Cock and ball torture

How to Do Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

A Complete Guide (Including Tools) to Cock & Ball Torture Curious about kink?Don't know where to start?Sign up for...
Sex and Chronic pain, neuroplastic pain

Sex & Chronic Pain: How to Get Your Groove Back

These steps will get you back to pain-free intimacy.
sarahca queen of kegels

The Queen of Kegels Talks Tightening Coochies

The power of the "P" word, explained.
what is a throuple

What is a Throuple? How a Duo Becomes a Successful Trio

Nonmonogamy and its popularity is growing. In fact, according to data researchers pulled from a nationally representative sample of 3,438 single adults in the...
Do girls like threesomes, do women like threesomes

Do Women Like Threesomes? 2023 Stats, Data & Advice From Women

Do women like threesomes? Your question answered.
anal sex locker room talk & shots cover

What the Butt?! A Guide to Anal Sex, Play & Orgasms

Discover how to access the pleasure potential of anal sex and anal play.
getting creative with cocks podcast episode

Locker Room Talk & Shot Podcast: Getting Creative with Cocks

Slappin, scratchin, biting, and petting. And that's just the start.
Moms who like to fuck

Locker Room Talk & Shots: Moms Who Like to F*ck!: (Forget MILFs)

We uncover the secrets moms keep.
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