keep it sexy while asking the woman you want to have sex with what will get her in the mood. If you ask me, however, what turns women on the most–at least from all of the responses I received–is someone who knows how to start sex play long before the first piece of clothing is removed. Sexy is something that happens all throughout the day.

Good luck and stay sexy!

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