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Why (and Where) Women Should Pub Crawl in Colorado Springs

Perfect for a Pub Crawl: Colorado Springs

There are plenty of reasons to visit Colorado Springs. I should know. I recently went there and experienced a good amount of the awesomeness the mountain city has to offer including gorgeous hikes, a robust art scene, and eateries that even the snobbiest of foodies would enjoy. But another amenity stood out to me as being exceptional as I toured the downtown area: the bar scene. Colorado Springs is packed with cool places that serve incredible craft beers and cocktails and it’s a perfect place for women to pub crawl for several reasons.

While my stay was short, I was able to hit a good number of fantastic bars and restaurants that make awesome pitstops as ladies drink their way around town.

I know. I know! Women are always being told they should be careful about drinking while traveling and on the road…because you know…if you drink too much you just might be “asking for it” (*long, slow, irritated eye roll*). And while I believe women should be able to do whatever they want, wherever they want and always feel safe, the following Colorado Springs’ pubs and bars showed they take women’s right to imbibe without concern or being bothered by pesky uninvited men seriously, and I’ll explain why.

The following are

4 Awesome Bars in Colorado Springs for a Girlfriends’ Getaway Pub Crawl

pub crawl

Brooklyn’s on Boulder Street

Cleverly disguised as a haberdashery, this speakeasy is darkly lit with thoughtful décor and perfectly hand-crafted cocktails that transport guests back to prohibition era 1920s. Everything from the setting to the bartenders to the menu is remarkable. I enjoyed the Bees Knees, but there are plenty of interesting choices to try like the Suffering Bastard, Gypsy Eyes, and of course more classic drinks like the Gimlet. They even have a page in their cocktail menu that gives suggestions for new drinks to try based on ones you know you already love.

So why do I love Brooklyn’s on Boulder for your women’s pub crawl? They have this nifty page of rules on their menu. Take a look at rule #8

pub crawl

Gentlemen will not introduce themselves to ladies. Ladies, feel free to start a conversation or ask the bartender to introduce you. If a man you do not know speaks to you, please lift your chin slightly & ignore him.

Believe it or not, this rule actually stopped a man from rudely interrupting my outing with a girlfriend while enjoying my stay in Colorado Springs. Thanks, Brookly’s on Boulder!

Pub Crawl

Streetcar 520

Located right smack dab in the middle of downtown Colorado Springs, this restaurant/bar is a perfect stop for a pub crawl for so very many reasons. First, it’s owned by a badass woman named Ari Howard who created a space that is visually stunning with what I’ve decided to call warrior goddess murals decorating the walls. The menu features dishes from all over the world served small plate style and they are incredible. I still fantasize about the Crispy Basi-Ricotta Fritters, Shrimp Etouffee, and Shrimp & Shrimp Tempura Avocado.

An extensive drink menu accompanies the incredible food menu. It offers an array of wines, local craft beers, and an array of fine cocktails.

Unfortunately, my friend and I bumped into the lurky man from Brooklyns while in Streetcar 520. This time he didn’t leave us be and was plenty inappropriate. Good news! The staff acted quickly and asked the guy to leave so we did not have to ourselves. Yay Streetcar 520! Way to make a lady feel safe, welcome and able to enjoy herself.

Pub Crawl

Shame & Regret

I just love the name, and the bar itself is a little goth with super dark walls and furniture. The food menu has mouthwatering options like Bacon Wrapped Scallops while the cocktail menu has fun options like the Swipe Right, the Drunk Dial and the It’s Complicated. I extra appreciated the fun photos of women on the walls declaring they had absolutely nothing to regret at all. The atmosphere, décor and drink menu put this bar on the must-hit women’s pub crawl list.

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Rabbit Hole

You are bound to feel a little like Alice in Wonderland as you head underground to enjoy next-level bites and unique drinks at this cool late-night spot. That alone earns it a stop on the ladies’ pub crawl. I’ll admit it, I tried the rabbit. I felt a little weird about it, but it was oh so good! The drinks did not disappoint. In fact, mine put on quite the show as I chose the White Rabbit, which is the establishment’s signature martini. It is made with Vanilla vodka, coconut rum and a dash of cream, and topped with a flaming marshmallow. Fun! Dark and moody, this place is as fun as it sounds.

pub crawl

Look, Ladies, the bars mentioned above are truly must-hit for your women’s pub crawl, but let me be clear, Colorado Springs has a truly impressive bar scene. There are plenty of places to check out in the downtown area alone. Some additional suggestions for your girls’ night out include the Cork & Cask, the Odyssey Gastropub, and The Wild Goose Meeting House. So after a day of hitting the trails enjoy raising a glass once and again at establishments that respect your right to a fun night out.


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