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Locker Room Talk & Shots: Moms Who Like to F*ck!: (Forget MILFs)

What Happens After Babies: Moms Who Like to Fuck

Every person who was ever born had a mom. And many of them enjoyed the baby-making process. So why is are do women go from being masturbation material to being matronly the minute they give birth? Welcome to the women’s locker room where we’ve decided it’s time to tackle a topic that is personal and relatable for so many women: Moms Who Like to Fuck!

You’ve all probably heard the term MILF (Moms I’d Love to Fuck). I’m sure Locker Room Talk & Shots will have a podcast covering that topic someday soon, but for now, we are focusing on Moms Who Like to F*ck and the experiences and challenges they face through all the ages and stages of raising children–from after giving birth to raising teens and young adults.

From drowning partners in a firehose of breast milk to exploring bisexuality, Locker Room Talk & Shots podcast host covers these topics and more with her special guest Ruby who has written a column called Real Talk with Ruby, for She Explores Life in the past and has appeared in past Locker Room Talk & Shots episodes including Water Sports

Check out our cocktail/shot recipe, the Momosa! Created by the Locker Room Talk & Shots hostess Annette Benedetti, the Momosa is sure to become a favorite! You can find the recipe here so fill your glass and kick back and enjoy. As always, we’ve got a lot to say. You can listen here:

25 Years of FUN FACTORY

If you haven’t yet, take some time to listen to our last episode: Going Golden (I Got Peed On & I Liked It). And don’t forget to check out Locker Room Talk & Shot Host’s column Bisexuality in Reality: How I Got Here.

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