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The Bi Babe Cocktail Recipe

Locker Room Talk & Shots themed cocktail for Girl On Girl: When Bi Babes Date Lesbians episode

What happens when a bisexual woman dates a lesbian? The hostess of Locker Room Talk & Shots invites a bisexual woman and a lesbian to talk about their relationship, sex, and their dating experience while drinking the Bi Babe Cocktail–a Locker Room Talk & Shots special.

How do lesbians feel about having sex with bisexual women? Do they have fears about falling for bi women that they don’t experience when dating lesbians? Do they really believe that bi babes always defer to the dick in the end? Listeners will get some answers to these questions and more.  But that’s not all.

The bi babes in the locker room have quite a bit to say about dating and having sex with lesbians as well. How does sex with men compare to sex with women? Is dating a dude different than dating a lesbian. We chat about the challenges, the perks, and more in this hour-long episode.

Before you cue up this episode of Locker Room Talk & Shots, make sure to make yourself this episode’s themed shot. The Locker Room is serving up Locker Room Talk & Shot’s own signature drink the, Bi Babe Cocktail. Locker Room Talk & Shots Hostess tried her hand at mixology and came up with this drink herself!

The Bi Babe Cocktail Recipe

bi babe cocktail recipe, locker room talk & shots

The Bi Babe Cocktail Recipe is reminiscent of a French 75 with Gin but sweet and a color harkens to the Bi Pride flag. Be careful, this is a strong drink and will catch up with you quickly.


  • 4 oz Pink Moscato
  • 1 oz gin
  • Il Tramanto Limoncello (just a splash)
  • Bluberries

Make It:

Pour Moscato and gin into a cold glass. Add a splash of Limoncello and float blueberries.


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