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The Momosa Cocktail Recipe on Mother’s Day

Locker Room Talk & Shots “Moms Who Like to F*ck” Episode Shot Recipe

This cocktail makes the classic mimosa seem like a drink suited for a baby’s bottle. It’s strong, sweet, and will kick your ass if you don’t watch yourself…just like your mom. And that’s why it goes perfectly with the Locker Room Talk & Shots podcast episode Moms Who Like to F*ck. In this fun episode, the Locker Room Talk hostess and her guest talk about Moms Who Like to Fuck and the experiences and challenges they face through all the ages and stages of raising children. And, while most moms love to drink the classic Mimosa we decided to level things up because we believe moms deserve a little bit more of a kick to their morning cocktails, so we came up with the Momosa Cocktail.

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That’s right, this cocktail was created by your Locker Room Talk & Shots Hostess and all who have indulged agree, it’s a mom-worthy drink and we have the recipe for you below.

So get your glasses out, cue up the latest episode of Locker Room Talke & Shots, and get read for conversations that range from drowning partners in a firehose of breast milk to exploring bisexuality to navigating judgment while dating and more. Cheers!

25 Years of FUN FACTORY

The Momosa Cocktail Recipe

(An alternative to the classic Mimosa for moms who like to f*ck or are just fed up!)

  • A cold glass…size depends on the number of children you have and your level of desparation
  • 2 ounces (or more) of vodka
  • Seltzer water
  • a splash of orange juice
Make it

This cocktail is a twist on the classic Mimosa. If your morning cocktail needs a bit more of a kick, or you are putting together a mom’s brunch try whipping this up for an extra good time. Pour vodka into chilled glass. Top with either plain or flavored seltzer water (amount depends on how diluted you want your vodka), and add a splash of orange juice. Stir and add ice if desired.

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